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The Mindy Project, Frat Party: Was way better than it had a right to be based on that title. I started reacting to it in list form like so.

1. HAHAHA, thank you for validating my belief that showering together like the most awkward scenario people could possibly find themselves in! Literally every fictional couple either does it, is alluded to doing it, or makes innuendo about it, and I'm just like -- HOW IS THIS SO COMMON. I can kind of wrap my brain around baths, but there is no possible way this is as sensible or enjoyable as people claim it is.

2. I DON'T UNDERSTAND WHY WE KEEP TRYING TO BRING MORGAN BACK. Tamara is so much better than in every way. She dances and sings and calls Danny "girl" and dresses skeletons in hats. Come on.

3. "You look like your evil twin or something." OH MY GOD. I can't believe I did not recognize Katie as Adrienne from Secret Life until she let her hair down and threw on 20 pounds of makeup. I actually rewound to double check. Still weird!

4. I loathe the associates from the other practice. Especially the dead-eyed perma-leer of lechery on the gross face of the gross dude who used to hook up with Mindy. He was one of the main characters in the movie Darling Companion, and it was actual torture to watch him be on screen for that long. This actor honestly needs a new line of work.

5. OH MY GOD THERE IS A TINY PUPPY LOOK AT ITS TINY PUPPY FACE I CAN'T TAKE IT. (and yet -- a love of dogs and their increased probability of appearing on screen is still not enough to validate Morgan's existence)

7. Speaking of gross dudes - that guy from the pilot is in the episode now too. Dudes, we have Casey now. WHY would you drag me back into the early world of Men With Hideous Faces? (also, oh dear god, this whole stilted conversation is WAY TOO REMNISCIENT OF MY LIFE LATELY make it stop)

8. I am laughing uncontrollably at Mindy's accidental pole dancing.

9. OOH! Casey's here! I APPROVE OF POSSESSIVE PUNCHING, drunk or not. And oh geeze, the longer and more idiotic this full blown brawl gets, the harder it makes me laugh.


11. Eeeeeeh, THAT WAS SUCH A CUTE ENDING. Can this be the finale, and then we cancel the show?

I guess I have the power to do that in my head, but damned if I can just decide to cut myself off when I know there's more source material and it hasn't pissed me off enough to break my love. I guess I'll just consider this my reset point. If the series ultimately fails to make me happy, my headcanon will stop here and their happy ending will play out exactly as Casey describes it, and the fictional season 2 in my head will just be about Mindy gettin' crazy with girlfriends (in a platonic way) instead of hooking up with randoms, and learning to love a relationship with her computer, with hilarious results.
Season Finale: Take Me With You
That was quite the little roller coaster of emotions (he actually tried to propose. best! crap, I officially ship them now instead of just finding them cute and being relieved by how pleasant his face is compared to her usual dudes).

Bad parts: I skipped the teaser because I don't need any validation that cybersex is hideously awkward/the worst idea couples have had, I just know that for a fact. (On the other hand, I would totally cyber-cuddle. Why isn't that a thing? That seems infinitely more important to maintaining one's emotional connection.) And the whole camping trip was dumb, save for the hilarity of Danny falling off a log, Morgan almost dying (SO CLOSE), and Mindy getting her glasses knocked off by, um, something that took a while for me to decide if it was funny or not and then had me in a fit of giggles.

Good parts: I loved the party and everything involved in it (BJ NOVAK RETURNED!), as well as her impassioned plea outside his window, braving the elements against hazards like pervy old men and flying plastic hangers.

My favorite thing about this episode was the truth bomb conversation about her bad wig hideously shorn chop job:
Mindy: "Who will have me now?"
(This is a legitimate and very good question. I would probably dump you.)
Danny: "I hate it so much." + "Only 3 women who can pull off short hair like that: Audrey Hepburn, Halle Berry and Ellen DeGeneres."
(WOW that is the most accurate statement re: short hair on women that has ever existed*. Is Danny secretly my soulmate?? Because I have nothing but respect for a guy who tells you your drastic haircut looks like crap.)

*I would maybe add Mariska Hargitay, but that's it, that's my line. Anne Hathaway? Yuck. Emma Watson? Awful. Carey Mulligan? Sheer tragedy. I'm going to stop before I get any more depressed.

Then it got ugly and awkward with inevitable but extremely forced "energy" between them. Just icky. And despite your attempt at a suspenseful cliffhanger, I have seen nothing to override my opinion that had this show been canceled, there would be nothing to miss or that felt desperately unresolved.

Prior to this week I'd been hearing doomy-sounding rumblings of predictions about Castle's finale, which I was trying to ignore as the delusions of paranoid people who don't watch enough TV to realize that Castle-the-show's romance arc is a rare and special breed, so as soon as it aired I lost my self control and cracked open the TV Line recap.[avast, ye spoilers. I also mention a significant thing from Numb3rs that aired in 2009. just fyi.]Flicked my eyes over it without taking in much detail, waiting for the dreaded bad news at the end...



HEYYYYYY, I AM PRETTY OKAY WITH THIS! Also I am going to assume that this blatant ripoff of the season 5 Numb3rs finale cliffhanger means they are going to open season 6 all shiny and happy and engaged, like there was ever a doubt (possibly after spending 95% of the first episode making you doubt the end result).

I mean, Castle is basically Numb3rs' full sibling. Married showrunners who interact a lot with fans, an OTP fated to be, actors who love their characters with a passion, a crime drama exploding with cute personal moments everywhere and a strong focus on family. The Numb3rs proposal was also presented at a time where you thought she might not say yes due to extenuating circumstances. In conclusion, I expect to be proven right. There is so much story to tell, and Numb3rs got cut off long before they finished. Backtracking here would only waste time and not add anything relevant.

I may have mentioned to you that I tend to type up my random thoughts each day in a Notepad file or two. What you may not realize is how many of these I create, especially since after I close one, I tend to just open a new one, thinking it'll be temporary, until there's something I need to save in THAT and it's faster to scribble a random new file name than to open my document library and copy/paste into an existing file. Let me show you what kind of digital pack rat's nest I am hoarding - just a taste of it, just documents that were edited sometime in the past 4 and a half months:

The reason so many of them have angry names is because I have anger issues. And also because I usually start my document for the day copying info I need for shopper contacts for work, and usually they're doing something irritating, either by being dumb or being stubborn, and usually the reason I end up saving that document the first time is notes for future coaching that I don't want to write at the current moment.

My goal this year is to weed through my endless number of .txt files and try to purge or at least condense some of them. Part of that goal is that I would like to just throw them out in "Grab Bag Livejournal" posts, where I'll have like 20 short topics. It wouldn't be any more organized, I suppose, but it would FEEL that way. Most of the content is stuff I planned to post here for discussion anyway, but then it got outdated before I had a post that had room for random comments, so I gave up. At this point, instead of merely "late," it can quality as "charmingly retro. Here's one to get us started:

1. Working Families Flexibility Act: the rationale behind this?

[I can understand the reason for most bills, whether I agree or not. I cannot understand this one.](please explain the actual Republican rationale, and not 'BECAUSE EMPLOYERS THINK IT WOULD BE HILARIOUS TO SEE POOR PEOPLE STARVE.'  I assume it's somehow a cost-cutting measure but I can't see how they're trying to sell it as simultaneously beneficial to workers. Are there any theoretical advantages to comp time vs. overtime pay?)

Because frankly this just seems like a bizarrely terrible idea to even be brought up; how did it ever pass anywhere? Like, this is a summary I found, and it's not neutral but it sounds as plain as a news article instead of carrying the usual overtone of liberal hysteria. My comments in italics:

What this bill really means is more work and less pay for workers, not flexibility:
-Workers will not get paid for hours that exceed 40 hours per week. That pay will instead go into an employer-controlled pot to be paid later.

-An employer can refuse to allow a worker to take time off to deal with a family member or attend a parent-teacher conference. This is not real flexibility for workers.
(frankly that's a fair refusal on the employer's part, since you agree to work certain hours, but NOT when your time off is being offered as the incentive to delayed wage payment)

-Employers could schedule excessive overtime hours and only offer overtime work to workers who agree to take comp time instead of overtime wages.
(right? Like that seems like the very most obvious thing that would happen here)

-Since unused comp time will not be paid to workers until the end of the year, this amounts to an interest-free loan out of workers’ pockets to the employer.
(seriously. There is no clear benefit to hoarding the salary, but a clear way to hurt the worker having less in their pocket each month. And based on my experience as a student worker, when you get paid in a lump sum, aren't you taxed at a higher rate? A couple of times I would forget to turn my time card in on time, and no taxes were taken out when I made like $300 a month, but with 2 months' worth in one paycheck it bit into it.)

2. (bonus) For no reason at all, I'm having a day where I feel very emotional about Taylor Swift's "Long Live." I think it's my all-time favorite of hers, actually. (it maybe doesn't hurt how proud I am of the way I used its lyrics for two of my season 3 Glee review post titles/cut texts)
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