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A new TV, CSI review, and memes by the bucketful...

[Disclaimer: Last post of the day, I swear!  I swear I'll shut up after this post.]

So...last weekend, my parents got a new TV.  The old one was at least 10 years old, with reception from hell, and we had to have an adapter to plug in the DVD player.  They decided a new one was in order.  They were going for one with a built-in VCR & DVD player (and then *I* was going to swoop up the old DVD player so I'd actually have one), but there weren't any left in stock except a scratched-up floor model.  Instead, what caught their eye was a shiny 20-inch flatscreen with HD capabilities.

I have some qualms about it.  Namely, that the set is quite rectangular in shape, which distorts the image of any show not broadcast in HD (say...anything syndicated), and even when it is properly's still rectangular in shape.  I dislike that.  There is a reason I don't like widescreen format DVDs.  I want a perfect square image; I don't know why, I just do.  Second qualm - OMG FUSSY DIGITAL SIGNAL!  You walk in front of it, or the wind blows too hard, and the picture sticks, turning into little squares for a second and interrupting the sound.  The first time I saw that I nearly screamed.  That's what happens when I stream TV shows online.  I watch shows on the TV to get AWAY from that hideous picture-sticking! 

However, it is hard to argue with the crystal clear reception.  It's all...bright.  And shiny.  And CLEAR!  No wavy lines.  No shadowed double image.  It's like cable.  And the colors are extra-vibrant.  Methinks I shall have to watch CSI: Miami downstairs on Monday.  So I guess overall it's okay...but it's hard to get used to realizing that what looks like a computer monitor is really the TV.
CSI, "Big Shots": Okay, that wins for worst episode of the season.  Not that I'm ever especially enthused by the inevitable rapper stories, but this was one was particularly dull.  Even the Greg storyline couldn't save it, though he did an admirable job with his meatier-than-usual scenes.  Greggo's been growing a backbone, it seems, and it shows when he sasses back defends himself to the undersheriff until he nearly earns a suspension.  Pops up again later, when instead of tucking his tail between his legs and hanging his head after the mother's hysterical tirade (at which point I was fully ready to hug him), he stormed after her.  "What, exactly, do I owe you?" Aww, have I told you lately I love you?  The brooding look works very well on you.  Loved the end, too; Grissom/Greg convos can never go wrong.

And despite my claim that I no longer hate Sofia, I still got an unholy giggle out of her getting a glass of red wine splashed all over her white shirt.  HEE!

Otherwise, nothing worth mentioning.  I'm sick of Ecklie being named but not seen, pawning us off instead with sightings of the undersheriff in an attempt to give us a new target for "token evil bureacrat."  I don't want "love to hate" the undersheriff; he's just gross.  Is much more fun to hate Ecklie, though he hasn't been quite the same since he grew a heart at the end of "Grave Danger."  Speaking of that, though, what possible purpose does it serve to have the lab techs out in the field?  Although I did think it was amusing the way they made sure to showcase a whole bunch of them over the course of the ep in order to prep casual viewers for next week.   When all the lab rats come out to play!  WHEEE!
And lastly, CSI surveys, because it's entirely possible I will never get tired of answering questions like these.

csiversefriday5 Double the questions this week!
1 - Is there any character you feel has, over the years, changed significantly in a positive way? Grissom. Season 1 Grissom scares me a little bit, in retrospect, the way he's friendly and empathetic and basically...more a regular guy than an enigmatic mystery. I like how he morphed into a much more contemplative and withdrawn person.
2 - Is there any character you feel has, over the years, changed signigantly in a negative way?
Horatio. Season 5 in particular he seems to be just going through the motions, but when I look back at, say, season 2 as compared to 4, he seems so much more caring.
3 - Are [canon] pairings (Grissom/Sara, Hagen/Calleigh, Horatio/Marisol, Delko/Natalia, Mac/Peyton & Danny/Lindsay) a positive or negative addition to the show(s)? Mm, quite positive. Unlike on a regular drama, they're not the main focus, so the writers don't have to base their storylines on who's sleeping with who and how often they break up. The relationships can stay in the background, but every so often they showcase a cute little tidbit, a hug or a handhold or an emotionally charged moment, that makes me smile.
4 - If you could swap one character for another on any of the shows (or other procedural dramas besides the CSI shows), who would you swap and why? Nah, I'm good.
5 - Greg, Sofia, Ryan and Hawkes went from one job to another in their respective series (tech to CSI, CSI to detective, patrol officer to CSI and coroner to CSI, respectively). Are there any characters who are not CSIs that you would like to see become CSIs, or CSIs you would like to see working in some other part of the labs or as detectives? I think there are quite enough CSIs at the moment. The only change I want to make is to send Hawkes back to the morgue and send Sid back to wherever he came from, thus making autopsy scenes bearable for me again.
Holly Gribbs, Tim Speedle, and Aiden Burn have been killed off their respective shows...
1 - How did you feel when that happened? I wasn't yet watching CSI when Holly was killed. I was a little sad when Speed died, but I wasn't a huge fan of Miami yet so it didn't really impact me. As soon as the spoilers hit about Aiden's death, though, my stomach dropped out - she was about the only thing that had kept me watching the show through season 1, and it was really kind of cheap to bring her back just to kill her off.
2 - Do you think that you could have written a better ending for their characters? Holly, no; Speed certainly no since his death was one of the most powerful scenes of the series. But Aiden, I think they could have left her storyline where it was, with her fired but embarking on a new career as a P.I..  They could have caught DJ Pratt some other didn't have to be her body in the car, it could have been a random victim, and maybe Aiden could have been the one to figure it out. That poor team went through enough personal tragedy last spring; they didn't really need a death for a sweeps shocker.
3 - If Holly had lived, how do you think she would've fit into the CSI team? Hard to tell, since she was only around for one episode and nobody behaved like their real selves that episode, anyway. But she was so stumbling and nervous I think it would have taken a long time for her to stop being the newbie and start being a respeted teammate.
4 - If Speed had lived, do you think Ryan would've still been introduced? Probably not, at least not that season; Miami's always had the smallest team and I like to think they would have kept it that way. I'm conveniently ignoring the random addition of Natalia.
5 - If Aiden had lived, how do you think she and Lindsay would've gotten along? I don't know...I think they would have been okay. They're very different types of people; I don't know that they would have had much in common, but I'm sure they could have peacefully co-existed.

1 - Of all the episodes you've seen, which one do you consider the weakest? I can't recall much of season 1, though it was my least favorite overall so I assume the clunker's in there.  Since I can't point to a specific ep, though, let's just say I was duly unimpressed with "Open and Shut" this season. I found it dull and predictable, with no redeeming moments whatsoever.
2 - If you had the chance to work with any CSI/coroner/tech/detective from NY for a day, who would you work with and what kind of case would you want to work on? It'd be kind of fun to be a consultant on a horse-related case with Mac.
3 - How do you feel about characters like Chad, Jane, Zao, Marty & Maka being dropped from the show with no explanation? I have no problem with it, since I was never overly fond of any of those characters and barely even noticed when they went missing.
4 - NY has had the most coroners on it (five: Hawkes, Zao, Hammerback, Marty & Peyton). Of all of them, which one(s) do you prefer and why? It's a tie between Hawkes and Peyton. I liked Hawkes there because with 6 CSIs in the field, it gets a little oversaturated, and he was quite charming while running autopsy...but then I quite like Peyton's accent and general demeanor.
5 - Guest stars on the show have been hit or miss with fans. How do you feel about some of the guest stars (Kid Rock, Marlee Matlin, Sasha Cohen and Criss Angell for example) that have been on the show? I usually don't care, really...they don't seem much different than regular guest-stars-of-the-week. I think CBS overhypes them a little much, is all.

Icon Meme, nicked from...multiple people on the flist.  I've only got a half-dozen to discuss...since the animated icons are being fussy about working, I'm swapping in the icons I use on my Xangas.

"Look at your LJ userpics list. If you have fewer than 50 icons, pick every fifth one. If you have between fifty and seventy-five icons, pick every seventh one. If you have over seventy-five icons, pick every tenth one. If you have fewer than ten, pick all of 'em. List each one in your LJ, and tell everyone exactly why you have it, why it's interesting to you, what significance it has."

(xCaptain_OatSxMy_HerOx) I find this icon useful when perusing fanficrants.  Summer's my favorite O.C. character, and I can just hear her saying this every time I use it.  It gives me the giggles.

(macayla_csi) As soon as I saw this episode, I stood up and declared that I was GOING to have that image as my icon, by hook or by crook.  I ran down Google every day for a solid week until I found a suitable icon.  Because...he just looks so damn cute looking at the adorable little doggy.

(...I seem to have copied the name down wrong.  Maker?) The "GSR" looks like it's done up in little lights.  :)  And for whatever reason, I think Sara looks quite pretty here.  Nice balanced color scheme in this picture.

(sugah66) I like these two characters.  The matching pink & purple shirts amuse me greatly...and they fit my purple color scheme.  The curly-script "girl power" is just an added bonus. 

(Me!) Xanga icons can be bigger, in case you were wondering.  Speaking of which, this is what passes for "me making icons."  I am capable of adding a text box in MS Paint, and nothing more. Anyhoo, this is the marker on my babbling writing blog, which pretty well explains the site.  I know it isn't very eye-catching, but I just grabbed the first bunny pic I could find where I could write over the background.

That was fun.  Now, as promised, shutting UP.
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