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It's still Sunday what are you talking about

Things I accomplished today:
* Deep cleaning the fridge (ACHIEVEMENT!!)
* A 1-hour walk
* 80 pages of reading (what is wrong with me that I can't finish books in a single day anymore??)
* An episode of NCIS, 2 of the Simpsons, and a pair of That 70s Show reruns
* ...a lot of sloth
* But then 2 loads of laundry, clearing all my random crap off the bed, and now this post!

I haven't had the time to sit down and catalog it all in weeks, so I might have made some duplicate posts and/or I might have missed some stuff. I have just been cleaning up WILDLY at bargain basement prices lately, so even though I have spent, um, kind of a largeish amount in total, it's all just so...great? And lots of it is useful, too! Great AND useful. Most of the things aren't even books.

Inexpensive and Awesome Things I Have Acquired In Roughly The Last Month

1. The aforementioned 1950-1953 yearbooks I bought at the estate sale for $8 total, which I still haven't had time to read in detail, but here's what they look like + a few shots of autographed pages. I linked to full size so you can click to read, if you can decipher the script.
[image cut #1]
This is the front cover of the first one I opened - instantly solidifying my need to buy it.
This is one of my favorite messages so far.
A smattering of short things to give you a taste of how popular she was - she was also one of the yearbook editors, if I didn't mention that before.

2. One of the days I was at Goodwill, I had been there for about an hour when I passed by the toy section once more, and BAM! ORIGINAL 1990s LITTLEST PET SHOP PLAYSET. No animals/accessories, just the (large, bulky, hard to store...) set to use as a backdrop or carrying case. Doesn't matter, it's the zoo backdrop and I don't have it. Its size means it would be hard to ship if I ever wanted to buy it online, so $3 was OK with me (even though I now realize it's missing one barn door). I just...I could not pass up a rarity like that. I literally go to Goodwill to stake out the toy section in hopes of finding 1990s My Little Pony or Littlest Pet Shops that downsizing parents are just cleaning out now.
[image cut #2 so I can open it up for y'all]
Click for full size on the expanded images.

3. Night-sky pajama pants, $1.50 @ Goodwill. Not only are they new, comfy and gorgeous, but they're made of that velvet/velour stuff and so nice to the touch. A

4. New York tote bag/purse, $2 at a garage sale. I thought I'd finally found a replacement for my worked-to-death dog tote, only to realize this isn't as tall. But still, maybe it will be a fun thing to bring as my carryin' bag to other garage sales, especially neighborhood/church parking lot sales where I'll need room to stuff things while hitting multiple sales without going back to the car.


5. Nicole Miller New York top, $1.50 at Goodwill. I love the color and thought it was pretty (while hoping this is not secretly meant for grandmas. That's always the risk with secondhand clothing store layouts). The roses have little rhinestone decorations to catch the light so I felt like it was young enough. And if it's not, whoops, I already wore it to work after Mom exclaimed how pretty it was without prompting (I was wearing it around the house to see if I liked the fit).

6. Daisy Fuentes T-shirt (MOAR RHINESTONES), $3.50 at Savers

7. New York & Co. jeans with really cool embroidery/seed bead flower embellishments, as shown in close up: $1.50 at Goodwill. Belt already mine; was too lazy to remove.
(fun fact: I've had that belt for over a decade and I have yet to find any other belt in the world I like. Leather's too stiff and most canvas ones are too wide)

8. Adorable new thick sleep socks, featuring a fuzzy Scottie, and funky Alaska-themed regular socks for $1 a pair at K-Mart and a garage sale (brand new w/ tags), respectively.

9. THE MOTHERLODE OF JEWELRY - collected from 3 different garage sales on Thursday and more quality than I usually find in a whole summer. NECKLACES, YOU GUYS. NECKLACES. THE GOOD KIND. I have had so little luck finding good necklaces that to acquire so many in one day makes me nearly weep.
a) Rose-shaped stud earrings, identical in pink and gold colors, 50 cents each
b) Daisy necklace, $2 (I splurged because as you see below, I had a specific top to wear with it)
c) Sterling silver burro charm, 50 cents. Meant for a charm bracelet, but I have a chain with which to create a pendant necklace instead
d) Clover necklace for St. Patrick's Day, $1
e) Trio of hearts necklace for Valentine's Day, $1
f) Chunky Celtic/Renaissance-y necklace, $1 - can't remember exactly what I was going to wear it with, but I remember I was JUST saying to myself that I needed to try and find a non-tacky-looking pendant necklace that would fill a lot of space for wide scoop necks.
g) 50 cents - earrings that match the blue in the necklace and have the same brass (it's brass-colored even though it looks gold) tops. They were at the same sale but in a different area, and if they didn't originally come with it, they look like they were made to be together.
Close up on the burro, who is about as big as the first digit on your finger, and...wearing my daisy necklace with a Daisy Fuentes top on a nice spring day.

10. About a billion media-related things:
-CDs - Sarah McLachlan's "Fumbling Towards Ecstasy" for $1 at Half Price Books (I'm 90% sure I don't already have it...) and Keri Noble's self-titled one

-Computer game -- IT'S AGE OF EMPIRES 3, Y'ALL! With user's manual. 50 cents*. I need to stop buying old games before I learn how to play them in 64-bit without individualized tutorials...wait, no I don't. I am excited to test this out no matter when it happens.
*spotted at another sale a week later for $3. lol

-DVD: Bones season 2, $5. Oh, season 2 Bones. We met and the sparks flew instantly. Aliens in a Spaceship is still one of my top 3 episodes of all time.

-CSI novel: Cold Burn, 50 cents. Grabbed out of embarrassment that this stupid house had a "fundraiser" sale two weekends in a row, which I didn't realize until I walked all the way up the loooong driveway into the garage, and I hadn't bought anything last time even after browsing for 15 minutes with no other customers, just about 7 buddies/family members running the sale. But I saw something about Grissom & Sara at a conference, and I don't know when this book is set but I choose to interpret it as combining work and a couples vacation. May sell after reading.

-Bad Austen: The Worst Stories Jane Never Wrote, $1 at Half Price Books. I blame Chris for showing it to me and making me laugh at how awesomely terrible (on purpose) it is.

-Women & Dogs (photo essay style of mostly-celebrities + their pets circa 2000) and retro/vintage K-Mart brand World of Horses (BECAUSE PONY PHOTOS THAT'S WHY), 15 cents each in the discount bin at Goodwill. The former has dirt rubbed into the cover but I think I can clean it off, and the horse book just has a little bit of the bottom spine chewed up in back.

-HEAT WAVE! $1.50 at Goodwill. I AM SO EXCITED I FINALLY FOUND A CASTLE BOOK. And hardcover too!

-Everglades Adventure ($1 at Goodwill), because vintage juvenile ex-library book featuring nature?? ON IT.


11. Not pictured: A Knight's Tale and Music and Lyrics on DVD, $1 each at a garage sale. These actually came from the same sale as the burro charm - I was walking away when I realized I'd missed that one single section, and I had to go back. It was my first sale that day, and the lady was really enthusiastic and friendly, so I practically skipped on my way back to hand her more cash. That's salesmanship.

12. Not pictured: non-digital bathroom scale, $3. I'm so happy to FINALLY have one I'm almost doing a jig.
Tags: garage sales, photos, thrifty shopping

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