RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

2013 Summer Watchlist

This year is a bit different in that I left so much behind during the regular season that my entire summer is pretty much full up just trying to catch up on those shows, and I will probably have next to no time left to start anything old that I usually start during my summers. But enjoy anyway.

[SEPTEMBER EDIT: Oh my god, there is so much that I did not get done. This is horrible. I am sad.]

Odd In-Season Episodes Left
Glee: 2
Revolution: 2

Summer Shows
Goodwin Games
Under The Dome

Where I'm Starting/What's Left On Old Shows:
Castle: 5x01 (minus a few episodes along the way)
Community: 4x01 (13 episodes)
CSI: 13x02-14 + 21-22
CSI: NY: 9x02 [currently: 3 left]
Grey's Anatomy: 9x02

Private Practice: 6x02 (12 more episodes)
Law & Order: SVU, apparently: 14x03
The Office: 9x15
Smash: 2x05 (12 more episodes)
Tags: scheduling

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