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Revolution 1x19: The burning of the journal was a painful moment; I don't want to talk about it. I don't have a lot of complaints about this show, but one thing they need to do ASAP is convince me why anyone would look at the insanely bloody war and/or anarchy going on and say, "No, it would definitely just be worse with power." People would just kill each other faster? Maybe I overestimate humanity, but I feel like at some point people would simmer down and work toward the common goal of recreating the world of 2012 with hospitals and medicine and readily available food and water.

I also wish these smug people who are currently living with power and quite a lot of conveniences that said power offers to try living like the rest of the world for a while and see if they still feel justified leaving all the Unchosen Ones to suffer. Because I kinda feel like a lot of people out there would rather risk a quick death-by-fire-or-boiling-air for a chance at something better than continuing to eke out a miserable and possibly starving existence until they and/or their loved ones get unexpectedly shot/stabbed, or suffer slowly through an agonizingly painful illness.

I am impressed by the coil guns, though. Impressively gory work.

Kind of eye-rolly at these last-ditch efforts to make Monroe sympathetic -- sorry, but you don't have enough episodes to explain 15 years of slow build-up to crazy, no matter how many flashbacks you do -- but I liked pretending for a moment that he was sorry about Danny and sincere about saving Charlie, and then appreciated him actually doing it.

And as always, curious to see what Neville the Cockroach gets up to next.

CSI: NY, 4x05, "Misconceptions"

So, Flack's day off: it took a while for me to focus and realize, oh hey, this hot guy cooking breakfast all manly-like is not irrelevant for plot purposes, we actually know him! Now let me give you my reactions to him calling for "sweetie" --

1. Frown of confusion, because I thought we only had one love interest this season, and we're definitely not at that point with her, but would he call a relative dressed like that or are we doing one night stands again? But it doesn't feel like a one night stand, it's too comfortable for that. Obvs. this is misdirection, but who could it actually be?
2. When he pulled out the chair, I worried briefly that he might have had a break with reality and started talking to Jess's ghost out of the blue.
3. Before I finished thinking that, what should appear but A DOG.

I felt this moment demanded photographic evidence of the expression on my face. Imagine a loud gasp as well.


And I love you for it. That was literally the nicest surprise this series has ever given me, and it gave me some pret-ty nice unexpected Mac/Love Interest moments. God, that just my whole day! Honestly, the rest of his day was underwhelming by comparison...but I mean, it's not like I'm going to reject 234823478 scenes of him visiting his grandmother, joking around in full big-brother mode, thinking about his dad after going through a box of memorabilia and finding a letter addressed to him and his sister, and spending additional time and conversation with her, even if I remain completely unable to connect with Sam on any kind of emotional level (fact: I have cared more about toy robots than her). I just considered all of these things placeholders for my inevitable daydreams about when he had this kind of day off but had Jess to spend it with. Or an AU where Jess never died, so the dog can still factor in.

In other news, the 20-year-old case was solved with ridiculous ease, as basically all they had to do was look in the guy's direction and say "boo" and he couldn't spill his secrets fast enough. I'll allow it because I assume realism was rushed to fit in more Flack Family Time. (I feel like I'm describing what would have made the episode better, and yet for once, that's what actually happened!)

Worth it for Mac breaking down on the steps after providing quasi-closure to the parents. But bboooo on casting Vartann for a guest-star-of-the-week role. I can't suspend disbelief on a whim like that. That's like one step removed from hiring Wallace Langham.

Oh! Glad to see Christine back, glad to see her confront Mac (is this the one where she throws the food container on his desk in disgust, or am I skipping ahead?), and yet still exceptionally glad to see Mac tell Jo off for sticking her nose where it doesn't belong despite being warned away. No matter how childish and petty and stubborn he is being, Jo's flippant disregard for orders is always worse. (so disgusted to see him wet-napkin-fold and apologize to her in the subsequent episode)

9x06, "The Lady in the Lake"
Oh, I see it's Adam's turn to be the Featured Player of the Week. Pass.

Otherwise: a rather more mundane case, other than being the grossest body in history (I actually had to choke down nausea and couldn't watch during Sid's autopsy), but with engaging characters in the prince and his evil stepmother. I also learned the existence of Belvedere Castle, which I now want to know everything about.

Mac-wise, I need to know what kind of voice mail service asks you whether you're satisfied with your message and makes you confirm or deny before it saves. I make a lot of calls to personal phones in my line of work, and that has never happened to me. Once you start talking, you're stuck.
9x07, "Clue: SI"

THAT WAS SO GREAT. I don't know where to start! I loved every single second; best of the season so far. Amazing case, so many complex layers of real-life Clue going on. I think I'll even enjoy watching this in reruns, it was so much fun to watch the mysteries (and...clues) come together.

Oh, and remember when I said that a wordless episode would have been more memorable with just an instrumental score? It's like they tried to make it up to me by having a (mostly) Yann-Tiersan-themed week. Particularly loved the beautiful ballet and mood-setting in the teaser, the feather floating down and then topped off with a chilling body hanging from the rafters. You'd think this might ruin the music for me, but instead I'm just like, "Huh. I need to get the orchestral version of Vale d'Amelie." I have the piano version but it's so much grander with full orchestra.

And oh look, what's that, a multi-step resolution arc with Christine? Stawp, you're spoiling me! I quite enjoy how well she's responding to this, with all of the expected disappointment and hurt and a touch of sarcasm to shield herself.  Of course, I also like it best when he gets his act together and strides in with one of those Big Romantic Declaration + Epic Kiss moments. Kind of surprised "I love you" apparently has not made it between these two yet, but I'll take it now.

MEANWHILE, in the other half of "things that made this episode great," Lindsay in patient but dogged pursuit of the juvenile Lab Prankster who gave her perma-blue raccoon eyes. She's so perky and cute and sassy and nailing the perfect comedic timing on everything I don't even recognize her. I suspected Danny from the get-go, but it was still great to see her follow up on those things. LOVED them strolling through the zoo - that was total indulgence, stealing precious seconds that could have been wasted on unnecessary witness interrogation or something and giving it over to the personal instead while still advancing the case. Their banter through the end was fantastic. I loved every moment of this until my brain out of the blue reminded me, "Hey, remember that time Danny cheated like a skanky ho?" and it was like WHY, BRAIN.

Voice: I think you meant "WHY, VOICE," and the reason is that I just can't have you sitting there and sighing to yourself about what a perfect pair of Old Marrieds they make and practically forgetting there was ever a time on this show when they were not married.
RS: ANYWAY. I especially loved Mac jealously contemplatively watching them and having that be the trigger to kick his ass in gear re: apology time.

Shoot. I forgot that I was in the middle of working on the Glee finale when I got sidetracked by my twin catch-up projects. I should do that original goal was "by June," but I'll settle for "within a month of when it aired."
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