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I just realized that for the first time in my life, a season of American Idol passed by without me knowing so much as the name or the face of one single contestant on it. We're at X Factor levels of familiarity here. So great.

First order of business, I made time today for those episodes of NCIS: LA that people have been telling me about.

The Deeks-undercover episode was FANTASTIC, very nearly rivaling last year's fake-married plot, and I know that shouldn't be possible but in terms of sheer entertainment, it came close. I honestly don't know which part I enjoyed more, Kensi stewing in blatant possessive jealousy that literally everyone and their supervisor saw, or Deeks being totally checked out of this cover and desperately trying to pry the hot/crazy chick off and hold her predatory advances at arm's length.

Then the finale came along, and while it was 90% foreign gobbledegook that made no sense to me whatsoever - it was worse at communication than Deeks - the kissing was extremely clear. Extremely. Let me just rewind that twenty thousand or so times, and then go back and appreciate his petulant puppy face unhappily watching her prepare to leave without him at the beginning. I mean, I'd already let everyone spoil me as soon as it aired and I've already had my freak-out fest, but something about seeing it in video form for yourself is magical.

Aaaaand then we ended on torture, so that's fun. (the fun thing about reading this from me is you don't know if I'm serious or not)

And now for my customary "And That's What You Missed on The Densi Show" YouTube tour where I hunt down tiny clips and sit patiently through fanvids for other clips and say things like "oh man, someone should have told me about 4x17. That's OK, it's probably better in Tribute Form."

I wish so much that I could transfer my Chore Show allegiance from NCIS over to this show, because while I hate a smaller percentage of the NCIS cast, when I think about the ridiculous bonanza of goodies viewers of this show get every time Deeks and Kensi are in the same room, much less having important scenes...well, I'm just jealous, is all. I'll never make the switch -- even now, the mere thought of trying to suffer through Sam & whats-his-face every week makes me curl up in agony -- but anyone with the patience for that part is lucky.
CSI: NY, 9x08, "Late Admissions"
For anyone keeping track, this is Michael Welch's 10th notch on his crime-show belt. I always wonder if it's like a personal goal/interest of his or he just counts on these roles whenever he needs a solid paycheck. That's about it for the A plot this week (boo on the "murderous teacher of the year" conclusion).

Beyond that, this is Lindsay's second week in a row to shine. Everything about this episode was very slow, and the scenes with her dad dragged a little bit, but i really enjoyed watching her contemplative face when she was alone, and the flashbacks were a treat. I definitely felt a stronger connection to her friends this time around, which gave the pain a more direct and personal impact, even if I couldn't for the life of me keep track of which one was Lindsay and will have to rewatch. I'm pretty sure one of those flashbacks kicked me in the gut by having her be the one who never planned to leave Montana, and it's still a sore spot with me that a person would leave the countryside (or anywhere, except maybe a poorer city) for New York City. There are plenty of better places to still flee far.

And of course, her New York homecoming was lovely and warm and cozy and I wouldn't trade it for the world.
9x10, "The Real McCoy"

Oh, I see Adam's trying to have dramatic scenes now.
(or at least, I tried, but I did manage to accidentally see the part where his Alzheimery father berated and belittled him in public and made him cower and practically cry, which I found hilarious, and then I suffered through the tedious conversation on the steps in hopes of appreciating Mac's face. Not worth it.)

Not much to this episode outside of that - clear worst of the season - but I did enjoy the speakeasy attire. That looked like a classy joint, minus the vintage stripper (I can hear Greg Sanders yelling from here, BURLESQUE DANCER!). I bonded with Disapproving Hat Guy in the opening scene, and was really crossing my fingers he wouldn't be the victim (sigh). But at least I really enjoyed all his naive idealism in flashbacks.

No, the ultimate reason to show up to this episode, as was the story for much of season 8, is for that one scene in the beginning of Mac & Christine test-driving their future as a wrinkled old (and possibly crotchety) married couple who sit on their park bench and watch the world go by. "married" was maybe only implied, but it was implied strongly. I don't understand how they are so unflinchingly adorable at every turn. Their whole allure is that they're dignified and mature, and yet lately they have the giddy vibe of 20-somethings. A subtle and understated sort of giddiness, but Christine brings it to the forefront. I can't really picture season 3 Mac kissing on park benches, is what I'm saying.

[edit: in related news, that scene is totally kind of my life right now, albeit in a less serious context. it's awesome.]

Also, you should all be pretty impressed that I lasted until the end of episode 8 before I cracked and hit up a ship tag on Tumblr,[for Mac/Christine moments, spoilers for rest of season here]seeings as I've been desperate to get my Mac/Christine fix from the crossover episode since they first announced the summary. (and WHOOPS, THERE IT IS IN VIDEO FORM for as long as CBS hosts it; .gif form after that) Well now, that just makes me all kinds of stupid happy. Maybe purring in satisfaction.

(fact: I ran across one post yelling 'THE WAY I FEEL ABOUT MAC AND CHRISTINE IS THE WAY I USED TO FEEL ABOUT GRISSOM AND SARA.' Turns out the post was actually about how they're apparently awful with no chemistry and The Worst compared to the ship that should obvs be canon, but the first sentence still sums up all of my feelings about both ships right now)

Along the way I may have gotten visually spoiled for the proposal, which I was already pretty confident would happen (based solely on gut feeling), but am so pleased to see confirmed. Eeeeeeeeh! *kicky little shipper feet*

But now that I've had a spike in shipper insulin and satiated myself on the need to consume this show to the point where I find myself once more plodding patiently through the casework, it's time to give this one a little bit of a break.
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