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Tell 'em that I miss our fandom talks

I USED TO BE A PERSON WHO WATCHED TELEVISION. Instead I have become a person who just works and does stuff and then writes a lot about her worries. At this rate I am not going to get through even one show this summer, much less all of them.

Revolution finale: Nora dying was either spoiled or so heavily telegraphed that it felt like being spoiled, so I can't really bring myself to...feel things about it? Sorry, the writers just set it up super well to inform me that she had served her purpose, and ultimately, baby, she was born to die. Specifically, to Die For Our Ship, which I am too amused to see happen in canon to feel anything else. (but I still thought it was really interesting watching her size Rachel up. And obviously I was all on board with Miles getting to her while she was still breathing and doing his best to save her, complete with broken despair when he doesn't. All things considered I am pretty sure that's the ideal way to go out)

Honestly, I would have made the same call Rachel did. This is quite possibly your only chance to get the power back on, and this world is insanely horrible without it; I feel like people are still not getting that "set the world on fire and wipe humanity out" is preferable to its current Dark Ages With Bullets state. I'm sorry about your friend, and I'm even sorrier it'll cost you your relationship with daughter possibly forever, but it's Go Time and not a second to spare. Nora understood that. How were we supposed to know Randall would show up and dial the crazy up to 111?

I am super excited to see what in the world happens next with the whole power on/MEGA WAR TIME! aspect, though. Rachel continues to be my touchstone on this show, the one character I feel like I have a strong connection to.

In other news, Monroe has withered away from a psychotic death star into a mewling kitten, basically, and I suppose I am willing to give this bromance a second look. Will be interested to see what Neville manages to do with his improbable new leadership. Turns out I was wrong about being wrong; he needs to be wiped out post-haste because death is the only way he's going to be redeemed. (that said, if ghosts are real, I have never seen a man more primed to haunt a place. I have no doubt that Neville would perform black magic for the pleasure of eternally terrifying people who can't stop or hurt him. With or without cause.)

Then I watched a pair of Goodwin Games episodes, a show which I forgot about for approximately a month, and o i c it is EXACTLY like HIMYM in that there are like 90% fewer games on an episode-to-episode basis than the title implies. You'd think that would be disappointing, but between Chloe being more delightful every episode, Scott Foley being unequivocally awesome, and really loving Scott Foley's ex (who was one of the most charming parts about 'Til Death), I'm really enjoying these bite-sized morsels of summer funny. The best thing about it is still the model town featured in the theme song, though. I mean, the episode where we got a look at it in detail was truly impressive.

That's it. That's literally all I have done in two weeks.
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