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O Xaaaa-an-gaaaa, our home and native land...

PANIC MODE: Xanga to die July 15th. (technically, if they raise another $35,000 by then they could stay open, but it would be a pay-only service if you want to do more than read and comment, i.e. "actually write blog posts," and the price is currently twice what LJ is for a year and way less valuable. They float the option of "volunteering" in exchange for paid time, but feh, work for the privilege of playing? So basically it's dead no matter what.)

You LJ-folks probably are not having quite the same reaction of horror and/or only consider Xanga as the butt of a joke, but for as long as I have been on LJ I am technically more of an ex-pat LJ user. My blogging life was founded on Xanga at the age of 15; upon graduation I made strong connections to both high school people I had no other way to contact (important for my sanity as a college freshman) and some fellow college students via Xanga; I spent nine active years on Xanga. XANGA IS MY MOTHERLAND.

I have four different blogs - my main journal, the TV reviewing one that predated this site, the active-for-13-months-one where I talked about my writing (mostly of the fanfic variety in that one year where I wrote it), plus a ~secret blog~ where all entries are private, which served mainly as a fantasy site, by which I do not mean "actual fantasy," nor the kinky variety, but rather where I wrote wishlists, dreams, and blog posts as alter-egos, envisioning myself in different lives, or as characters I would like to be. It was one of my favorite escapes in college and the immediate post-college realm.

It is also where I picked up some of my earliest LJ icons - because people randomly posted icons to Xanga because of reasons, I guess - and of course, for over a decade now it has always been the easiest place to find random surveys to take. Tumblr kind of works now, but you always get Google telling you that post was from like a week ago LOL GOOD LUCK SEEING IT, so it's not quite as satisfying.

Plus this site basically supported me through college as I used it for countless all-nighter "homework progress update" posts to keep myself motivated. Even after I had an LJ, that first year or two that overlapped with college, I was mostly trying to keep my fandom and real lives separate, because I still had a social circle on Xanga. So all my school stuff is detailed much more heavily over there, sometimes with bonus memories not available in my paper journals.

They're allowing everyone to download their personal archives in a free zip file (normally a premium feature) before the site shuffles off - including any photos, audio and videos uploaded, which I guess is good, especially since it preserves comments (thank you!), but it's still sad to see. And now I have to figure out how many blog posts from other people I desperately want to save - most people I knew quit long before I did and many shut their blogs down, but some are still out there, and they have good content. That'll be fun, saving all those one at a time by hand. SUMMER PROJECT 2013!

I'm telling you this because I only learned about by random chance when there was a post on the homepage referencing it (yes, I log in semi-regularly to read private posts of mine). Otherwise, my email address tied to the site is defunct since I forgot to update it, and like no one is talking about this on major pop-culture news sites. PEOPLE SHOULD BE TALKING ABOUT IT.
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