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Let's have a kiki!

A kiki on The Idealistic Daydream is a party post where we look at all the goods that I have gathered from across the land during this bountiful time of early June. I feel like this year more than ever I've been so pressed for time to go out that I'm just like MUST SEIZE OPPORTUNITIES. ACQUIRE. REFLECT LATER. I am very much in hunter mode, swooping upon as much prey as possible before the opportunities are lost. As a result, I feel like I might end up re-donating or Craigslist-selling some items this year...but that's okay. Worth it. There is so much treasure to be nabbed before someone else finds it or it gets reburied.

These images cover 2 weeks' worth of stuff, but the best part of today was that I actually GOT MY WORK DONE LAST NIGHT, hit the road at 8:25, and thoroughly covered both the annual Biggest Church Parking Lot Sale and the main neighborhood sale of the area, wrapped up by noon, and could have gone out to look for more but was perfectly satisfied when the rain hit half an hour later. I didn't actually find much at either sale, but I had so much fun looking. Plus, what I did find included Holy Grail Treasure at both!

$2.50 each at Savers/Goodwill, respectively. Tee is cotton Sonoma with metallic stud designs, other top is Daisy Fuentes & that polysester/spandex blend with which I am slowly replacing my entire wardrobe of other materials. Also it has flared sleeves and the most flattering fitted at the bust/flared out below empire waist.
The first top (Dress Barn) was $3 at a garage sale. It has a cool, crinkly texture and I call it my bamboo top. What you can't tell from the picture is, do you see how in the middle it hangs a little lower? From midriff band there's a gap in the material, so one panel overlaps the other and tapers down in an uneven hemline. The other top is also polyester/spandex and was $2 at a different sale.
I can't remember if I've photographed this dress before - it was a true splurge at Savers a couple of months ago, but I resisted it once and had to come back the next day because I missed it. I LOVE the colors and pattern, and even though it looks like cap sleeves it looks better on me. It's another summery knee-length dress. Photographing it now because I've been looking for the right colored thing to wear underneath it for weeks, and I finally found it in a cheap 50-cent Gap tank at a school fundraiser sale. Who knew? The top cuts across a little higher when worn, and it has just a thin line of lace at the top.

The Girl Who Loved Wild Horses, $1 @ Goodwill because this is one of my favorite stories & illustrators in the world and I was just saying to myself, "why don't I own a copy of this?"

James Herriot's Treasury for Children, $3 @ Goodwill. Because the only thing better than James Herriot is when it has gorgeous full page illustrations. I had actually considered buying some of the illustrated versions if I found them, so seeing this was like, "hey, why don't I buy all of them in one compilation to save time & space."
[2 sample illustrations]IMG_1671

Little garage sale splurges - 25 cents for the lotion, which I don't normally use much of but I really like the scent on this, and $1 for the sparkly-stone earrings.


1. PotC #3, $1, because...I just feel like I should own all of the Will/Elizabeth footage there is to be found?

2. Lost season 4, $4. I have the curious distinction of having forgotten basically everything about this show, which is really weird considering it did not end that long ago and for a while it was one of my major fandoms, but the phrase "season 4" triggers some strong feelings. Mostly I just love Alex & Karl & Alex/Karl, but I also seem to recall Juliet being mostly full-fledged awesome and Sawyer & Claire interacting a lot. Is this also the one where Sawyer & Kate play house? Do I appreciate Desmond/Penny yet, or is that not until season 5? Oh! But Wikipedia is reminding me about how Jack got appendicitis in this one, I can work with that.

3. James Herriot, The Lord God Made Them All, 50 cents. FINALLY, my quintet of paperbacks is complete. I've been looking all over for that one while the other 4 are everywhere.

4. Robert Murphy, The Pond, $1. I don't know anything about this story, but it's the 1964 "winner of the Dutton Animal Book Award" and that's basically like putting a stamp of guaranteed quality on a book. Also nice to see it's a first edition.

5. Not pictured because I don't know where I put it: Joan of Arcadia DVD, season 1, for $2. I am so excited to dive back into that world this summer, you can't even imagine.
Up next, a quartet of fantastic board games for probably less than the cost of one fancy brand-new game in a store:
1. Lost: The Game, $3 @ Goodwill
2. Acronymity, $3 @ a garage sale
3. Gallop Home, $3 @ Goodwill
4. Best In Show, $3 @ Goodwill

I HAVE NO IDEA HOW TO PLAY IT OR WHAT IT'S ABOUT, but it looked complicated and intriguing. I also saw the "Survivor" board game, but apparently you need at least 4 players and I'm pretty sure I will never find 3 other people who want to play board games with me all at the same time.

The first game is about recognizing what abbreviations stand for, basically. But the second game? THE HORSE GAME? It's basically the game I have wanted for my entire life that didn't even exist until recently. It has cute horse-head tokens (although let's be real, those are inferior to the several dozen micro-mini model horses I own) and I'm just really jubilant about having a horse game. So you can imagine my shock when right on the shelf above it I saw...


LOOK IT IS A DOG GAME (pic of the board set up here). WITH ADORABLE REALISTIC LITTLE PLAYING TOKENS (the tokens alone are worth the cost of the game). This is another game I have been waiting my whole life for that apparently did not exist until 2006.
Lastly, it is time for Holy Grail Treasure.

1. Literally every time I enter Goodwill (which is also the reason I go so much more often now), I make an immediate beeline for the toy section in vain hope that someone will have cleaned out their attic and donated original MLPs that were not immediately snatched up by other buyers. LAST WEEK, IT FINALLY HAPPENED.
They were a dollar a head, which is still cheaper than you can get them on eBay regardless of what quantity you order. The one on the right is one I have from childhood (Sundance, but her previous owner called her "Lovey" so the name stuck), so depending on which is in nicer condition, I can resell the other. From what I can tell, it is almost literally impossible to put an original pony on eBay and not make a profit on it. The one on the left is not especially cute, but it's from the first year line in 1982, and regardless, it is so hard to find cheap original ponies that it's basically law I must buy any I see.

AND THEN TODAY, I went up to one of the stalls in the church parking lot and BAM, there was a pony all by itself right in front of me. For a quarter, and it's prettier than either of the above. Its mane is actually still partly curled, even though its body is a bit dirty and the dirt didn't all rub off with basic soap and water. Meet Firefly!

And then...what's that? What's that I spy in that little plastic tub?
(true story, I walked into the garage and scooped that up on my way inside without even stopping)

$3 for this little spread of wealth:
click for full size, if you like

The Puppy/Kitty in my Pockets are the more realistic rubber ones at the edges, the St. Bernard and most of the cats. Everything was in that bucket except the white/cream cat on the left, whom I found in a "free" bin at the sale where I bought The Pond, which also had item #2 below.

To be honest, some of these are duplicates of what I already own so I'm going to comb over my collection at some point and try to do a Craigslist ad, but just like original MLP, it is a rule that one must buy all LPS stuff available because a) hard to find, and b) shipping charges are insane if you use eBay. But the little turtle aquarium & the bunnies are new, and so are all of the dogs except the St. Bernards. The palomino & bay horses are some of my favorites in the entire LPS empire, so why not have two? Plus I can always use more fences and little accessories, and I think I lost that neat blue trunk in the background so it's nice to have that back.

Neat Things I Have Seen And Not Bought
A Mrs. Beasley doll in its original box, possibly unopened (the doll still had sealed plastic around its head), although the box was horrendously dirty and partially water-damaged. $100. [EDIT: actually, it looks like it was the 2000 reproduction and not the original run of the doll, but still.]

A taxidermied oncilla (small spotted jungle cat), rug-style. $175. That was so different I was sure there was a neat story behind it, but the woman at the sale seemed tired and wasn't very chatty. I did learn that it was from Venezuela in the 1940s; "my parents were missionaries." This was found at one of my favorite houses to sale; they hold one every year, always have older/unique stuff, and I almost always find something awesome to boot (last year it was the Fairy Tail Bird).

I love that writing this post exhausted me. How do you blog??
P.S. Apparently the Kimye baby was born this weekend, and literally my only response to it every time I see one of the headlines is "18 years, 18 years, she got one of your kids, got you for 18 years." Except in my head it's Will Schuester's voice, which sort of defeats the purpose.
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