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Game of...Thrones?

"I haven't seen anything, but I really like that one girl's face." -- Kat Dennings on the above show, also summing up my response to the series

As I've mentioned before, don't watch it. Will never watch it because I'm not here for nudity (listen, if network television can create thousands of hours' worth of amazing shows without it, you can never convince me it is ~desperately necessary for the story~. Obvs. your story kinda sucks). Not unless they sell it to syndication on a local broadcast network and edit the bejeezus out of it, Sex and the City-style. But somehow this year, in all the time I'm not watching actual TV, I have found myself with GoT information, pictures, discussion and .gifs being thrown at me everywhere I go on the internet. I have absorbed a frightening amount of information and opinions about it, and now I apparently have some of my own opinions despite having only seen five minutes of actual footage.

Basically, I'm mixing one part ONTD/Fandom March Madness commentary and one part dollsome & friends commentary with two parts Tumblr imagery to concoct my own stories about people whose faces I like. And by "stories" I don't really mean tangible plots so much as just a general sense of characters and how much/why I like them. Every so often I beef it up by reading wikia pages. There is no such thing as a "spoiler" in my world, only "encyclopedias of helpful information," similar to reading a semi-detailed synopsis of a classic novel before you attempt to read it.

Rule #1 on this series is apparently "don't get attached to anyone, because they WILL get murdered and die." (I like the cadence of that phrase, don't point out its redundancy). To that end, I've made sure to find out every time someone dies so that I will know never to bond with them. So far, it's worked; I don't care about anybody dead except one poor direwolf. Unfortunately, that hasn't worked so well for all the characters who are still alive but won't necessarily be forever. I have attachments! To that end, I'm partially copy-pasting from a comment I posted on dollsome's journal in response to her call for a top-10 list of characters, which is when I first realized the extent to which I knew about this show.

1. Sansa (all the reasons she was nominated in fandom march madness. I must have read hundreds, and near as I can determine she is flawless in addition to being gorgeous).

I feel like I could probably actually watch all of her scenes, if I were so inclined, since the actress is apparently not old enough for nude scenes. But then that might lead to getting attached to the show, and just, no thank you. But she strikes me as quiet and very clever and sophisticated and possibly the only full Stark whose past or present existence is relevant, because my sense is that she's smarter than everyone in her family. (honestly, they all just seem kind of dumb to me and I don't know why)

I have gathered that she's stuck in a bad/isolating situation, but keeping her head down and working behind the scenes keeps her safe and lets her work out her own advantages. She seems to have a few people in her corner, which helps. She seems like a super-strong character whom I nevertheless want to rush in and protect from all the bad/awful things. FMM liked to use the phrase "my queen" a lot. That's how I see her, but extra-literally. "Queenly" is an accurate term in all respects.

2. Jon Snow (knowledge [initially] limited to MY THAT IS SOME MIGHTY FINE HAIR and that one gifset + "you know nothing, Jon Snow," which is why I physically cannot help saying his full name every time)

The first two things are still relevant as to why I adore him, but in the course of writing the comment it dawned on me that I had also recently taken a fancy to someone who turned out to be...

3. Ygritte, based mainly on a "girls see more blood than boys" gifset and then confirming that she's responsible for the "you know nothing" line I had only read out of context. So now they are a two-part package. The actual entire reason I am writing this post is to inform you that I looked her up on the wikia and my response became OH WHOOPS NOW I HAVE AN OTP FOR A SHOW I DON'T WATCH.

Besides the fact that he is super attractive and she reminds me of Emma Stone in both face and assumed personality, it says there is a whole bunch of captor/captive stuff, which apparently is one of my favorite things in this kind of setting, and full of snarky banter from beginning to end. She is younger than expected and the line "she furthermore mocks Jon's sexual inexperience" made me cackle with glee (since I get to choose my own story, I choose to believe she is mocking something true or close to it), both of which got me all on board.

Aaaaand then I scrolled down to the photos and ARE YOU SERIOUS? THIS IS A THING THAT HAPPENS?? *throws up hands* Wish fulfillment achieved. Also, having thoroughly read the progression of their relationship later on (I wasn't even sure it was ever canon at first, so A++), I thoroughly approve as long as I don't have to read/see details. [edit: GOD DAMN IT TUMBLR. I ask you for one thing...] Despite implications of some sadness. (That went away upon finding .gifs of her shooting him full of arrows while he gallops away on his horse. Now I'm just giggling despite all the heartbreak apparently right before that)

As a precaution, I hopped over to the crystal ball, a/k/a the A Song of Ice and Fire wikia to see what has since happened to them in the books.[book spoiler, and yes I am too lazy to tell which one]
"Ygritte is killed, mortally wounded by an arrow. Jon finds her on the battlefield, where she dies in his arms."
b) Well, all things considered, if you're going to kill her that's the ideal way to end it. Death approved. Grudgingly.
c) Now I am going back to my snarky-bantering daydreams where I slowly make feelings way more serious than they probably ever are. Neither wikia gets real detailed in the feels department, and I'd rather be pleasantly surprised than disappointed. Because Tumblr is making me cautiously hopeful here, I have to say.

[clicky, Future Me!]He found Ygritte sprawled across a patch of old snow beneath the Lord Commander’s Tower, with an arrow between her breasts. The ice crystals had settled over her face, and in the moonlight it looked as though she wore a glittering silver mask.
The arrow was black, Jon saw, but it was fletched with white duck feathers. Not mine, he told himself, not one of mine. But he felt as if it were.
When he knelt in the snow beside her, her eyes opened. “Jon Snow,” she said, very softly. It sounded as though the arrow had found a lung. “Is this a proper castle now? Not just a tower?”
“It is.” Jon took her hand.
“Good,” she whispered. “I wanted t’ see one proper castle, before… before I…”
“You’ll see a hundred castles,” he promised her. “The battle’s done. Maester Aemon will see to you.” He touched her hair. “You’re kissed by the fire, remember? Lucky. It will take more than an arrow to kill you. Aemon will draw it out and patch you up, and we’ll get you some milk of the poppy for the pain.”
She just smiled at that. “D’you remember that cave? We should have stayed in that cave. I told you so.”
“We’ll go back to the cave,” he said. “You’re not going to die, Ygritte. You’re not.”
“Oh.” Ygritte cupped his cheek with her hand. “You know nothing, Jon Snow,” she sighed, dying.

----------- know, I am pretty sidetracked by the "Ygritte" tag on Tumblr sharing a wealth of delightful imagery and information with me right now, so I think I might have to table my few mentions of other characters and just delight all over the place in my Shiny New Ship. I'm two steps away from surrendering to fanvids unless YouTube has actual clips available.

Update: YOUTUBE HAS ACTUAL CLIPS AVAILABLE. For the record: my first exposure here is 3x07 with all the fat trimmed out. Wow, I was somehow not prepared for accents on this despite blatant reference to them in text. His isn't too far off, actually, but hers is going to take some getting used to.

Other thoughts:
-haha, oh  good, I was hoping I'd get to hear that infamous/overused line. Though I will continue quoting it in my totally flat American accent.
-AUGH LANGUAGE WHY this show is the worst
-oh my god this guy is so creepy. I am tolerating him solely because she just nodded in response to "you love him?" and I assume everything is a trap or a trick on this show*, but my little shipper heart is all !!!!!
*I remember your lies, Lost
-My favorite part of looking at gifs on Tumblr first is that it's like seeing something for the first time twice. You have the initial squee, but when you finally see them in video form, with sound and uninterrupted and usually longer, it totally throws you for a loop. FOR INSTANCE, THIS.

-*barges on to 3x10 ending* Well. That hurt, but the good kind of hurt, all angst and tugging of the heartstrings. Maybe because I don't know all the backstory exactly how much there was to lose, and this will be another Criminal Minds let-me-eat-my-words thing, but for now I like it. Not least because two hours ago I was not 100% certain they weren't just casually hooking up, and now I'm being slain to a degree I did not know I could still feel for new couples. I've been taking what Revolution occasionally offers and going, "This is nice, I guess," but wow, this is what chemistry is supposed to do to you.

-Just realized I forgot to finish the 3x07 video first. WELL HELLO ENDING.

-3x09 betrayal. I'm getting a slightly clearer sense of the backstory now, but you know, I'm pretty much still okay with it as far as a storytelling device and magnificent face acting.

But now I am going to take a break and go back to making up happy/silly stories. I haven't even tried to tap into fanfic yet. I bet that's fun.
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