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Whatever here is a post. Gotta run! (stupid work)

Oh, consarn it, the whole point is that I was trying to finish this series before the 4th.

Top 25 Season 4 Glee Performances: The Champions!

5. Say
This is beautiful because it's so soft and quietly reassuring about their sense of family, old and new. Does it hurt that it's led by our princes/elected officials, with Sam providing the musical base and Blaine leading off the vocals? No, but then you've got their respective princesses cuddled up with them, and Jake and Marley actually looking sweet all wrapped up in each other, and Artie & Kitty randomly embracing just to touch (and none for Unique bye). I also really like how it's intercut with Ryder's increasingly emotional frustration at waiting in vain for his mystery girl, until the group welcomes him back to the fold, and the just-in-case goodbye videos at the end are just the icing on the cake.

4. The Scientist
I hate the fact that I think this is probably the most powerful serious number Glee has ever done. It's just so stark and guts you right down to the bone, having all four broken couples (clad in black) on stage together, solemn-faced and staring straight ahead as alternating spotlights highlight solos before it's fully illuminated.

3. Come What May
Just beautiful in every way: voices, attention to set decoration, emotional and symbolic significance. Always going to bring me back to that pretty midwinter place.

2. This Is The New Year
Despite the washed-out coloring and occasionally poor lip-syncing, I feel like this is just the perfect example of a wildly carefree, young, happy group number, and I love every single second of interaction. Plus Lord Tubbington is in it, so.

1. Teenage Dream
(omg wth why is this the only video I cannot find on the internet. Flipped is literally the best options. HOW IS TUMBLR NOT COMING THROUGH.)

Let's just agree that there was no way it wasn't getting the top spot, even though it doesn't deserve credit for ripping our hearts out of our chest. In order to maintain my sanity, I choose to pretend that this song would have come out the same way whether he'd done anything beforehand or not. I particularly like that even though it's a thin and broken-voiced mess, that emotional content just makes it better.

Also, I finished The Goodwin Games and sigh, I rather wish this charming little bit of nonsense were continuing. (although part of me is glad because I was starting to pick up Jimmy's speech patterns? And that's like...a really dumb way to sound?) The main thing I took away from it was YES IVAN/CHLOE THAT IS A GOOD WAY TO DO THINGS AND YOU SHOULD FEEL GOOD ABOUT YOURSELF. I've never seen a more perfect example of Recipe Shipping - where you may have next to no emotional investment in the characters, but if you get sufficiently high quality faces involved and sprinkle in just a dash of Charming Gentleman, then write the perfect script for them to play, it comes off as dazzling as a 5-star romcom and leaves you swooning. Adam Rodriguez has apparently only gotten hotter post-CSI: Miami. Or maybe it's being on screen without mediocrity on all sides, who knows. (actual answer: his hair has grown out. The end.)
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