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Believe it or not, this journal was originally intended as a place to talk about my writing.

So that's exactly what I'm going to do.  More specifically, after a 9-week timespan (and about 10 days of actively working on it), I am pleased to announce that part 1 of my story is up.  This is the piece I've been trying to write since "No Man's Land" aired (fun fact: like many of my oneshots, the initial foundation sentences and/or ideas were drawn from my episode review), but today I finally hammered the last bits in place, and it's go time.

Fandom: CSI: Miami
Title: Clockwork Silence
Rating: PG, I suppose, depending upon how violent you thought the episode was.
Characters: Horatio, to start
Word count: 1170
Spoilers: Quite detailed for 5x14
Summary: They have never had good luck with transportation routes.  [An interpretive companion piece for "No Man's Land," Horatio-centric to start and focusing on the conflict with Clavo Cruz]
Notes: I have a vague set of ideas about how I plan to have all this turn out…future chapters will be forthcoming.  I’m putting them all under one story title, but each part will stand on its own and be centered around different characters, a bit like “Moonlight in Brazil” was.  They do not move in chronological order, but I’ve deliberately placed them that way.  Future installments will probably not stick quite so tightly to the framework of the episode(s).  I know for a fact that the next chapter will be Eric-centric, post-Man Down and all over the map of crazy. 

Why yes, I DO love to ramble when I'm introducing a new story...anyway.  I should get cracking on all those reviews I mean to write.  I've been avoiding lately in favor of hunting Lost drabbles on LJ (and oh, I've found some good ones), but I know I've still got at least a dozen stories bookmarked to be read and/or reviewed at some point.  RS has been slacking in the feedback department lately...
Tags: clockwork silence, csi: miami, fanfic, my fic

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