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Today's Special Features Include...

I. True story, sometimes when I play Prospect Mali's "The Silence" and Carbon Leaf's "Life Less Ordinary" back to back in my library, I can't remember which one was specifically written about Jim & Pam. THAT'S HOW GOOD THE SECOND ONE IS. dollsome's video introduced it to the world, I'm pretty sure, so I can't imagine anyone listening to this song and NOT feeling like they're listening to Jim.
II. I think I've told y'all about Bing Rewards before, but I just got my first $5 Amazon gift card and I'm 64% of the way to my next one so we're talking about it again. I've been a member for less than two months; THAT'S HOW EASY IT IS to rack up credits by searching with Bing. It's so easy that I am plugging them without additional incentive! I do like 2983723 searches a day just for work anyway, and it really doesn't matter when I just need quick answers to questions that pop up - definitions, an online menu, etc. Why not get free stuff for doing what I do anyway? I mean, when I need GOOD results I still usually switch to Google, but since most times I just need something quick and fast, those credits for searching (1 per every 3 unique searches a day) add up, never mind the other ways to earn them.

Speaking of which, I get 10 credits if you click that link to sign up so I refer you, but NO PRESSURE. It does save your search history by default, but you can turn that off. I have yet to find any drawbacks to this program.
III. I watched some more Private Practice.

6x08, "Life Support": NHF the title plot of 'life is not inherently sacred' or Cooper's obnoxiously melodramatic camera-hogging. But respect for Charlotte's vicious defense of exactly why "reduction" is a horribly clean-sounding term for something vile. And as much as I think that should fall under the umbrella of "exceptions for the mother's health" as an option, that is a hideous choice I cannot imagine making. Even after seeing a possible alternative in the form of "super premature baby with all kinds of health problems and possible cognitive development issues," because life.
6x09, "I'm Fine":[got super long oops]Literally the entire first half is "NHF for Sheldon and/or the Nick the Pedophile." Not even for Diane Farr, because Sheldon. But then in the last 10 minutes they find the missing girl, and AHAHAHA I LOVE HOW IT WAS RIGHT UNDER MY NOSE THE WHOLE TIME AND I DID NOT SEE IT. Bam! That was great. If I'd been keeping up with this show, some commenter would have called it by the second week and I would have thought they made a lot of sense and whoops, there goes the suspense.

But somehow, with just my own brain, I could only get as close as thinking "I'm sure he's telling the truth, or at least that Alyssa's like 16, but this counseling session would be way creepier if I knew he were really talking about Sarah. And wouldn't it be funny if all these people telling him to calm his tits were wrong?" I think it's because I'm so hardwired to hate Sheldon with every fiber of my being that I just assume he's being a squirrelly busybody for no good reason at all times. You know, as per the past 4 seasons or however long he's been on.

Anyway! That was really amazing, and I still don't understand if he managed to hide her that fast or if he just found her wandering around outside later, but I enjoyed having the wool pulled over my eyes. Not least because I was barely sitting through half of Nick the Pedophile's scenes anyway; if I watch them again KNOWING what he did I will want to tear off my own skin. I hope that actor is prepared to go on hiatus for about three years because his face is pretty well ruined.

Also, the Diane Farr kissing at the end was pretty nice as long as I crossed my eyes and blotted out every nauseating trace of the other face involved. Not even Dying Me faced with declarations of attraction would go for that. P.S. Self, her name is Miranda.

6x10, "Georgia on My Mind" (clever title is clever): I hope KaDee got super excited when she read the script and found out she would be starring in her own mini episode of So You Think You Can Dance. At first I thought her dancing dreams were sheer crack, but then the second performance was Bollywood and it became the greatest thing ever. I'm also genuinely impressed by how much I ended up liking an episode centered on The Bitch on Bedrest. So much happened!

Loved her alternately bullying/cheerleading for Stephanie, schooling Mason on bullying (although my inner child cringed and wanted to run away crying at her yelling at him for "not being helpful" when he's already feeling neglected and forgotten by both of them), going stir-crazy, refusing to stop being the boss despite being unable to move, firmly coining the name Nick The Pedophile with zero symapthies, and the entire festive Christmas spirit. Second favorite of the season??


IV. 30 Day Challenge = Meme.

Day 01: When did you start playing Neopets and how old is your current account?
I started playing July 6, 2001, and I played almost nonstop except for a couple of years here and there where I drifted away. Alas, then I had to start over due to my account being hacked/frozen. My current account is 17 months old.

Day 02: How did you find out about Neopets?
I honestly can't remember, but I feel like it might have been linked to cyberpet adoption agencies - you know, where people made cute little graphics and you would pick all your favorites and put them on your own webpage together*? Like stickers but cuter. The goal was always to have more interactive pets, ergo: someone probably linked to this site.

(*you know what is a lost art in this age of blogs and other social media? YOUTH-CREATED WEBSITES).

Day 03: Favourite Neopets species?
Peophins! I also love Unis and Kaus.

Day 04: How many pets do you own and which is your favourite?
I currently own 7 (but 1 is a foster), and it's a tie between Aluethinia - my gorgeously Maractite-colored Peophin - and Oublierai, my plucky little Kau who's been there from the (re)start. The name started as mere placeholding snark ("I will forget" - about the wonderful Neopian life I used to have), then I got fond of her. (first time owning a Kau, LOVING all the clothing available for them.)

Day 05: Favourite Paint Brush colour?
There are great shades for every species, and I like how White & Shadow are so versatile...but Water is incredibly gorgeous. Also a fan of Faerie and Maractite and Royal.

Day 06: Favourite Labray only colour?
Hmm...Robot? Or maybe Ice.

Day 07: Favourite Petpet species?
I love so many, I have no idea. I like Angelpi and Plumpy and Snowbunnies, off the top of my head.

Day 08: Favourite Petpet colour?
Fire? IDK

Day 09: Favourite Petpetpet species?
The Mootix

Day 10: Favorite Neopian world?

Day 11: Which team do you pick for the Altador Cup and why?
I randomly go with my gut, picking a new team each time for no reason. My gut was dead on with my old account and got me trophies 3 times in a row, but with this, doesn't matter, the controls for Yooyuball got so obnoxious it stopped being fun to compete anyway.

Day 12: Favourite Avatar?
Varies...I like the Wheel of Excitement one right now, but I also kind of like to show off the stock market one.

Day 13: Which chat boards do you usually chat in?
Neopian Pound, sometimes Key Quest

Day 14: Are you in a guild?
Zapping Your Dream Pets. Incidentally, I have a pet that three people have wished for and two of them failed to reply to me within the requested 72-hour time frame. GET YOUR BUTTS ON HERE OR I'M POUNDING HIM. I AM WASTING DAYS I COULD BE USING MY LAB RAY TO ZAP A NEW PET. (which wouldn't be a *problem* if my account weren't so stupidly *young* that I only get one transfer a month.../bitter)

Day 15: Favourite Faerie?

Day 16: Do you have a gallery and does it have a theme?
No, that feels too much like saying "hey come hack my account and get this cool stuff."

Day 17: Do you use the Battledome?
Mostly during Obelisk fights in hopes of getting a Boon, but my 152-HP pet is certainly a lot more fun to play with than my 30-HP pets, so sometimes I fight for fun too. Only 1-player, though.

Day 18: Do you use the NC Mall?
Only to browse (I browse multiple times a week, though, or any time something new is released). Buying NC is one of my dreams, but somehow I just can't make myself spend money on graphic art, no matter how much fun it is. Like literally, up to $2.50 for one item? That is NUTS.

Day 19: Favourite shop to shop at?
Unis Clothing, Prigpants & Swolthy: Tailors, and the Bookshop (on 1/2 price day, anyway).

Day 20: Favourite game?
KEY QUEST. I am obsessed with Key Quest. It is literally a board game you can play any time of day or night with other people, and it combines elements of strategy and random chance unlike any game you can buy in store. list of genuine faves (and not just because they earn me fast NP) includes Ultimate Bullseye II, Super Hasee Bounce, Wicked Wocky Wobble, Meerca Chase, Freaky Factory, Eye of the Storm, Gummy Dice, Sutek's Tomb, and strangely...Wheeler's Wild Ride.

Day 21: How many items are currently in your Safety Deposit Box?
1225 unique items (1862 total)

Day 22: Whats the most amount of Neopoints you’ve ever had at one time?
21-23 million not including stocks (*SOBS FOR OLD ACCOUNT* I want to be the rich person who is like "give or take a couple of million" again!)

Day 23: Do you use the Stock Market?
LIKE A CRAZY PERSON. I have 190,000 shares right now. I will always want more.

Day 24: Favourite Daily (ex. Coltzan’s Shrine, Tombola, etc.)?
Lab ray zap! Best part of my day. You can see why I'm annoyed that people aren't adopting my fancy-colored adoptable pet ASAP.
(otherwise, Forgotten Shore)

Day 25: Do you decorate your Neohome(s)?
No; it looks awesome, but I suck at interior design.

Day 26: What is a Paint Brush colour TNT should release next?
I think we're good on colors, actually.

Day 27: Favourite hero? Favourite Villian?
don't care

Day 28: Favourite plot or site event?
I kinda like Daily Dare, even though it can start to feel chore-like. I built the base of my vast fortunes on games, both times around.

Day 29: Are there certain items you collect?
Nope. Obtain 'em & sell 'em, I say. On the old account I collected books because my pet had been around so long that she'd already read a lot of retired books and I felt she had a chance of one day reaching a trophy, but now there's no point in bothering. (ok I still secretly collect them just in case I ever get her back)

Day 30: Why do you like Neopets?
Because they're adorable, for one, and I love customising. But also because it gives me a measurable reward (neopoints) when I want to play silly flash games online rather than feeling like I'm wasting my time, and because there is nothing I love like a real-time simulation game with undefined goals beyond earning money so you can do things with it. The fact that Neopets has SO many ways to play it - buying & reselling items, playing games, battling, collecting, designing, and the always-fun element of chance - is incredible, when you really think about it.

It is now 3:00 in the morning, because The Work Week From Hell is over but it screwed up my sleeping patterns good, and my options seem to be:
[boring]a) stay up all night to finish work, then take an early morning nap, biting into my garage sale time
b) go to bed now and finish work in the morning, biting even further into my garage sale time
c) stay up all night and push myself to the limits, ensuring that I get to go to garage sales for the first time all month but also ensuring that I am dead on my feet since Chris and I are supposed to go on a date sometime between 3 and 9pm (we're real good at pinning down times)
Secret option d) stay up all night doing nothing, fall asleep at 7 AM, wake up late and work until 3pm.
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