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Ugh, where have I BEEN all week?

Suffocating with work, per usual - it seems to have been unusually bad this month - and screwing up my sleep schedule as a result (I keep staying up until 2 or 3 and then sleeping until 10; I HATE IT. Means no opportunity for garage sales at all. I've managed to get to, like, 7 all month and they were 90% terrible. Except for the one where I found the first season of Pushing Daisies on DVD for $3! That was super exciting, all the more so because it was in a garage behind some apartments, and those are always the worst sales in the world - I wouldn't have bothered going in at all if I hadn't been desperate).

I haven't been able to walk all week because it's been deathly hot; it finally cooled off today but I promptly fell into a comatose state of exhaustion and took a 4-hour nap when my work was finally done, so..I have literally done nothing today except play on Goodreads and Neopets while being torn between wanting to read and wanting to watch TV. (at which point I run into the same dilemmas I had a week or two ago - I have no casual-viewing shows on which I can binge; they all demand my utmost attention. I'm at the point where maybe I should just start the second season of Smash over from the beginning, since I only got 4 or 5 episodes in, and then maybe I'll be sufficiently tempted to keep going without worrying I've missed anything.)

But earlier this week, I finished up Private Practice?

6x11, "Good Fries are Hard to Come By": Well, wasn't that a fun little exercise in "how to tell 90% of an OTP's story in 45 minutes or less"? I love that this guy showed up in episode 4 and by the end of the series we're supposed to headcanon that he's the love of Amelia's life. Crunch time = no holds barred and go for broke, I guess! (I jest, but actually this is a pretty great way to close your show out. Even if I can't help snarking that it's probably a lot easier to "wait" for someone who freaks out and decides they're not ready to sleep with you when your wait is like, 8 hours)

6x12, "Full Release": Babies are born, Amelia swears she isn't emotionally capable of having another baby ever again, then decides she was just scared and announces she would in fact like to have "lots and lots of babies" with James. In case you were unclear about their OTP status. Then things wrap up in a super extra fuzzy Jake/Addison/baby happy ending.

6x13, "In Which We Say Goodbye": I feel like I just got blindsided by a tornado.
-Jake and Addison get married in about 2 minutes flat with a bunch of jump-cuts, and then MOVE OVER, YOUR TURN IS DONE, apparently. It was so weird remembering Naomi used to be part of this show and arguably the glue between the women between the practice. There was one scene in a previous episode (#11, I think?) where it was Charlotte, Violet, and Addison all giving advice to/teasing Amelia, and it struck me how strange it was that you couldn't even conceive of this trio chatting like that back in the days of season 1. So much growth!

-I am not even going to attempt to look up how many now-ironic posts I made swearing up and down that Sam and Naomi were forever married in the eyes of God and RS, because it feels like a giant cosmic joke that I finally gave up that fight and stopped thinking about it, but then apparently that is exactly what happened. Complete with a new baby who will be younger than its...niece/nephew/I can't remember what Maya had. What a bizarre feeling, almost like the last six years were a waste of personal growth if they were going to end up right  back there. (and WHY am I upset about this, again?? This is a dumb feeling! I was just given exactly what I want out of love stories, and I'm somehow complaining about not getting the thing I normally hate?)

I think I'm just feeling sorry for my nurse namesake. That was a mean trick to play after the tidings of Christmas joy.

-I am annoyed that we didn't get to derail Angie's creepy love interest storyline. Any attempt to make him a good guy was nullified by his suggestion that she quit school for a semester to be with him. What kind of self-respecting professor does that? Seriously. Not one who makes me believe in an emotional/intellectual connection over a physical one, that's for sure!

-Not killing Miranda off before the end was nice. I enjoyed the hopeful-despite-the-imminent-tragedy nature of that ending.

-I thought the actual ending, with Violet planning to write the series in book form, was super wonderful, and the way they slowly pulled back from the break room while the teasing conversation about her title faded out made me almost tear up like I'll miss the show or something. (False. I will forget this show existed by next year, since it tended to lurk unrecognized by mainstream media anyway.)

I really want to have some kind of profound feelings on the ending, but while I think it was probably one of the better series finales in existence as far as giving all the main characters happy endings and wrapping the loose ends, I mostly just feel relieved that it's over and didn't try to continue without Kate Walsh.
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