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This really didn't need to be its own post, but it is.

Oh, now I remember why I got off track with Smash in the first place - I loved these episodes so much that I had trouble forming words about them. I thought maybe watching #6 would get me over the paralyzing inability to form words about #5 but no, THAT one was almost equally great. Now I remember why I am unable to hear criticism about this show, because it is just so many kinds of wonderful, all the time and in every way.

2x05, The Read Through: My favorite of the season by a long shot. First, may I say that I am still laughing over the fact that they are literally able, with a straight face, to defend a story about Marilyn as she was defined by men as something brilliant and revolutionary. Was its working title "Misogyny"? I kept waiting for the punchline, because surely this was the most obvious joke of a terrible idea possible (you wrote it while drunk, right?), and yet people kept taking it seriously. Weren't they complaining about what a problem that was? So...why...would you keep doing it to her...posthumously?

And even if it weren't a horrible idea, Tom & Jerry (heh) are right - I would much rather have the flashy piece full of fun numbers about the woman herself than whatever horrid mess you cooked up where Karen was half naked in bed. Tom to the rescue!

Also, Nikki Blonksy = super cute. [edit: super sad we never saw her again...]

Second, while I loathe Sean Hayes, loathe-loathe-loathe, I loved our first complete look at Ivy's new show. She's gorgeous, I love her laments to Tom and her talks with Captain Crazypants, and I have to admit it was fun seeing just how terrible he could be. I think I kind of like Terry and/or his lack of self awareness)? A lot? Oh dear.

Third, the low-budget read through of Hit List - although I liked their ability to instantly assemble a full cast - was just genuinely painful in how bad it was. Break-your-heart painful. Although I liked the wistful "Jimmy could. Wouldn't it have been awesome if I could too?" line. NOW EVEN SADDER with the power of future-vision. Unclear why Kyle is sabotaging a potential Jimmy/Karen relationship, whether he likes Karen too much to let that douchebag have her, or he's in love with said douchebag and only able to delude himself as long as the guy only sleeps with skanks*. I think both, both is good.
*I still don't understand women on TV who casually wander out of the bedroom without pants when they know the guy doesn't live alone.

Song highlights: Karen's "Some Boys," all wistful and sad; Bombshell number "Public Relations," which was extra hilarious thanks to Tom playing all the 1-line characters.

2x06, The Fringe:
-I loved the title location and how it was like a little low-budget version of last year's Boston Tech. I loved Ellis' ex showing up ("Turns out he was kind of psycho. Also gay.") and sprinkling helpful information to make its way from Karen to Eileen's ears.

-More great stuff from "Liasons" - literally every moment is gold; I don't understand how this is happening when Sean Hayes is involved.

-I love that Tom is going to be the director of Bombshell*, although it's a little less exciting now that I know the vague shape of how the season plays out, and the only thing I don't know is exactly how we end up with 3 great parts (counting Ivy's show - I don't know what happens there) and only 2 actresses to use between them. I really enjoyed Derek's hissy fit that led to him quitting. Especially how intensely he hates the idea of the plane prop in "Public Relations."
*[edit: after watching the preview, I do not love it. This is going to be mortifying, isn't it? Boo! What happened to Tom the Visionary? Is he only available at random times for specific numbers? ...yes?]

-JESSE L. MARTIN, hey there, hi, hello!

-Song highlights: Hit List number "Heart-Shaped Wreckage" (against my will, as it's kind of a bland ballad, but has that head-nodding earworm quality, and I really like the quickening piano notes when Karen comes in)
Honestly, I kind of want to watch both of these again instead of cut, print... moving on. Crap. That is not what was supposed to happen.
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