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While I whine about not hardly going to any garage sales this month, I should probably stop to admit that I've found some pretty great stuff in secondhand shops, too. Namely...yesterday I walked all over tarnation, originally intending to walk on a certain designated bike/walking trail, only to find it closed barely a mile down. So instead I veered off into the suburbs, and quickly found myself back in local territory taking me right past the Goodwill. Hey, I figured, it's 50% off a certain color day. I should go see what they have. Besides, WHAT IF they have a My Little Pony there and I miss it by not going in?



I am so happy the trail was closed! Otherwise I would have had no plans to go today, and would have missed out on Moondancer here. Her glittery crescent moon symbol has rubbed off on both flanks, but otherwise she's in quite nice shape, Her mane still has curl/feels pretty smooth and her tail isn't too ratty either. $1 and she is all mine!

I also bought Psych Major Syndrome for $1.50 at Goodwill just because I remembered it being a cute story, and also this hardcover was in absolutely brand-new bookstore condition.

Also, I think I forgot to mention, but Chris took me to this amazing used bookstore in the city (I wish it was closer...and ideally not in the middle of the city...or I would go there all the time).[And I found a Holy Grail treasure!]It had not only plenty of regular YA fiction, but a massive collection of proper vintage children's books (not those fugly series books that comprise Half Price's entire collection) -- AND they were all for sale at reasonable used-bookstore prices, which is to say in the $6-12 range. I wasn't intending to buy anything, yet I browsed for Marguerite Henry's name, and then GASPED when I saw this beauty:

The Illustrated Marguerite Henry!!

One of her rarer titles, which always sells for at least $15 online, for sale at only $10. And it's not ex-library and it's in truly excellent shape, with clean, unwrinkled pages and only barely scuffed corners. I checked it out via ILL last year and obsessively loved it for the whole three weeks I was allowed to keep it, marveling over the illustrations, dreaming of it being mine...AND NOW IT IS.
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