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Smash, 2x16-17, Nominations/Tonys
Um. Okay. Wow. I don't even know where to start with this?

The fact that Jimmy earnestly hopes Karen will wait for him until he gets out of jail in 6-18 months*? Oh, my god. LEAVE. You are not Nick.

Speaking of which, I'm pretty sure NIck & Eileen is the only ending I'm actually proud of here.

[Just found an Old Post Irony in a House review: "Your last relationship failed so miserably you ended up in jail." That one was to keep us in perspective when we look at all other failed relationships on TV. "Did half your OTP end up in jail? Then quit whining!" So I guess the Karen/Jimmy shippers are allowed to whine about this.]

I kept inherently expecting the Daisy Parker situation to be rectified, which is why I forgot to mention it in the last post, and honestly I'm just kind of in a state of shock right now. There is also no way in hell it makes sense for her to win the Tony, much less against the competition. Let's pretend they were awarding it to the character, as played by anyone who doesn't completely suck. I'm still feeling pretty sucker-punched over Ana's raw deal, and the fact hat her going on tour means Karen is now all alone in the big city. (PERFECT TIME TO KINDLE FRIENDSHIP WITH IVY, Y/Y?)

"I'm Not Sorry," incidentally, is way harder to watch now.

It seems more than a little ridiculous that they spent 2 straight episodes talking about Tom's potential director nomination at the Tonys, and then didn't even show the category and had to tell fans via media the next day that neither of them won.

Am I the only one who thinks the Best Book and Best Original Score awards were mixed up? I was happy, in the sense that it made for a really great story to have Kyle win and Jimmy accept, but logically speaking that seemed entirely like a sympathy vote, and then like they had to make up for it. Granted, giving Score to Bombshell awards two people instead of just one, but I'm pretty sure that my vague sense is of preferring Hit List's songs - more universal and radio-friendly - and Bombshell's deft story.

I'm also really glad Bombshell took Best Musical, because I was starting to feel all hollow and scraped out inside that the new kid was stealing all the glory from a show that is the entire reason for Smash's existence. (see also, "times this feels like more than a fictional series" - I was so ~invested~ in these awards I was biting my nails)

(oh, and of course, Ivy deserved her Best Lead Actress win. Karen has absolutely no call to be sulking at all.)

On the Frank/Julia/Michael Swift debacle and having her turn up on the latter's doorstep -- "WHAT?! Are you KIDDING ME?! EW! NO!" And here I actually thought you might be pulling a surprise reconciliation out of your hat, hah! You're seriously going to choose the path of "I think I've been in love with Michael Swift since I met him even though I decided to marry you afterward"?

I loved Derek holing up in bed, if kind of sad that Karen no longer has the magic touch needed to cajole him into doing things because she would have been like an adorable tiny kitten pestering a wolfhound. Despite my anti-shipping stance, I can't decide whether to be impressed or not that a pairing they set up in the pilot and teased for a whole series never actually got together. Who do you think you are, NCIS?

And the fact that Ivy is actually pregnant just when her career is poised to skyrocket...ugh. Ugh! Please tell me season 3 would have resulted in spontaneous miscarriage - that's a valid request, seeing as Julia's possible-pregnancy symptoms were never addressed again and neither was Ivy staring at a bottle of potentially deadly pills - because my brain doesn't want to deal with it, even though she would make an awesome mom and is a perfect age at which to do it. I don't want her to go down the Michelle Branch road of irrelevancy.

Also I feel distinctly robbed that after teasing me for two straight episodes with telling him, we never actually get to hear her tell Derek (or see it, since the shot through the windows shows him having, like, zero emotion), and we're supposed to be happy with one sort of tender embrace/belly touch? I don't know what I want, but I know what I don't want, and it is aaaaaalll this.

I look forward to a life of polite co-parenting from them, because I'm pegging possible exit #1 at six months after the baby's born, and the second at roughly 2 years. This is not a lifetime ship, no matter how fuzzy it looks right now, which is the saddest truth I've ever made myself admit.

So, all in all, things ended in a weird mood, so I'm less sad about it being over than I was 12 hours ago*. But I still wish it had gotten better ratings and continued another season.
*I may have gotten emotional and cried at the end anyway. We had a good time, me and this series.
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