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TV News I Just Realized I Haven't Reacted To Yet

[They came to a decision about Finn's fate.]
1. I've been sort of living in denial land that they are going to kill off Finn on Glee, mostly because I can't really argue that it's the wrong choice when there isn't a right choice, but I am a contrary person so I don't want it. I've also been in denial because hey, remember when we thought Kurt & Blaine breaking up was the worst news we could get over the summer? HAHA. GOOD ONE, UNIVERSE.

And just like that painful news was followed up by the spoiler about Blaine cheating before even got hit with the breakup in canon, this is another multi-step pain where first it was the real death, now it's news of the character death, and there are still many long weeks of feeling awful, knowing it's coming, before the worst part where you have to see it come to pass in canon.

Which means plenty of time for me to feel sick and awful for Kurt and Rachel. A little bit Carole, a little bit Will, but mostly those two. I can't even begin to imagine where Rachel will be at (but there has to be irrational guilt, right? Because she knew how he still felt about her, and she was the one staying firm in her decision that they weren't right for each other right now), although I imagine it'll be reeeeeal easy to transpose myself into her headspace when the time comes, so for right now I'm just dealing with Kurt. And how awful it is going to be for the family that JUST breathed a sigh of relief that nothing tragic was going to strike them after all -- and then this out of left field leaves them reeling.

Yep, that's coaxed the tears out of me a few times in the past week. At least in part because I keep fiercely tamping down the tiny part of me that is all but but but hurt + comfort = Klaine reunion y/y?? I WAS READY TO THROW BURT ON THE FUNERAL PYRE FOR THIS, YOU KNOW, and Finn is definitely lower than him on the totem pole of favorite characters. It doesn't even have to be reunion yes it does, just...something glorious and wonderful has to happen for them in the hurt/comfort department, and that is literally the only positive thing that can come out of this. Ideally a Kurt/Rachel scene of similar proportions, but that might have to be restricted to fanfic if they want to keep Lea away from the rawest grief. In which case I defend my "Rachel shuts herself in her room and refuses to come out" setup.

Back to my weepy feelings. I am flat-out refusing to think of Carole (my brain just keeps shepherding her off screen for Burt to take care of) and going back to Will, because if we don't get him in tears over this, I am disappoint.

Aaaand I just broke down and cried for another 15 minutes, so this should be super fun. (god, the number of intended-to-be canon-compliant future fics (ALL OF THEM) now ruined by the Finn-shaped hole...this is why I didn't want this. Beyond the initial healing cleanse of a "tribute," you deal with the repercussions forever when, unlike real life, you really didn't have to).

[NCIS is also scrambling in the wake of people not signing new contracts.]2. My head metaphorically exploded when I heard that Ziva wasn't coming back to NCIS earlier this summer (HOW DARE YOU), and then I think I literally wiped that fact from memory until this new interview popped up (spoilery). She's been there a good long time so I can't blame her (I would have quit this boring mess at least two years ago), but at the same time, this is the unshakeable cast of iron that has worked together longer than, like, everyone on every television show ever. Even though she's not part of the original cast that's still holding strong, I had started to think of them like robots who would be there without question as long as you needed them. Which at this rate might be a Law-and-Order-length time.

MORE TO THE POINT: man, I am so excited I don't ship Tiva anymore. Let that be a lesson to all jerky showrunners who dangle fans on a hook to the point of cruelty!* YOU DO NOT HAVE FOREVER TO JERK PEOPLE AROUND. ACTORS CAN SCREW WITH YOUR GODHOOD. Summer 2013 seems to be all about warning showrunners how to handle ships before disaster strikes, so I really hope these painful lessons are sinking in.

He promises "There’s a really significant Tony/Ziva payoff — everything I hope the Tiva fans have been waiting for," which I hope is actually significant and satisfying, meaning not onetime goodbye sex. Personally, I'm a lot less sad about the waste of UST than the simple fact that my third favorite main character will no longer be on my screen. And there goes my girl power dynamic. :(

...oh, god, I don't think I'd honestly confronted the fact that this means No More Ziva. (at least, not after the third episode) NO! I protest!

3. I am SUPER ECSTATIC that "The Middle" is coming to 5-nights-a-week syndication on my Local Station of Awesome Syndication in September. I don't even care which show it boots (but fingers crossed for Rules of Engagement and not Friends), I AM SO GIDDY! I dreamed a dream, and it came true.
4. Oh hey, I had no idea that "Broadway, Here I Come" existed long before Smash got a hold of it, much less that they brought its singer onto the show. Hi there, Ana! This is a fantastic song regardless, but she brings a new and pretty vulnerability to it. Everything Is Better Sung By Ladies, part 23834. (although that is kind of a lie as I plan to continue simultaneously loving the Some Nobody Jeremy Jordan version I fell in love with. Sometimes Glee songs co-exist with their originals in my library, too)
[video under the cut]

Yeah, I'm gonna have to make a brand new post just to obsess over my favorite Smash (well, Hit List) songs...again.

5. This is not TV news, I just want to complain that after I found Finn the Wolfhound in the antiquarian bookstore (sporting a fancy price of $20+), and promptly ILL-requesting it to read instead, I just read the forward to my library copy and found that the 1960s edition I received is an "edited-for-young-people" (albeit more YA than children) version. Actual quote: "The original version was some 20,000 words longer than this and contained material which is not so interesting to readers today."

(this right after he talks about how he personally read the original edition - intended for adults - at age 11 and again in his early teens, and thought it was "the most wonderful dog story of all" on each occasion. Seriously? Because that so thoroughly undermines your argument for releasing an edited edition "for young people" that I cannot understand why you would bring up your own history, unless it's to subtly say 'it's too bad you young people today are too stupid to appreciate real literature."

In other words, turns out editors were being stupid and ruining childhood favorites long before the 21st century; who knew??

tl;dr: I am now feeling tortured because I desperately want to read it, but I do not want to read a stupid abridged version when there is a Proper Adult Novel About A Dog that I could proudly notch on my belt. Unfortunately, the library system does not have any other versions, and I'm afraid to buy it online in case someone doesn't realize they're selling an edited edition, or it's in really bad shape (fact: online booksellers SUCK at including photographs, much less specific and pertinent details, and it's a giant hassle to email questions)

Mom thinks I should just read this version, and then if I ever find the original older edition I can read it again and think of it as bonus material. I'm tempted, because the story looks SO GOOD, but...I also don't want to take away the magic of reading the proper version for the first time. I say this like I didn't read most of the classic novels I've read in Great Illustrated form first, and yet...I'm serious. What should I do??

Just occurred to me that 1908 means it's the public domain, e-book-wise? Oh, sure. Man, I wish I didn't have a seething hatred of those and/or had the patience to read long things on the computer screen.
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