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Smash: Shiny Renewed Obsession Love condensed to white-hot intensity

Quick, I need another theater book! When I fell in love with Smash last year, I had Dramarama and Kristen Chenoweth's memoir at my fingertips to give me all the behind-the-scenes theater detail I needed. I wish I hadn't already read Babe in Boyland. Because otherwise I'm just going to start my free time watching clips of "Hit List" videos and trying to convince myself not to start season 2 all over again because now I'll have the same vision of the musical that Kyle & Jimmy did, and watching it come to life piece by piece will be amazing.

And then I might wander over here and go HOW DID I NOT HUNT DOWN THIS PRECIOUS VIDEO CLIP SOONER.
[Tonys 2013: I want to be a on T-V show...]

I love three of their faces so much! (*including the one not pictured)

And then THAT'S going to lead to me watching a bazillion Megan Hilty clips because she's pretty much amazing, until I learn that she got her break on "Wicked" and ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!

She's so cute! If moderately aggravating in that I wish she'd used her normal voice to sing (with the same bouncy attitude) without trying to affect the nasal quality of Kristin. It shines straight here and there, and it's wonderful before it disappears behind the metaphorical cloud of the affectation.

Which leads me to comparing it to Cheno's version. I am now realizing I have thus far never looked up any clips from the show and OH MY WORD SHE'S SO ADORABLE I MUST HAVE MORE? No. I will not spoil myself by watching random Wicked clips when I'm determined to either a) find the whole thing with the original cast online, or b) preferably, not watch anything until I can see a local production of it in person so I get the full theater-going experience before I dip into the exquisite version hampered by the inferiority of amateur recordings.

And eventually I'm going to end up watching Cheno + Josh Groban being goofy on Jay Leno (LOOK AT ALL MY FAVORITES GATHERING TOGETHER) and wonder how I got here.

I'm stopping here because I am definitely super tempted to go down a new Groban-video rabbit hole. I haven't looked him up in a while; Glee fangirling is a full time after-hours job, and the sheer amount of material waiting for me is overwhelming.

edit: Nope, I'm back. I was so excited when I heard Megan Hilty had a new comedy on NBC this fall. And then I learned that comedy was "Sean Saves The World," and was crushed. Thank you but no. Just because he managed to not annoy the bejeezus out of me on Smash doesn't mean I could handle more than 3 episodes of it ever again.

SHE'S SO PRETTY THOUGH. I'm suffering through a Wendy Williams clip just to stare at her/her dress. And her resume is insane. It reads like a list of dream roles fattened up with temp jobs for shots of fast cash.)

In conclusion, this is the sort of rambling I get up to when I'm desperately trying to stay awake after an all-nighter because I have to talk to people on the phone sometime today so I can LEAVE tomorrow morning, but I'm too tired to think straight as far as what I need to say to them, so instead I just sort of sit here like a lump, passively absorbing information.

Speaking of Hit List videos...

"Reach For Me"
I never, ever get tired of watching the mesmerizing aerial acrobatics (which start about 1 minute in, although the exotic choreography before that is neat too) There is about a 90% chance I am going to repost this at least once more to make sure every single person sees it.

[I Heard Your Voice In A Dream]

It actually seems kind of silly as a method of storytelling, but goodness gracious, this one of the most beautiful lyrical routines ever. I like to think of it as an elaborate music video for that new #1 hit on the radio. I really don't think I flailed enough about the incredible dance talent going on in the background before.

[The Goodbye Song]

If I recall correctly, this is similar to Bombshell's last number, in that she's dying? It hasn't fully grown on me yet, but I LOVE the crazy rock-opera energy of the last minute or 40 seconds. That's like, everything this little underground theater show stands for.

Oh, and there's also this, which is the only place I can find that fantastic opening scene + "Rewrite This Story." The concept of compiling all the Hit List scenes in order was good, but it only covers act I and is missing a couple of things beyond reprises anyway, otherwise I'd be flailing about it more. But for now, enjoy. I LOVE the use of screens behind them to add visual interest and background in every sense of the word to the opening scene.

And Bombshell...
[Closing scene of the Marilyn musical - Don't Forget Me]

I loved the Karen version that closed the finale last year - and made me cry, whatever - and that's the one on the soundtrack and thus my library, but this version just feels so exhilaratingly right. (and then I cry some more because Karen's not singing it and it's bittersweet)

No, no, I cannot go down the Bombshell track today; its number of fantastic performances is simply too great; it would need its own post. Even though it really seems like this post was heading in a Megan Hilty direction at the beginning, and a boatload of her Marilyn performances would fit the bill, I'm getting tired. Stupid shiny new obsession love with Hit List. I'm not kiddng when I say I'm at the point of wanting fanfic about its characters. I know just enough about the musical's outline to tantalize me, and I want to know more about the love story. Maybe play!Jimmy is less awful than the person who portrays him.

Oh, one more...the first performance I fell in love with season 1, and will forever love for its fantastic performance-only harmonies and girl-bonding, drunk or not. Also Ausiello's random cameo.[Drink to That]

I am so sleep-deprived. This post may be the worst idea I've ever had. (On the other hand, it kind of feels like the amount of pure, unadulterated euphoria I felt over Glee last year that I have not genuinely felt in far too many months.)
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