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NCIS > House > American Idol. Generally speaking.

This is the best week ever (not). It's snowing, not the cool kind of blizzard but the crappy kind where all it does is turn the freshly-dried streets into another couple of weeks of wet slush, which translates into five minutes spent drying off the dog after every walk. Today I went to the doctor and tomorrow it's the dentist, and my college still hasn't re-admitted me because they are asshats. I WOULD LIKE TO REGISTER BEFORE ALL THE GOOD CLASSES CLOSE, THANK YOU. My GPA is above 3.0. Let me the hell back in.

On the bright side, I am ten types of excited for Lost tonight. CSI: NY looks good too - is that a potential for Mac/Peyton I see? - but I can't even focus on that because Lost is going to be so fantastic. This is how I put it on my personal blog:

"There's no Locke in sight, Kate's back with Sawyer in a scene I've played eleventy billion times since the preview aired, Jack's sticking up for Juliet (did I mention it's a Juliet-centric episode?), CLAIRE has a prominent role, and speaking of that...she's in medical crisis mode which means Charlie should be in panicked defensive mode.  In other words, IS IT 9:00 YET??"  [Heh.  Let's see how accurate that ends up being...]

In the meantime, more reviews.

All-righty then.  *flexes fingers*  First up, I have to say that J. Lo's type of music doesn't appeal to me at all, and I'm not even sure I've ever heard one of her songs.  The first minute of the show proved me wrong, as I have heard "Waiting for Tonight," (*cough* once) I just didn't know it was by her.  Otherwise, I am much more acquainted with her as an actress.  I actually rather enjoy her on the silver screen.  She also seems intelligent and appears to know what she's talking about definitley knows what she's talking about when it comes to coaching the kids on their vocal work.  Admittedly, I adon't usually associate her with Latin music; I put her more in the hip-hop/R&B category.  But then, I don't really follow her music so perhaps she's changed.

Well then - I'm not overly fond of Latin music, either.  In fact, it's right down there with jazz.  I think it's the trumpets.  Too much trumpet rapidly drives me insane.  Or maybe it's the fact that Carlos Santana is hailed as this Latin superstar when I can't remember ever actually hearing him *sing*.  (sorry,  but I don't hear anything special in the way someone plays a guitar.  Not in Jimi Hendrix, and not in him)  Or maybe it's just the general flavor.  A lot of it is loud and flashy, obnoxious and party style. No-no.  I don't do loud party music.  Whatever the reasons, I could be found sitting quietly with my chin in my hands all night, supremely unenthused.  Not that it stopped me from commentating. 

Apparently Latin is a specialized genre, which I didn't know but which the kids proved tonight when Melinda and Lakisha SUCKED WORSE THAN THEY EVER SUCKED IN THEIR IDOL LIFE (hahahahaha!), and Sanjaya gave me goosebumps of the good variety. 

Melinda: Wow.  Little-old-lady-at-the-opera dress, 80's Oprah hair, and the dullest Latin song I have ever heard in my life.  The judges finally gave her less than glowing comments, as they should be able to do, and I was finally pleased.

Lakisha: OH DEAR GOD, that dress was even worse than last week.  Honey.  Baring your cleavage is a *bad* idea.  So is dashing about the stage when you're wearing a sleeveless, half-backless dress.  I want to give her points for singing an amazing song ("Conga"), and I think her big annoying voice actually sounded good for it, but on the tongue-twister part she couldn't quite articulate it fast enough, and she seemed to be struggling to keep up with the music.  Also, she didn't even try to pronounce "conga" with a cute little Spanish accent. 

Chris: Sang Rob Thomas' "Smooth" and I flipped out and ran into the nearest wall.  HATE.  Seething balls of pure hatred for that song that my radio station played to death and beyond when it first came out, and which to this day makes me want to smash things.  And the original was still better than Chris R's nasally version.

Haley: "Turn the Beat Around" is one of the best songs ever.  It's a dance song I don't mind, and which makes me actually want to dance.  I always start bobbing along with the beat.  Who could resist that chorus?  Apparently Haley, who only sang the four words in the title one time, mostly leaving them to the backup singers and relying instead on extra yells and vocals to pad the song.  COME ON!  The whole fun of that song is when you power into the chorus.  You have to lead the backup in, *then* you can back off and add the vocals.  Despite all that, I liked the performance - save for the part where she flounced out wearing short-shorts again.  She really does have Barbie legs, and they're very pretty, but I'm getting sick of her flaunting them every week.  Simon is not helping matters when he encourages this behavior by flat-out telling her she has nothing else to go on.  Dear Simon: shut up?  You keep talking about Haley's voice being boring while failing to realize that some people like young non-rocker, non-gospel type female singers, and Haley is the only one of  those left in the competition, so in fact, her voice CAN carry her on its own merit.  You
also always talk about how there are a thousand other girls like her in the world - fair enough. But there's only *one* like her in THIS competition. Her voice is delicate and clear in a way that the other girls simply can't imitate.
I like her for that reason alone - but I still don't understand why of *all* the pretty young female pop-types they started off with, the public decided Haley would be the sole one to continue on forever.  I miss my A-girls.

Phil: Wore a hat again.  Good man!  He looks SO much less creepy that way.  However, he sang another boring song, so it's time to send him home.  I'm also still in retroactive shock that he is even still here while Gina's sitting at home.  I bet *Gina* could have done a  good job with this music..

Jordin: WOW - she has lost a *ton* of weight since this competition started.  My mom got the issue of People magazine with all the Idol contestants on it a couple weeks back, and Jordin looked so skinny on the cover I was sure they'd airbrushed it, because I remember her being a big girl - tall, broad-shouldered, and solidly built.  Like Sara Ramirez.  Always gorgeous, but I keep looking at her now and going DAMN.  Her waist is really cinched in, and her hips look smaller too.  I'm happy for her.  I was less happy when I noticed she had a nasty little nose stud in tonight.  (*Why* do people continue to pierce their noses?  It's so unattractive.  It's like a little shiny wart on the side of their nose.)  Anyway, she sang a pretty fun song, "Rhythm Is Gonna Get You," and with her awesome vocals I thought it was the best performance thus far.  Alas, I have some residual hate for the song because in 2002, my band director decided our fall concert would be Latin themed.  Wasted grant money getting a special instructor to come in and lead a few rehearsals and everything.  One of our songs was an instrumental medley of Latin pop songs, and I vividly remember him forcing us out of our chairs to stand up and follow his dance movements to "feel the beat of the song."  I did not find that amusing.  Consequently, I hate this song.  (and Oye Como Va, too.  Same story. But that's for another day)

Blake: Oh, hello, second song of the night that my radio station killed with overplay! "I Need to Know." I didn't know it was by Marc Anthony; I always thought it was Ricky Martin.  Eh.  (OI!  It just occurred to me; how do you do Latin night without ol' Ricky, eh?  Or Shakira) Blake made it slightly more entertaining, and objectively his performance was even better than Jordin's, but I was still meh.  Until the home run of the night.

SANJAYA: I think I might love him again.  *ducks and runs*  Listen to me!  At first I wasn't fond of either his hairstyle or the scraggly little bit of facial hair he was trying tonight, but the more I watched, the more I started thinking, "Well actually, he's kind of working an Orlando Bloom thing..."  My only complaint is that he was so quiet I could barely hear him; turning up the volume didn't help because the band was outplaying him. Neverthless, when he started singing in Spanish I was hooked. Screw whatever Lopez said about getting goosebumps from Phil - Phil was nothing.  Sanajaya was OMGWTFPOLARBEAR fantastic.

Him crooning in Spanish was unequivicollay the most attractive performance any of the guys have delivered this season, yes even better than all of Brandon's smiling.  I had one hand up to silence Mother (we usually make at least a few comments during the songs) so I could be fully mesmerized.  The last lines induced purring.  And how do you resist that last little smile and chin tucked under?  It was all...bashful and secretive and adorable. 

One of the judges (Randy?) called him "one of the smartest contestants we've ever had," which is true (in the sense of knowing how to win votes).  It is nice to see how pleased Sanjaya looked after that, because I really do think he has to be a very sweet person.  Of course, Simon said he sounded like a 14-year-old, which got an eyebrow arch out of me because I thought he sounded more mature than usual. ANYWAY.  The song was hot, he was hot, and if I'd watched this show on time instead of 2 hours later when Mom got home, I'd have sent a whole lotta votes his way in hopes of a similar performance next week.  But since we didn't finish watching until 10:30, you can breathe easy knowing that I didn't have a chance to pick up the phone at all.
NCIS: Cover Story
I love the continuity on this show. My favorite continuity of all is McGee's second identity as a writer. Boy, Tony and Ziva really have a grudge against being used in his book, don't they? Or is it more because he's a Tiva shipper? Anyway. I rather like they way they gang up and tease him about it. *Loved* the dialogue when they were out by the picnic spot, and Tony/Ziva/McGee were arguing about what the character in the book would or would not do. Amusing bit of meta, as it sounds much like how fans and budding fanfic authors talk about Tony, Ziva and McGee. (and every other fictional character in existence)

How about that elevator scene? Heh. Tony was jumpy but he seemed more oblivious than anything, like he knew McGee was somehow exploiting him but he couldn't figure out exactly why it was true. Ziva, on the other hand, was subdued but mostly seemed to be trying very hard not to let on how true it was. So she went for the extreme denial route that Tony was paving. Also, I swear the scene was rife with sexual tension.

*Random point of win - Gibbs' face when he heard that "L.J. Tibbs" had gotten a love interest who was an Army...lieutant...colonel. Lt. Col. PRICELESS.
*Second random point of win: The delusional guy they chased down, who like...*drapes self over desk laughing too hard to speak* did a bunny hop and skittered in a zigzag pattern as he fled the cops. (Tony: "What do you call THAT?" Gibbs: "Running. I think.") Funniest chase scene in the history of this show.
*Third RPoW: Another reference to the bowling nuns, and a cute framed picture of Abby with them.

I have to admit that I did not suspect Landon at *all*. Maybe that's because the last time I saw him he was helping Mac hold Flack's guts together post-bomb explosion, but I was just pleased to see a little bit of McGee's personal life, and thought it was cute that he got recognized by a fan.

How cute is Abby in her little old lady sleepwear? And I'm glad she got in that crack about the number of bad guys being after her, because I was just thinking the same thing. She's probably the most targeted lab technician in crime show history. At least it keeps her life exciting. I was waiting for her take the guy down on her own, like she hogtied Chip and the way she took care of her abductor in "Bloodbath," so I was glad to see her slowly reach for the knife, but him having a gun aimed at her pretty much took care of that. She was rendered effectively helpless. And you know I never, ever argue with helpless women needing to be saved. I'm all about the classic damsel in distress scenarios. It's why I love how the CSI franchise is always victimizing its women.

It's a good thing I didn't expect Abby to be in *much* danger, since it didn't happen until the last 10 minutes and was about on the level of the Humvee of Death, but still, Gibbs got to save her. Hug for the win! Another bit to treasure. (though I felt a little bad that even though McGee was the real hero of the hour, talking the gun out of Tom's hands, she still automatically reached for Gibbs) Was not at all fond of the abrupt ending; it really could have been stretched out a little. SHOULD have been stretched out a little, rather. Further discussion was necessary. Oh well.

So, question (the one everybody's asking) - was McGee sincere when he talked about loving Amy/Abby, or was he just talking down a psychopath? I'm inclined to believe the former, at least in part, but he can always deny that and claim the latter. Now, I am not very fond of McAbby shipping, logical and canon though it may be, because I am generally not fond of McGee. I prefer them as friends/gossip buddies/fellow geeks, because when it's just the two of them they're like playful little puppies and I don't see the romance...but with puppy antics sometimes comes puppy love. And while Abby is an easily distracted and flitting little ball of energy, McGee's always cared about her. I'm sure it wouldn't take much to spark those thoughts of more back up.

I like that Gibbs has always seemed vaguely amused by their relationship. Long as Abby doesn't get hurt, it has his blessing. Whether McGee gets hurt or not is largely irrelevant. :D But his wise little smile when the wide-eyed Abby told McGee that the characters were all wrong for one another was adorable. For Abby's part, I think that what she says is what you get - the characters are all wrong for each other.  I don't think it ocurred to her that he might have been talking about anyone other than McGregor and Amy.  However, I think her answer would still be kind of the same if she were talking about herself and McGee. 

There are only four episodes left this season. Hard to believe...
House: Airborne
 I spent half the teaser just trying to figure out what was going on. "Is she house-sitting? Meals on Wheels? Home nurse/chiropracter? Maid service? Some travel agency that makes house calls? Wait, how can you travel around the world for only a thousand dollars? Oh, CON ARTISTRY PREYING ON THE ELDERLY!" It wasn't until Little Miss Robin said "satisfaction is guaranteed - twice," that I realized what was happening. And then was suddenly unable to stop repeating "Ew and what the hell" over and over again. That became "EW and what the HELL!" after Robin appeared in the doorway wearing a slinky piece of lingerie. EW AND WHAT THE HELL! (see, even now, I can't stop saying it. That's how incomprehensibly, bafflingly gross this setup was.)

I didn't much like that patient's case; she was rather boring. I'll just hold one moment of silence for the poor dead cat. *tear* But I DID like the fact that Wilson was duckling-sitting. I like him as their boss. He says "please." The only time I cringed was when he called himself an idiot and diagnosed breast cancer, not only because people are sure to make comments like "no arguments there" on the idiot part, but also because I can't remember the last time Wilson successfully diagnosed a case of cancer. On the other hand, I was vastly amused by Foreman's role as the spokesperson for the audience. Had to love all of his eye rolling, comments muttered under his breath, and of course the direct quotes.

Chase: You have a problem with [me and Cameron] agreeing?
Foreman: No. I have a problem with the OTHER thing you're doing, which makes me question your motive for agreeing.
Cameron: It's just sex.
Foreman: There's no such thing.
Cameron: Are you saying women can't separate the separate the physical from the emotional? [side note: she's a pushy little feminist, isn't she?]
Foreman: No one does it well; women do it worse.

That sounds so familiar. Has he said that before? Or maybe I've just heard it and/or said it so many times myself that it makes sense. Of course, the other characters are still jumping to the wrong conclusions. Bring Emma the Photographer back here so she can set the record straight! Not that it stopoed me from scowling that Chase needs to learn to think with his BRAIN again. But -

IT'S OVER! CHAMERON IS DEAD! HALLELUJAH! And - what's that? The storyline went absolutely nowhere and served no purpose? Well, I told you so. (unless it's not entirely over, but for sanity's sake I hope it is) Why does Cameron have to be so mean about it, though? Even my mom commented on that, and she doesn't usually talk specifically about the characters. Part of me wants to feel sorry for Chase...but that part is negated by the part that hates him for having sex on the job in hospitals and oh yes, PATIENTS' HOMES. I'm not sure I can think of anything more disgusting and disrespectful than having sex in someone else's house. I mean, how...what...why...ugh, I cannot understand how that would even enter your head as a possibility.

So that was one unholy ship smashed, but unfortunately Wilson somehow managed to be charmed by Robin enough to try and ask her out. (kind of) Um, left field much? Was there chemistry I was supposed to be seeing between them? At what moment was I supposed to be clued in that he found her intriguing? It was just very awkward when he introduced himself over the phone as "Dr. Wilson...James." Pfffbt, yuck.  Dear Wilson: please to not be dating the lesbian/bisexual hooker. Love, Me. (OPTIONAL: Read the signature without the comma.)

The airplane case actually wasn't much more interesting. I mean, the Huddy bits were fantastic, but the whole body rashes/sweating/vomiting sequences didn't really enthuse me all that much once we learned that it wasn't really an epidemic, but mass hysteria/hypochondria. It would have been so much more interesting if they all really *were* sick.

File under Things I Want to Know: Why the peeing on TV is silenced, but throwing up is fine and dandy. The latter sound is ten times more offensive, and it got WAY too much airtime on the plane. I'll take bleeding from the mouth *and* a broken catheter bag before I want to see people throwing up. Can't you just *imply* what happens, with them hunching over, backs to the camera? Apparently not.   In protest, I refuse to further discuss the plane case.
However, as previously mentioned, Huddy bits made my night. Loved House whining about his cane, and volleying back every hotel room expense accusation.  Also *loved* her narrowed eyes/frowny shake of the head, especially when he mirrored it. Favorite part? Whatever that bit was at the end when he leans over her and they lock eyes for a second. I don't know exactly what that was supposed to mean, but it makes a lovely image for daydreams.

Final note: what was the song that played over the end? And where can I get it?
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