RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Apparently I am only capable of making quick 'WTF' posts now

There is someone on VP who is actually whining that a British store online had the nerve to assume people (Americans) would know what a £ sign was and that it meant "pounds" as opposed to "euros."

Like they are legitimately upset that they're being "punished" with higher-than-expected prices because they're not an "expert on international finance." HOW ARE THEY SUPPOSED TO KNOW THAT GREAT BRITAIN HAS SPECIAL CURRENCY, HUH?? IT'S PART OF EUROPE, RIGHT??

On the bright side, it's cool to learn that I must be an expert in international finance.

P.S. "It's not ridiculous for someone who has never been to Europe to not know what currency is used."
See, it kind of is when you're buying things from another country. It is, in fact, ridiculous to not research that.

But then I also don't understand how you can reach the age of adulthood and somehow not know Britain's currency. This is not exactly an obscure third world country here.
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