RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Miami Mole Polls

Haven't I posted the Mole Poll yet?  Oh.  Okay, here's how it works.  I divvy up 100% on a list of people I think it could possibly be.  The higher the odds, the more likely I think they are.  Of course, you get paid fewer Virtual Dollars if you bet on them and it is in fact them (for example, if the mole is a 35% person, you get $2.86 for every dollar you bet.  If he/she is a 5% person, you get $33.33 for every dollar you bet...IF it's them).  Seeing as it's all virtual, you can withdraw your bet and place it elsewhere it all the way up 9 PM on May 22nd.  It amuses me, even though I'm the only one participating.
 But  frankly, my head is all twisted and spinny and I don't even know how to keep my Mole Poll straight anymore.  I update the damn thing every week as I try to sort out the Red Herrings from the Clues.  And I'm seriously confused.  The Mole Poll odds are all twisted and bamboolzed right now!

It could be Ryan just trying to throw everyone off his track, no matter how much Togo insists it isn't him, and also he seems to be short of money lately, and we know the mole steals a large sum of cash.  Even though I can't figure out why anyone would think they could get away with that.  It could be Alexx, defensive about being backed into a corner.  It could be Calleigh, because she still hasn't had much storyline, and lately I think she's just working out some repressed anger that Horatio calls her "pal" instead of "sweetheart."  It could be Eric because...he was the last one seen with the, wait, that's a red herring.  The mole has caused him more grief than anyone in the lab.  So...AM CONFUSED!

So: Mole Poll Version 4.0

Calleigh: 20%

Alexx: 20%

Eric: 20%

Eric: 20%


Tags: csi: miami, polls, speculation, spoilers

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