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One of my planned post topics (all the books I'm reading) has already expired, as under the pressure of library due dates, all the books have now been read - nothing exciting left except a couple of YA novels that I'm approaching in a very casual way/not sure I'll read after all, as I only picked them up to fill time until my ILL books came in, and then I got busy. So up next, we have...television post!
Under the Dome, 1x08: Well, better late and slightly off than never on the whole Ollie-getting-murdered-by-a-Rennie thing. Barbie continues to be excellent. Julia continues to be a delight, now offering adolescent-girl-translation services to well-meaning adolescent boys. And in the meantime, I am not even sure which thing affirmed my life more: Angie & Norrie bonding like awesome ladies do, Norrie breaking down sobbing on her shoulder (awww, and again, as awesome ladies do when dudes just aren't cutting it and you need someone who gets the emotional complexity), or post-cathartic-crying Norrie throwing herself into Joe's arms at the end.

(psst. It's the last one. I may have watched it about 17 times because GOOD LORD it is so hard to find genuinely satisfying new ship moments these days)

1x09, "The Fourth Hand": Oh how fun. Now we have a Mysterious, Cocksure, Stirring Up Trouble Lady. Isn't that just my favorite trope. -.-

But I quite enjoyed the revelation of the pink stars, continue to casually ship Non-Crazy Junior/Angie nbd (they are a very attractive pairing of blond + dark & handsome okay). Actually, I'm kind of giddy with casual ships all over the place, between them & the kids & Julia/Barbie's couch-cuddling. I also liked the extra feature on the dog this week, just a bit sad about a schism coming up between Julia, who just wants to help everyone, and the kids squirreling away secrets that are going to cause tension and flare-ups when she finds out.

Siberia, 1x07: I still don't even know how many episodes this is going to run. Is it 13? It seems like it started a bit late for that many, but I hope so. Wikipedia is currently only showing up to the tenth one. Anyway. Overnight, a blizzard! I had hoped the wreckage of the helicopter would be a bit more dramatic, but I guess there's not much to see with no bodies. No, the real fun is in all the snow. I loved the standoff over whether to leave Sam behind or not (I'm shocked that he & Danny are both still alive, and happy Johnny & Forever Carolina found a random shelter). And then I may or may not have spent two hours recasting Siberia w/ Glee kids and specifically playing with a Blaine/Kurt/Sam/Rachel-or Tina foursome there.

As for back at camp...hoo boy. At some point, can we all just agree that Miljan needs to be accompanied by at least two people at all times, and also that Irene should never be left with fewer than two people? It's nice to see Sabina band together with everyone and totally impervious to their criticisms of her prior behavior since she's coming clean now. And it's REALLY nice to see her nearly kill Miljan and knowing she'd have the easiest time of it out of anyone there. ...actually, it was just really nice to see Miljan getting repeatedly abused, period.

P.S. Humans! Users of Tumblr! I am still impressed on a regular basis by how great the NBC Siberia Tumblr is. They track the tag and like or reblog the majority of positive/coherent user posts about it. They post solo .gifs for our amusement or that people might find useful. They do parody images tagged "justsiberiathings." (in fact, all their tags are literally the best tags in the world) Just last week they got sassy and posted this. In short, whoever is in charge of running this blog is clearly not only an experienced Tumblr user, but currently working their dream job.
World, do you know who Tim Mahoney is? Apparently he was on The Voice for a little while in 2011? He was the entertainment at a local summer festival last week, but the only thing I can remember from his set is how much I laughed at "Hey Adam Levine."  I joked that it was CLEARLY going to be my new hit single ("Hey Adam Levine, you thought I was a chick"), but um, I'm kinda into it now. Damn your catchy hook!

THIS HAS BEEN AN UGLY AND DISJOINTED POST BECAUSE I FORGOT HOW TO LJ. The only way to remedy that is to keep posting until things look  good.
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