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Seriously, hi! I had a totally free holiday weekend - like a full 72 hours free of work!! and I managed my work sensibly today, so in addition to having a fair amount of fun during that weekend, I spent my entire day writing a lot of posts I meant to write last month, and backdating them for some semblance of organization. I have more to go, but in the meantime, here are some old things you can look at for the first time:

1. Talk of some of my recently-deemed-favorite songs from the Marilyn musical on "Smash," as well as a touch of Life Unxpected & Off the Map of nostalgia.
2. Super-cool garage sale + furniture purchase w/ pics
3. My day at the Irish Fair - please go just to see the SUPER PRETTY dog. (or you could cheat and look at the Tumblr option)
4. AiS filter, there is an update that covers the first half of August. I'm working on the next part, so sit tight.

This means I can make a TV post, right?? Cool. I have one all ready to go. You see, during the Month from Hell, I found myself rapidly catching up on Law & Order: SVU. Every time I thought about making a post, I watched another episode, so now I've seen the rest of the season except for #14, the one with Marcia Gay Harden which I can't seem to find, and the finale, which I'm saving until the premiere is ready to go so I don't have to wait (I've already been spoiled on the cliffhanger anyway).

General notes:
* I have finally started to care about Rollins - that only took a season and a half! The episode where she kills her sister's abusive ex was pretty powerful, and between that and Fin taking a liking to her like a big affable Golden Retriever with a friendly kitty, one way or another she's gotten into my heart.

* That means I also like her more than Stabler. (in fact, the longer we're without him, the more I think he must have been the worst part of this show ever. I so actively don't miss his anger and family issues that I actively rebel against reruns he is in. I want the nice, emotionally stable unit that has formed in his wake, thanks)

* I have also started to enjoy ADA Barba? Damn. I don't know when it happened, but out of nowhere he went from a hateful piece of human scum to someone whose desert-dry wit and scathing snark started to be funny, and I found myself really looking forward to his interactions. Maybe it was when he stopped butting heads with the detectives at every opportunity and started to look for ways to help them instead. Yeah, that was it - he started to get this particular gleam in his eyes whenever he came up with some wild out-there charge to help their case, taking it as a personal challenge instead of dismissing them.

* I roll my eyes every time SVU manages to be the only crime show that gets nominated for awards, but lots of time this season I found myself really, significantly impressed by Mariska Hargitay's acting. Olivia has SUCH a soft and comforting voice when she speaks to victims for the first time that I only hope all real-life detectives who respond to sex crimes are that understanding (I reject any knowledge that they aren't; do not want). It's just a joy to watch.

* I also like how Amaro continues to be a little bit dismissive of anyone who isn't a pretty young thing or a soldier with obvious PTSD, and Olivia still has to put him in his place a bit, but less so than before. I really enjoy them as partners, even though Fin/Rollins is starting to give them a run for their money.

* The big SURPRISE, YOU HAVE A KID! reveal for Amaro that was the #1 reason I was considering dropping this show and never returning when I found out...turned out less horrible than I thought, since it wasn't the result of cheating. In that case, you may proceed at will. Maybe even make me grateful that we get to see him interacting with a kid on the regular again. (man, I miss Zola)

* I am still not here for Olivia dating Mayhem and would like him & his busted face to stay off my screen. Hayden or nothing.

And now let's see if I can still spit out 2 or 3 sentence sound bites for the whole rest of the season. I did this for The Office once. I can totally do it again, right? [edit: NOW WITH THE CORRECT SEASON IDENTIFIED.]

14x11, Beautiful Frame: Snarky Jane Kaczmarek? That's all I can remember. I can't even remember what other crime the rape victim was on trial for in the other county.

14x12, Criminal Hatred: Nia Vardalos is ALWAYS welcome as a wacky lawyer in my book. The 'crazy/evil gay who attacks closeted gays' storyline, not so much. I was oddly impressed by their widow with the semi-open marriage. You don't often see that portrayed by people over 35.

14x13, Monster's Legacy: you know, they actually had a really great script - albeit almost stretching the limits of credibility as far as 'how much sexual abuse can one person suffer in a lifetime' - so it's a shame that they insisted on having Mike Tyson play the role. After reading all the controversy, I almost didn't watch this, and ultimately only did for Ed Asner (just to clarify: he has now played a sociopath pedophile and an unrepentant former Nazi. WHERE DOES IT END, ED?). Every scene he was in actively churned my stomach and left an unpleasant, sour taste in my mouth. I don't usually get Angry Frothing Feminist about things, so when I agree with a loud and outraged majority, that looks bad for you, NBC.

14x15, Deadly Ambition: Mentioned above; her sister is such a dippy mess. I enjoyed watching her finally almost get punished, even if she managed to escape and rob poor Amanda blind in the process. One of the better episodes this season.

14x16, Funny Valentine: I watched the Chris Brown/Rihanna episode just to see how big a trainwreck it was. Actually, it was such a soap-opera-esque parody that it wasn't even offensive, just cartoonish. It was pretty preachy at the end, though. (all men who hit their wives/girlfriends will kill them if she doesn't leave first, sure. Murder: so much like punching, it's hard to tell when you're escalating.)

14x17, Undercover Blue: SHUT UP, CASSIDY. I'm barely even glad you weren't unfairly imprisoned.

14x18: Legitimate Rape: Congrats, you managed to make this phrase sound dumber. Luckily it was only on the screen for about two minutes and most of it was varying flavors of he said/she said. I especially loved seeing her snarky defense attorney in Family Court, and the triumphant "whoops, she seems to have slipped through our fingers into a world beyond extradition; HOW DID THAT HAPPEN??" ending.

14x19, Born Psychopath: Hi Huang! Where is it you're from again? Ohio? I'm not sure you mentioned your current state of residence enough times. ;) Also, the implication of the drowned dog in the bathtub was the single most horrible thing on this entire season, but I felt a chill across my soul when that kid looked in the camera, too. Hope you don't book any more acting jobs until post-puberty when you look significantly different.(p.s. little girl "Ruby" was the cutest little kid I have ever seen omg I want one)

14x20, Girl Dishonored: on the one hand, I hate sorority hazing stories because at this point I feel like they have to be entirely urban legend. Like, no one would watch an episode featuring such mind-bogglingly stupid rituals and then actually DO them in real life, right? Which makes featuring them as a cautionary tale almost pointless.

And yet...this was also an incredibly difficult episode to watch. One of the better ones this season, but difficult. The redheaded girl was so pretty and so sweet and the mental images that were thrown into my brain were SO AWFUL...and then she still committed suicide and I may have been just overtired enough that I cried a little. On the bright side, I really loved the long-haired girl in the psych hospital and all her scenes. I tend to take issue with how prevalent people claim sexual assault is on college campuses and make them sound as dangerous as a war zone, so I appreciate when it's an insultingly obvious case of the school being pure evil in attempting to dismiss the charges.

14x21, Traumatic Wound: oh, I see, we're gonna go for the hat trick in "horrible, awful rape stories for teenage girls" this week. Cool. (not really, but I did like this actress) Those were some super evil "friends," and I really like them getting their asses handed to them by Barba. Lesson learned, kids: don't try to slut shame your friends unless they do something worthy of the label on their own. (Also, I liked Amaro's connection to the ex-soldier and REALLY liked him bringing up failing to see the signs with Maria.)

14x22, Poisoned Motive: Grabbed my interest with the shooting and never let go. I really enjoyed that wild chase for the unhinged young army/police trained woman. She would have gotten away with it too, if she hadn't inexplicably tried to create a hostage situation. I truly don't understand why, since she left a very clear video message explaining her actions/motive and it's not like she accomplished LITERALLY ANYTHING by talking to the authorities directly. Bit of a logic breakdown for me after the ingenuity of trying to throw them off her tracks with a burned car, and goose-chasing them through the abandoned hospital.

14x23, Brief Interlude: oh my god, why is basically your entire sweeps period about sending women to the hospital with horrific injuries?? It's not fun anymore, it's just mean. (although I did appreciate the 'sometimes it IS the stranger in the bushes!' theme, and also the 'it's bad to walk outside alone late at night because there are CRAZY PEOPLE who are likely strong enough to overpower you, use the darkness for cover, and do not understand the logic of 'don't do crime' message)
I also found out this week that Siberia is only 11 episodes long, because the universe is cruel and doesn't like it when I love shows. Time for a double writeup!

1x08, A Gathering Fog: ACK. I mean, I'd rather our snow-buried contestant be Natalie than Irene or Victoria, but at the same time, I was sitting there like "you literally pulled a Woman in Refrigerator on the bisexual woman. Did you WANT pitchforks aimed in your direction?" And it actually was kind of shocking when it first hit you.

Beyond that, though, pretty slow episode other than the lovely reveal of Sabina's heartbreaking story about her son and the circumstances of his birth, and Johnny's Heroic (Failing) Stagger-Carry, where he learns that it is a lot harder to carry a woman in your arms than it looks over unfavorable terrain. But it was fairly exciting to have them discover a nice place to crash with all kind of helpful survival gear.

(also I laughed forever and ever at Siberia's use of the tag snowtp as well as "and in that moment I swear we were all Daniel," calling back to this post) (oh, haha, I just looked at the other tags -- #thirsty? #reach for a refreshing frost brewed galaxy #please consume galaxies responsibly)


  • Dead bodies, everywhere!

  • CRAZY THRASHING CREATURE IN A COVERED CAGE - oh, nbd, it's just a totally normal falcon. (SOMEHOW THIS IS CREEPIER THAN A MONSTER. Maybe it's a falcon that morphs into a monster when you're not looking)

  • Super-encrypted video footage of a 1920s post-Tunguska expidition (oh, and Daniel conjured up a working computer, no one understands)

  • Jars full of pickled fetuses and mutant animals, and cages full of skinned...somethings.

  • Old-timey radios, generators, and other equipment (I am really loving the exploration of this research station, by the way, especially after Tumblr pointed out this is the new Dharma Initiative. I knew there was a reason I was so into it!)

  • A map showing that there is - or was - a town nearby. Just 120 miles away.

  • Miljan's officially cray, despite his protests to the contrary, but at least he didn't kill Irene

  • Torches going out with such speed and efficiency I'm convinced a Deluminator is at work

  • Sabina is a Badass Mofo with a rifle that was apparently hidden in plain sight all along

  • Then you let your guard down for a second and walk out the door right into a tribe full of hostiles. Isn't that always the way? (and OMG WHAT. They made the tracks, using fake shoe attachments, to fool people into thinking there's a monster around*? That is tricky and clever and awesome, and also I love that we were so desperate to believe the paranormal lie that this occurred to no one)

  • *NO BUT WHAT THE HELL SMASHED THE RADIO TOWER THEN?? People can't just create twisted wrecks out of metal structures.

Also, there is this really great post that brings up all kinds of fantastic points I never would have thought of, such as pointing out how obviously recently people were here - falcon has been fed but no food dishes, blood looks fresh, no snow around the generator/gas is still usable - how the experiments might tie into Creatures and why human-made tracks do not mean there isn't ALSO a monster, and most importantly, the relevance of atomic clocks, which feeds into other people's theories that time travel might be a thing after all.

Someone else mentioned how much the filming style has changed since the pilot, and it's true - not just the song montages, but the whole style. As the mind-blowing reveals escalate, the attempt to make it seem like a real show has faded in favor of more dramatic angles and a somewhat more removed vantage point. I'm OK with that, I just find it interesting.

I am so hyped to find out more about this mysterious wilderness tribe + Unlocking The Further Secrets Of The Crazy Research Facility, you don't even know.

I have a bunch of comments I meant to reply to too; I'll have a look when I go through the August calendar again. (I think I actually have as many drafts and otherwise private posts as I do published ones; it's a disorganized mess even now)
EDIT: Wait, I thought of something else I wanted to say! That hideous 50 Shades of Grey movie has been cast, despite my fervent hopes it would somehow die in negotiations. I've been dreading the announcement of the leads for months, because even if I never saw it (I won't, not for less than a payment of one million dollars after taxes), it was going to permanently ruin the face of whichever man got cast and permanently cost all my respect for the actress. So I must say that I'm super pleased it went to two nobodies I've barely heard of and don't care about at all, nor do I even find the male attractive. It does put the kibosh on my vague notions of ever watching Ben & Kate, but Imma go ahead and not consider that a real big loss.
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