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I give up*; I have failed. I have finally failed at Livejournaling because my attention is busy elsewhere. For instance, I spent two hours last night researching all available information to present a new support ticket to see if I can get my old Neopets account back (after NINETEEN MONTHS). And then a comment on ONTD caused me to play Clop about 1047 times because DAMN IT, I WILL MASTER YOUR LIMBS, UNICORN (fact: I've made it as far as the dropoff exactly twice. Usually I don't get to the yellow triangle).

I'm not even sorry for sending you into this maddeningly addictive game (I imagine it's like when people get addicted to app games). I played it so many times in such a short period that I went to bed with my fingers twitching key patterns and while sitting still, I could see the game playing out in my mind.

But while I am here, I have an important request of [eta: NEVER MIND, I FAIL AT REMEMBERING HOW LIVEJOURNAL WORKS. Instead let me switch to complaining that] this post? Livejournal apparently went kablooey and ate it with no way to get it back (*sob*), and as it's about Chris and our first time hanging out outside of work, I'm pretty angry to have lost it. And I didn't save any of the original comments in my email, so now I don't even have the LJ-cut text/title. FYI, 3 days of paid account extension for downtime is nowhere near the value of any of my post content.

Speaking of that dude, we went on a walk through a really awesome nature preserve tonight, and saw a doe with her half grown fawn not too far ahead of us on the trail. Both of them darted across and then stopped among the trees and stared at us for what must have been 3 or 4 minutes straight. Just stared and stared and stared, trying to determine if we were possible predators or if they could eat their shrubbery in peace, before ultimately choosing the latter. And in case that wasn't enough, we saw a second doe (this time with twins) near the end of the walk. I've proclaimed him to be some kind of wild animal shaman at this point.

*I have not entirely given up. Look! I finished another AiS update, this one about the fair. I say an important thing at the beginning so you should check it out.


Sep. 11th, 2013 04:00 pm (UTC)
your reply to my comment? Yes, it was as follows:

That's what people keep telling me - I hope one day I can believe it; for someone whose natural state is silence I sure get panicky when someone else does it at the same time! It sounds like a very nice state to reach of having it feel comfortable.

Is that what you needed?

Sep. 11th, 2013 04:33 pm (UTC)
Oh, shoot...I was actually hoping you had the content of my post above that, but I apparently just forgot how LJ comment replies work. It would have been on me to keep the email with your original comment, and sometimes I am lazy and end up keeping the notifications, but apparently I was in a clean-sweep delete-happy mode because I don't have any of the three. Thanks anyway, though!

[edit: actually, wait! can you tell me what the original title of my post was? does that show up in the subject line?]

Edited at 2013-09-11 05:35 pm (UTC)

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