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I'll (probably) replace this post with full reviews later.

First I vent.  You can't see me, but I'm bashing my head into the wall.  Over and over and over again.  In one single episode, I think my love for Lost blew up and washed down the drain.

So this WAS all a plan from the get-go?  Juliet's still working with the Others?  Juliet's evil?  After all the time I spent a) getting over my hatred and distrust before b) defending her as nothing more than a trapped innocent, and after an entire episode devoted to proving that fact, it turns out she's actually still evil and lying and a mole?  FUCKING.  A.

I don't need answers.  I don't care about answers.  I mean, I do; I like them and they're nice, but at the end of the day, I mostly care about a trio of ships. One is in limbo with the forecast doom of Charlie's fate.  The second just smashed on the rocks.  And the third is Skate, and as much as I shrieked and flailed in unadulterated squee for their moment tonight, apparently all they have going next week is sex. 

And unlike how they managed to make it nice in "I Do," where even puritanical little old me couldn't find (much) fault with it, this appears to be the nasty Ana-Lucia 2.0 that I was worried about happening back in November.  Of course.  Of course it is!  I'm going to be over here.  Throwing up.  Which is a pity, because until the last five minutes, I had two pages full of ecstatic and happy notes about how much I loved this episode, and the massive number of Cute Bits that were in it...

But now I have just about zero interest in watching next week's episode.  In fact, the more I look at the spoilers, the more I don't really care about watching the rest of the season at all.  Who knew that everything hinged on Juliet being likable?  Whatever.  I'm sealing myself in the happy bubble of fanfic land and that's where I'm a-gonna stay.

Stomping off to watch CSI: NY now, and I swear if I don't get some sort of viable ship payoff to make up for Lost, I'm going to kill something.

Edit: Well, that'll about do it. 

Mac/Peyton and Mac/Stella in the same night!  'Kay, I'm feeling a little better.  Now, if only I hadn't had to tape this show on the crap TV, and subsequently end up with a headache trying to watch.  This happens about 50% of the time I use the crap TV; it recorded funny so that the image skips the entire time it's playing, and the only way to see the picture clearly is to put it on pause and then 1-frame-advance...guess I'll have to wait for it to go up online.  Alternatively, I could just skip watching the whole thing, since I already spun through on fast-forward to find the character bits and you know I don't really care about cases.  Unless Flack has good snarky lines.  Does Flack have good snarky lines?
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