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Oh man I am in such a great mood; I forgot what this feels like.

The Workload From Hell is finally vanquished; I'm good for the rest of the month and can start fresh October 2nd, at which point I only have to tackle three lousy days of work before BOOK SALE WEEKEND O' JOY. I got to see my boyfriend last night, I'm seeing him again tomorrow, and since I missed ALL of the television last week but also dodged 100% of post-airing spoilers, I now have a huge, giant stack of AWESOME-LOOKING premieres waiting for me.

I don't even know where to go first. All of the anticipation I didn't build up over the summer spontaneously erupted this week, and now it's like diving into a ball pit of joy. How I Met Your Mother (double header), 2 Broke Girls, The Mindy Project, The Middle, Survivor (double header), Criminal Minds, Law & Order: SVU (triple header, 'cause I saved the finale), NCIS, NCIS: LA, Reign if I can find it + the inclination, and of course the motherload of all joy, Glee KLAINE FESTIVAL OF CELEBRATION. Oh, also Sleepy Hollow hanging out somewhere, that's fun too. Did I forget any? I might have! That's how rich this wealth is! [eta: REVOLUTION! Duh-doi! See, I told you I would miss something.]

Although I did actually spoil myself on accident for one show, because I visited the beckett-castle Tumblr on Monday morning, unaware that Canada had aired it early, and whoops well there goes MY willpower...

First of all, let's just double-check what I said last spring:
I am going to assume that this blatant ripoff of the season 5 Numb3rs finale cliffhanger means they are going to open season 6 all shiny and happy and engaged, like there was ever a doubt (possibly after spending 95% of the first episode making you doubt the end result).

Apparently they spent more like 0% of the episode making you doubt, and they were in fact almost immediately shiny and happy and engaged. They actually one-upped Numb3rs there by letting us see the full response to the proposal, which is the proper way to resolve a cliffhanger, as opposed to a time jump. Oh, man, I am just so beyond delighted by this that I couldn't even believe it when there were like 97 more cute scenes in the premiere alone. Not to mention Lisa Edelstein! WHY CAN'T I CATCH UP WITH THIS SHOW.

Everything looks so gooood and wonderful and it is the shippiest of all shows with a ship currently on television, near as I can tell. (unless Klaine gets its act together full time, and even then, Kurt's still in another state and even if he weren't, pret-ty sure Castle season 5 still beat Glee season 3 in that department for sheer density of cuteness). Plus, according to the promo, they've pulled another life endangerment card for episode 2, so I really cannot fault a single thing this show is doing. I put season 5 on request at the library, though, so maaaaaybe having the physical DVD in my hands will convince me to marathon it, if the timing lines up right on a weekend I'm off?
But on to the things I actually watched -- I started by catching up on Law & Order: SVU, because I was tired and SVU has been my lead-in show for the past couple of months when I find myself in the "augh too much good TV!" situation.

Season 14 finale: I had heard a lot about what an intense finale it was, and was kind of like "yeah, yeah, so Olivia's in danger again huh," but holy crap, that was some intensely skeevy/skin-crawling stuff. They really went above and beyond to offer up disgusting monologues on that one...and it was mesmerizingly enjoyable to see the slavish devotion on his attorney's face. I mean, that was some super damning evidence stacked against him in his past crimes, and I'm genuinely disturbed that a person could get away with savage rape, torture and murder under any circumstances.

Also, I am so glad I saved this, because waiting even ten minutes for the next episode felt like an eternity.

Season 15 premiere: take the previous intensity, and multiply it by about 25. Everyone's been saying this, and I've been assuming it's the usual hyperbole applied by fans of shows that are not all that good compared to the rest of television...but this was. Especially that harrowing last scene of her trying to beat her captor to death with a makeshift club; I'm pretty sure that's going to haunt my nightmares. I don't always take actors seriously when they talk about how difficult it was to film certain things, but this episode? I believe it. Wow. Wow. That might very well end up being the best episode of the season, but I'd be excited if they could top it.

And as useless as Mr. Mayhem is, I'm glad Olivia had someone to go home to after all that. I grudgingly accept his existence, for this episode only.

15x02: Oh good, just in case the premiere wasn't going to haunt my nightmares already, we're going to frequently flash back to the hardest parts. I suppose that did up the interest level while we got our Castro case out of the way. I'd rather focus on Olivia than that hastily concocted mess.

Criminal Minds, 9x01, "The Inspiration": Oh sweet flying spaghetti monster, Reid, what is that hideous house of horrors growing out of your head? That is officially the worst it has ever looked, and I thought season 6 was pretty bad. It's legitimately bad enough that if I had to watch this show on my own time and I didn't know that inertia was going to make me watch it after Survivor every week, I would quit right then and there, call it a day and say I had my half season of fun, but now it's time for me to go.

Buuuut, on the bright side,

JJ: You don't get it.
Reid: Why? Because I don't have kids? I would've.

UNEXPECTED MAEVE REFERENCE = PERMA DELIGHTFUL; can we please exploit this vulnerable spot for the entire rest of the series or until he meets someone else? It's now happened two more times than I expected, but I feel the need to fall on my knees and profusely celebrate this glory every time, just in case. My brain doesn't even know what to do with these possibly-entertained-the-notion-of-a-family things now flying around my head, since said notions certainly never entered mine and didn't seem like something he would think about. Don't care! Always go for the easy personal shot, writers. Always.

Also, I'm pretty pleased to see that Jeanne Triplehorn is still hanging around; I don't follow news for this show and had previously heard she only had a 1-year contract, so I genuinely didn't expect her back. This is great.

And I vote "stick Hotchner in a desk job where we barely see him" with 100% of my heart, but I'm pretty sure that's not happening, so I'm confused about the point of emphasizing this ~intense decision~.

Episode-wise, that head was the perfect level of gruesome-without-making-me-sick, although I'm still pretty upset about Coffee Girl getting killed after they made us care about her. "Heather," incidentally, looks so much like Dianna Agron it's spooky. And I've either forgotten or I'm still not used to how CM operates, because we got to that cliffhanger ending and I shrieked "WHAT?!?!" So, good work there. Please tell me it means "to be continued in the next episode," because I don't know how you would make this a season-long arc, but I can't do another one of those.

eta: I'm thinking it means in the next episode, in which case I look forward to Camryn Manheim's presence being fully utilized.
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