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Something Old, Something New

Whoopsy-daisy, I forgot that I still have to wrap summer finales before I keep working on premieres. Also, this post got severely delayed because I went antique-store-shopping + out to dinner with my parents for most of the afternoon/evening, so now I'm even more behind on TV.

Under the Dome finale: Yay, Julia's back on her feet AND had time to reunite with Barbie before the mob got him again. I'm sure he'll find a way to wriggle out of this again. And if not, I got my super-pretty reunion kiss and Julia is still a badass crowned monarch, so we're good. Also, I am pleased that they seem to be going with the book's alien theme, although some people have already said that its existence as "protection" rather than a cruel human ant farm is what differentiates it, so OK. I can work with that, too.

Still not sure why everyone is so busy griping about how ~terrible~ the show became or precisely what they were expecting. I enjoyed it start to finish and look forward to season 2. Even if it doesn't deserve one nearly as much as its timeslot competition.


Siberia series finale (NOOOO): Oh gosh, that was easily the most intense hour since episode 5.

-Daniel/Irene reunion hug! With a bonus dash of last-minute life endangerment, yay! (can we all take a second to appreciate how he tore out of there like a bat out of hell as soon as he found out what was going on)

-Terrifying soldier ambush in the science lab quarters. I don't know why Joyce was so stupid as to bald-face lie they were definitely all there instead of saying "I think so," and that was a pretty terrifying moment when they nearly executed her. On the bright side, it means more Heroic Johnny Rescuing antics. (I really love our complementary pairs of couples.) And just lots of excellent sneaking and dashing around and then all havoc and hell breaking loose. (in related news, them stealing the truck = super badass)

-Annie dying Not unexpected, as far as assuming at least one more person would die by the end, but so sudden and violent and brutal and heartbreaking when they surrounded her body and kept shooting. The only benefit is that at least it was relatively quick and it means she's finally escaped that hell. (although if ghosts exist, I feel like she is definitely the kind who might get stuck haunting that forsaken place)


-Sweet/shy Daniel/Irene kiss. Ahhh/awwww, that was inevitable and yet something I was really worried about all my pins-and-needles waiting being for naught.

-What Esther took from the revealer? The prize money. Oh, man, I was racking my brain trying to figure out what she could have possibly found, but somehow that option never occurred to me. How great! Also, I can't believe what a bottom-feeding grubby piece of scum she is. I hope Sabina gives her a beatdown when they meet again.

-ABANDONED CITY IS AWESOME. I mean, horrifying and devastating, but yet another twist I did not see coming and one that shocked and awed, and is also the main reason I'm so upset about season 2. Because for real, an abandoned city for a setting is the only thing spookier than where they were -- especially with the added threat of soldiers on their tail. Like right on their tail. Like swarming the streets below them when the cliffhanger happens; RUDE.

-THE HOST RANDOMLY SHOWING UP, all shocked: "You're not supposed to be here." ?????????? This might be the greatest mystery of all time, and I'm going to demand a tell-all interview at some point once the notion of this show getting a season 2 is dead beyond all revival. Does he think everything's still supposed to be hunky-dory back at camp? What the heck has he been up to whilst shirking his hosting duties? We still don't know who (or what) ransacked the producers' camp. This is SO frustrating.

Overall, I think they did a good job of answering numerous questions and wrapping several plot threads, but I WISH they had just tried to make a tidily wrapped season ending. How could they have honestly thought there was a good chance at season 2? How many scripted summer series not on cable get a season 2? Even Under the Dome was planning to be one season until the ratings looked good. And even if Under the Dome had been canceled with the ending it got, I would have had far fewer question, outrages or concerns than I do here.

The worst part, honestly, is the realization that for all intents and purposes, they're stuck in Siberia forever. I actually had a nightmare after it aired, and I woke up the next morning feeling sick and horrible without knowing why, and then I remembered it's because we'll never know if or when they get rescued. That's definitely the worst. Because you can't even come up with your own plausible ending; there are too many variables.

The other worst part is that the once-great NBC Siberia Tumblr faded away with nary a goodbye and barely any response to the finale at all. :(

P.S. My mom was such a huge fan of this show and so (half-jokingly) upset when I told her it wasn't getting renewed that she tweeted #Siberiaseason2 at one of the actors on Twitter - she never does anything pop-culture-y like that - to which one of her friends promptly replied "it's like I don't even know you." I'm just saying, that's an example of how important and wonderful this show is.

The Mindy Project (with the first two episodes all mixed up together because nobody told me it premiered the same week as Sleepy Hollow): Mindy's bad wig is now causing me physical pain. I hate it so much. Does it go away soon? Otherwise, I'm all on board for Casey's random proposal ways and I'm going to adjust my reset button to after 2x01 (maybe 2x02) in case things go horribly south. I also enjoyed James Franco -- it's really unfair that someone so generally skeezy/douchey in real life is so attractive. A small part of me liked What's His Face literally running to Mindy's room after hearing she's back + she's sick, maybe, but you can't prove anything. I definitely enjoyed his angry defensiveness of the adventurous missionary position in Creepy Counseling, and him all geared up to call Mindy a whore for cheating on her fiance; damn you and your backdoor ways into my affections, this is not OK. (see also: "I was thinking of doing some traveling," except "you hate everywhere.")

And of course, there were many lolz to be had, possibly my favorite being Mindy's frustrated objection to "Big L" and the "FIND NEW THINGS TO COMMENT ON BESIDES HOW MUCH I EAT!" admonishment. In other news, tomorrow the worst part of Happy Endings is showing up, and ugh. I was actually OK with that show being on the air, because at least it sequestered the unpleasant people! The only person allowed (and in fact encouraged) to fly that coop is Eliza Coupe.

Lastly, forever laughing at them springing Actual Kris Humphries on us. Did not expect.
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