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How I Met Your Mother: Having now watched the first three episodes, I am like 96% delighted by/laughing at everything (YOU GO SEASON 9!), and especially pleased that our very first scene with Future Mr. & Mrs. Mosby felt natural and adorable. My only qualms are (1) I'm going to need you to stop incessantly repeating punchlines real damn fast, (2) Current Ted is still walking a depressingly thin line between "tolerable" and "I will punch you in the groin" that I suspect he'll be doing most of the season, and (3) JAMES AND HIS HUSBAND ARE YOU KIDDING ME, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU.

I mean, not that I actually care about that relationship at all, but it's the principle of the thing. All of the episodes said husband is in or referenced in are now ruined for me, as I'll just be constantly thinking "WHAT IS THE POINT, there is no point; watching this is a waste of time."  Unless they miraculously get back together in the finale, but not really because they salted the scorched earth pretty well there. ("You cheated on him, right?" / "Repeatedly.") And for what seems like a rather pointless throwaway gag, too.

But, um, to focus in on a positive note, other things I like so far include: SHERRI SHEPHERD (!!!) (♥♥♥) - seriously, I am loving every second of Stranded Marshall - Lily tackling Ted, Barney & Robin's determination to be a hot & horny old married couple, "Lil & Ted's Excellent Adventure," Lily bonding with Future Mrs. Mosby on the train, the sword fight flashbacks, and really just about anything Lily has said so far, as for the first time ever she's taken the reins for Favorite Character Of The Moment. She just seems like the only sane person here. (also, when she referenced her and Marshall as having been together for "17 years," it's can do math in your head, but hearing it out loud just makes your jaw drop).

2 Broke Girls 3x01-02: Can you believe this show now has 50 episodes? I find that impressive. It probably makes some people weep into their Rooster-O's (I love when I quote myself making a very specific episode-based joke for another show so that nobody else in the world gets it). So far, I'm really enjoying the new cupcake window -- one thing this show is very good at is changing things up without fundamentally changing the flavor of the series -- and I'm still entertained in general, but right now I'm a little busy kicky-feeting over the last few minutes, because apparently there is nothing on this earth quite like Max getting panicky and desperate about having both hurt Caroline and possibly destroyed their friendship completely by accident until she ends up blurting "I love you!" Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. Relive the moment with me.

NCIS premiere: part I, Past, Present and Future
Fairly tedious setup featuring highlights of: "I want my badge back" in tandem, Fornell cracking proposal/good night kiss jokes, a couple brief moments of "ahhh!" as sprays of bullets fly toward Gibbs and Tony, Abby's adorable attack-hug at getting her Gibbs back + a bonus cheek kiss...and the lowlight of "are you kidding me, I ADORED Sec Nav Jarvis." Also I appreciated the use of Enya music (If I Could Be Where You Are) to close the episode on a Ziva theme and set us up for the mushy emotional stuff.
NCIS: LA season 5 premiere: Hooooly mother of god that was boring when Deeks wasn't on screen, and sometimes even then. I mean, it was kinda worth it for Kensi showing up rescue him (sort of) at the beginning - that blank look of confusion after "you have to stay here a little longer" was a nice touch...of viewer-heart torture - and trying to get him to focus in the hospital and mostly for his "the place I went in my head was you." But not the rest. I'm also going to scream if I have to listen to Janvier's hoarse voice with that super-irritating accent/general way of speaking ever again, so.

And as Tumblr did not make 5x02 sound promising, I'll be bouncing back to my usual place of distantly overseeing the shipper's corner of fandom while I wait for them to angst it out. I will allow up to one full season for this roadblock to be worked through before I expect significant forward relationshippy progress to be made. It's not an unexpected or out of place twist, just also not one I'm interested in following closely. (that said, is there like a Densi-edits Tumblr/YouTube channel? Because never has a show ever needed streamlined edits more than this).
The Middle also happened and was its usual quality of wonderful and excellent and funny and heartwarming, although I'm having conflicting feelings about wanting...Frankie' be...shorter? (I am a hair traitor! It's just, the bob looks really good on her, and this middling length doesn't look good on many people, and my standards about long hair shift on women over age 40-45) I especially loved Sue's desperation to be junior peer mentor leader or whatever order those words are supposed to be in.
What next? I feel like I really need to watch Glee tonight if I want to have even a prayer of getting my review done before the second episode airs, but I'm also pretty sure that once I watch that I won't be able to think about anything else.Meanwhile, if I don't get to Sleepy Hollow soon then I might as well give up the ghost(s), and I also want to get Survivor in so I can have my mother-daughter nights back, and then I'll be so close to on track I might as well jump on Revolution too...but all of those things combined will easily take a full day's worth of TV time, and I do not want to fall behind on Glee of all things; that would be worse than missing out on Castle last year. And that seems to be the direction I'm heading in. ("it's too good! I'm not ready yet!") ALSO, I still want to write my Emmys post - those notes are not going to waste, damn it - and I have a Music of 2013 update to post. Too much to do on my last day off.
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