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Remember when I mentioned we went to antique stores yesterday? well, I rounded one corner and almost jumped out of my skin at the sight despite it being very bright and well lit inside:

[don't blink]

Is it as spooky in the photo as it was in real life? I hope so, because seriously. That does not look like it belongs there. It looks like it just randomly appeared to haunt you. (the fact that it looks headless is even creepier) I can only imagine how heart-attack-inducing it would be if you lived in an old house and you set it up on a landing or in the corner of a stairwell for people to encounter at night. What fun you could have with houseguests! Alas, the cost of the complete outfit was something like $140, dress form to give it shape not included, so it would be an expensive practical joke.

But also something I'm pretty sure Jim Halpert would consider a sound financial decision, so IDK, I'm torn.

(also, I almost never think to bring the camera with me on adventures, so I almost had a heart attack of joy when I remembered I had brought it today so I could share this joy with you. Sadly, in my joy I forgot to take a picture of the front so you can actually appreciate its full Victorian glory. *bangs head*)

NCIS season 11 premiere part 2, in which I am so very glad I did not see that ruinously spoilery promo first:

I had trouble following the plot from end to end, but I did recognize the epilogue scene from last year's finale when we got to it, and I must say I am pretty impressed by how completely the story changed from what you THOUGHT you were seeing to what the context of said scene ACTUALLY was. It's something I couldn't even explain to Past Me or a casual viewer, you kind of have to watch it unfold. (I hate when people say that, but it's true. Mostly because NCIS is so bloody confusing when it comes to the big plots that your understanding is more osmosis-based than anything).

Fornell on a stretcher, griping about how or more specifically where Gibbs shot him made my life. People getting shot in the ass is just never not funny, sorry.

Other than that, I spent most of it patiently waiting for this fabled "significant" and "super satisfying" resolution for the Tiva fans. (in case you missed it, I also had some feelings about that news) With a sidebar for Tony's fetching beard; having it all nicely trimmed short like that is a surprisingly hot look.

It surprised me in three waves: "Why should Ziva have the man that she loves?", causing an approximate reaction of "ARE YOU KIDDING ME SHOW

which I believe translates to "holy crap you went there! You WENT there! I never thought you would go there! Hey everybody, run back quick and pick which point you want to believe she fell in love with him, and then enjoy those episodes like the shiny new Easter eggs they are."

The second wave, "Come home with me" and "we can change together." Soft whimpering noises of sudden longing seem to be coming from my general direction. Hand kiss??

And the final, most important wave being the kiss proper. The super fantabulous kiss that managed to temporarily wrestle the ship crown back from Deeks and Kensi. Any and all objections I've ever had flew right out the window as my years-dormant shipper flame/embers ROARED back into existence with forest fire strength. So pretty. So pretty. "everything I hope the Tiva fans have been waiting for" was exactly what it was. That's it, that's all I need. Maybe I don't count as a Tiva fan? Some people seem upset.

I mean, would it have made a nice fairytale if the series were ending and Tony could stay with her in Israel for a while? Sure. But realistically? That was the best way to end. I don't feel cheated, and normally I raise hell when I don't get to watch a couple be in love, so that's saying something. I cannot praise these choices enough. Best of all, even beyond the shipper satisfaction, it's a wonderful ending for Ziva.

And yes, it's going to taint the series a little bit as, while we're busy telling ourselves she's in love with Tony, we're also going to have to tell ourselves that the person Ziva wants to be is dying before her eyes and becoming someone she doesn't want to live with. And that's heartbreaking. But for right now...she is going to be at peace. She will find it. There's plenty of opportunity to see her again one day (and because it's not NCIS: LA, it probably won't be in the context of killing her for shock value). And in the meantime, she's safe.

And she left us with lovely near-parting words, too. "I want to make [Gibbs] proud. He taught me to follow my heart." Yeah, don't mind me, I'll just be doing the pillow-hugging weeping-with-pride-and-sentiment thing.

And then replaying the kiss 27 more times.

Next up: just fyi, in my over-eagerness not to be late to The Mindy Project, I accidentally watched two minutes of New Girl, whereupon my immediate impressions were:I loathe Nick and Jess (so especially Nick) and Schmidt seems extra-douchey, but the girl who smashed a pie in his face seems perfect/better than the entire cast, I would watch her. But not dating Schmidt,
TMP: I think my problem with Happy Endings dude may be his strong resemblance to Max Adler. Rather than admit that prior character hate is coloring my illusions, let's just pretend I am strongly not attracted to that particular body type. But current character stuff isn't really helping. I sized him up with a skeptical side eye, theoretically giving him a chance to wow me but just waiting for an excuse, and he gave it to me in about 20 seconds with "I thought I'd drop some ressies." Followed shortly by the word "broster." Bye, bitch. I accept only Original Flavor Barney Stinson, none of his followers.

The fact that he's been written as intentionally abrasive makes me think it is possible I will laugh at him one day, since I did almost crack a smile at his barrage of "lol u not a doctor" insults at Mindy, but...they've also had Creepy Morgan around for a whole year now.

As for Casey...
Me 15 minutes into the episode: show knows how to write a dude out, I'll give you that. Yesterday I was wondering how they were possibly going to pull off this breakup and have me be OK with it, but yeah, I wouldn't want to marry the mostly unemployed DJ artist constantly spouting painfully embarrassing nonsense either.

Me at episode's end: noooooo *sob* YOU ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO BE A SAD SHOW. What are these sad feelings! You're a quirky little pick-me-up! Whyyyyyyyyy. (by which I mean: still acceptable, but just not as easy to swallow as before. That may be the saddest responsibly-called-off breakup I have ever accepted.)
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