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I need a Sleepy Hollow icon. Also 2 Broke Girls. And Mindy Kaling. Ugh, I hate icon shopping.

First of all, WANT. WANT. I want this more than I want to go back in time and see Wicked performed with Kristen Chenoweth & Idina Menzel. I want this more than I want to see Darren Criss in anything, including a small theater in Minneapolis.

Right there in black in white is a dream come true: The "Hit List" musical from Smash to be put on IN REAL LIFE! One night only. Apparently at a tiny dinner theater in New York, so not properly staged (oh wait where have I seen that happen before, Heart Shaped Wreckage) and all, but just think -- the musical as a complete storyline! With additional brand-new numbers! And Jeremy Jordan and Andy Mientus and KRYSTA RODRIGUEZ! That entire audience had better be staffed with Tumblrites and people in possession of YouTube accounts and illicit-if-necessary recording equipment, because Imma be stalking those tags like a crazy person this December.


Past Me: I'm not kiddng when I say I'm at the point of wanting fanfic about its characters. I know just enough about the musical's outline to tantalize me, and I want to know more about the love story. Maybe play!Jimmy is less awful than the person who portrays him.

I'm actually peeved I can't celebrate the end of the series by buying a ticket to see each show live. I'll take different actors, even, I don't care.

Second, I increased the amount of New Girl I suffered through this week to the last six minutes. It's horrible. I hate it so much*. Like, I kept checking my facial expression when I realized it wasn't totally stone-faced, afraid I might be accidentally smiling, but no -- it was just an unconscious grimace frozen in place.

*I have found Danny Castellano's turn of phrase in the Mindy Project finale increasingly useful in my life. Speaking of which...

The Mindy Project, 2x05, "Weiner Night"

Giant list o' joy style!

-"I have not yet tired of seeing hot people fall in love at the movies." Oh man, next time someone mentions anything about it being refreshing to see "real" (or even "more realistic") people cast in things, I am going to use that turn of phrase.

-Nor have I tired of people making blatantly ridiculous and over-exaggerated comments about Mindy's size while she is appropriately offended by them. That whole teaser was fantastic.  I say this as someone who thinks Mindy Kaling is super adorable/also pretty hot.

-Hot editor = Jason Feldman = dude has an extremely fetching face and has been catching my eye ever since his guest-starring turn as a comic book expert on Numb3rs. I loved his every scene with Mindy except the few where I had to mute what she was saying due to extreme secondhand embarrassment

-The last scene, though! I am glad that I now associate "Teenage Dream" with Darren Criss before Katy Perry. And I really liked this cover, despite my normally professed hatred of ukelele. I would probably throw that guy a one night stand after that.  By which I mean I would not be morally outraged by the idea.

-I took great joy in the many, many scenes of Danny's outrage (also Mindy mocking him with "I'm sorry, were you forced to take those pictures against your will?) and his general Seely Booth levels of feelings about relationships and privacy. I told you, stop back-door-ing your way into my affections, I can't handle it.

-Stupid Dr. Adam continues to bother me less each time he shows up. I hate it so much.

-Betsy being confusedly turned on by Danny's body and squeaking upon being touched by the real person... #dying #I haven't written in hash tags for a while now #I miss it so much

-Tamara turning into a model = aces. I always knew she had it in her, of course.

-Unexpected DEMON BLACKLIGHT on Danny's photos is both unexpected and so, so, so great

-More of Cliff the Lawyer, hanging around doing work for them despite the fact that they don't seem to pay him or notice that he is actually a divorce lawyer. Epic!

-"You usually look like a pinata." / "I like to wear colors, OK. And yes, I am usually full of candy."

-Mindy's dress for the opening looked super hot; I kept gaping at how slimming the white design on her hips was.

-Other stuff, probably, because basically every minute of this was delightful!

NCIS, 11x04, "Anonymous Was A Woman"

I...really enjoyed that, actually, storyline-wise. Season 11 is holding onto a pretty steady grade of "B" so far, maybe even a borderline B+? That's the highest it's been in years and surely it can't sustain itself much longer, but in the meantime...I REALLY liked this one. For starters, we got to see Layla and Amira again, the latter cheerfully greeting him as "Gibbsy" and telling tales of him playing Twister. (would pay money to see, but enjoy the free mental image)

This may also be the least annoying Mike Franks has been since the last time we saw Amira & her mother. I enjoyed his impassioned pleas and Gibbs coming down hard on bending vs. breaking the line because once you do, it's impossible to decide where to stop. Gibbs is always at his best with young people, so the scenes with him and the random refuge teenager were wonderful (also, a treat to see him laughing at being so innocently and matter-of-factly referred to as an old man). And while I take some issue with the realism of him "standing up to bullies" (once he dispatches the first guy, wouldn't you think they'd attack as a group to overpower him instead of just sending a second lone foot soldier to get his ass beat?), it made for good storytelling.

The very effective scenes in the women's shelter took hold of my heart, too.  Their overseas storylines don't always connect with me very well, but I took this one to heart. I saw a gifset of that Muslim girl who was shot by the Taliban on Tumblr the other day, and it was a startling rush of clarity to see a woman talking about men oppressing women where said men's aim actually is oppressing women. It's really powerful and not a little bit scary.

The only lowlight of the episode was our temporary third wheel investigator, who has the most oddly shaped features (she kind of reminds me of the sloth in Ice Age?), and whose voice is almost as grating.

Sleepy Hollow, 1x05, "John Doe"

Despite the fact the fact that the nature of the disease managed to hit one of my few known triggers, I loved everything about this episode so much I was able to overlook it. Hot language skills, kid interaction (talk about a soothing voice), awesome secret "walking on water" pathway, awesome hidden colony lost in time, awesome!! twist on the colony being long dead and the boy only temporarily being made flesh -- seriously, even though I knew that colony couldn't just be randomly hidden inside a nature preserve all this time, M. Night Shymalan style, that still sent true horror-movie shivers up my spine. Which is exactly the sort of thrill I come to this show for.

And every scene in the colony itself -- that was a wonderful setting; I also really liked the idea of the protective Virginia spirit. Bonus, I am always pleased when shows hit the "let's throw our main character in the hospital in critical condition" sweet spot as early as possible, I really am.

I'm really liking the balance Abbie's boss has struck between stopping short of embracing the insanity while still letting her and Crane have a lot of free rein, Mulder and Scully style, so long as he doesn't know all the crazy details and they're not breaking the law, probably. He's unexpectedly cool for having started as such a hard-ass.  OH!  Naturally, I also loved more threatening galloping from a new Horse of The Apocalypse, since that's the real reason we're all here if not for Tom Mison's face.  And that last shot of Death emerging from beneath the river while Pale Horse pranced in anticipation (like a slightly demonic circus pony) was so creepy cool/perfect for Halloween.

Aaaaand last (spoiler alert: far from last) but the opposite of least, I'll just be in my corner squeeing myself to death and doing kicky feet of abject glee at him getting to actually be with Katrina, however briefly, His faaaaace. I know everyone I've heard from is all "we're a good fandom, nobody wants to get in shipper wars here," but I have a secret arsenal of ammunition I've been building for the past week so that if war ever does break out, I will defend this side with aggressive tactics. I'm only neutral as long as we're winning canon. I mean I'm still neutral. Totally neutral.  In conclusion, Switzerland.  Roll kissing footage!

Wow that's dark, but I'm too lazy to scroll any further.

* To quote the TVLine review, "Ichabod interacts with a loofah puff and Scotch tape – I know this kind of thing may get old one day, but today is not that day." Don't forget his interaction with the impenetrable barrier! (plastic)

* Ever since this episode I can't stop thinking it would be really awesome to have an ornery black horse named Pestilence.

*Crap! I forgot to mention that there is a fun new comm for Sleepy Hollow that you should check out because of Reasons. sleepyhollowffa
Check it out for a bunch of interesting and unique post topics. Liven the place up a little with your contributions, remember how LJ comms function and stuff.

* WHAT DO YOU MEAN THREE WEEK HIATUS, the only show I accept hiatuses for right now is Glee and, well, basically any show that is NOT THIS ONE or Revolution. I can't go from marathoning to being cut off. That's very unhealthy for my TV show metabolism.

* The only thing I am not enjoying is Dt. Morales. Like, of aaaaaall the beautiful people to have salvaged from Off The Map, you had to pull THAT GUY instead. His face (associated with his past character horribleness). *hiss* I hate it so much.
Voice: One more time and you're banned from that phrase for life.
RS: I hate you so much.
RS: CHANGING A WORD MEANS IT DOESN'T COUNT. Also, I'm only doing this in the spirit of Season 9 How I Met Your Mother's belief that repeating a joke makes it funnier. SEGUE:

How I Met Your Mother, 9x05, "The Poker Game"

We're back with Marshall in the car, and it's so much better than him on the iPad it's ridiculous. Honestly, I almost don't care if he never gets here (that's not true. I expect he'll spend exactly the perfect amount of time getting here).  I LOVED the back and forth present day/flashback rage between "you didn't get me a wedding present"/"you didn't send me a thank you note." I love when this show is legitimately funny and Ted's storyline has nothing whatsoever to do with Robin.

I also really enjoyed Robin cackling as she scraped in a pile of Poker game winnings, and not gonna lie, kind of excited to see where this mother-in-law feud goes. One quick question on James -- when did they get a second kid? And what's with continuing to explicitly spell out what a self-absorbed douche he became off-screen between seasons? Why are you still trying to make this divorce worse? I'm already at the point where I don't think Barney cutting ties with his awful family in favor of Robin is the worst thing he's ever declared.

My favorite thing was the new and refreshing lack of grating repetition. (variations on a theme don't count)

2 Broke Girls: I liked the 10% of the episode that was them working at Starbucks to learn how to use the fancy coffee machine, as described in the episode summary. Did not like the 90% that was the offensively stereotypical Flamin' Gay Day Server, whom I hope we never see again.
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