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I can has new addiction?

1. I went to 3 different stores trying to find 6-packs of Diet Coke or Pepsi on sale yesterday; NOBODY HAD THEM IN STOCK. Not even Wal-Mart, which is higher than sale price but lower than not-on-sale price anywhere else and was my last resort. Wal-Mart did, however, offer an 84-cent two liter of diet cream soda, which I decided was an OK compromise even though I usually hate store brands of cola, figuring cream soda would be different.

IT IS. The flavor is spectacular. I used to drink cream soda at my friend's house in high school because it was her favorite, but she only drank the regular stuff so it was an indulgence. I haven't had it since, didn't even know diet versions existed. Whether it's the brand or the result of it being a 2-liter it isn't very highly carbonated, but it's so smooth it doesn't even have to be. Great, just when I thought I could finally have all of my low-priced needs met at Target...
2. Crap. I think I might watch the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary episode after all, after seeing the trailer. I cannot explain why.

3. While I was out and about yesterday, I went to a church school sale that's never had such a sale before, so there was lots of stuff and it was a lot of fun to browse. I ended up buying 3 books (I SWEAR I WAS HOPING NOT TO FIND ANY, but c'mon --
[There were a bunch of older children's books!]IMG_1842
1. Little Chief of the Mountains, a picture book withdrawn from this exact school's library, and more importantly a wonderfully advanced/wordy picture book from a naturalist's perspective, c. 1970.
2. A LOOK OF EAGLES!! Horse book I've been specifically trying to find both to read and to own for a while.
3. PHANTOM VALLEY!! There were 3 other books in this series I used to check out from the library as a kid and they terrified me so much I still have nightmares about them sometimes. This one I have not read, so it may not have the same effect, but I am just tickled pink to see it. Plus, this way, I will never forget the name of the series like I have three times before.

The books cost me $1.25. Then I turned around and splurged $5 on this pair of amazing earrings:
Because I was wearing this shirt (old pic, or I would be wearing the earrings to show off), and I like, fell over backwards at how perfectly matched they were; it was like they were sold as a set with that shirt.
Which I guess is hard to communicate with the things the camera does to colors so they don't look like it here, but trust me, they are amazing when worn. Yes, it is really that much of a hassle for me to go change my shirt just to take a picture. Besides, I already unplugged the camera and did the whole endlessly slow transferring/uploading thing; I'm not doing that again until I have to.

). ANYWAY, the point is, while I was there they had a radio playing a station I don't normally listen to, and they kept playing all these fantastic songs I'd never heard but instantly liked, so it finally broke me out of my Glee Sings the Beatles kick and now that station is what I'm listening to in the car. I also felt like they had kind of a weird sad theme going on when they played the following 3 in a row: If I Loved You, Let Her Go, and Gone, Gone, Gone.

Anybody else know and like these songs? (by Delta Rae, Passenger and Phillip Phillips, respectively) Because I love 'em and I can't wait until December to talk about them. My only problem with the first song is that I'm suddenly way more addicted to this live version and I need to...not get attached to live things over CD versions I can actually play away from the computer.
[embedded behind cut]-


4. Lastly, I WAS working on Glee, but then I took a teensy lil' detour to watch
Revolution, 2x04, "Patriot Games"
Aaaaand we're back to NO YOU CAN'T MAKE FOR THE NEXT EPISODE NO! feelings, so fortunately they're going to keep rolling out the new stuff for a bit, but even 4-5 days seems an eternity. It's mostly more of the same types of excitement -- Stephen Collins being a fantastic dad, Neville being a
fantastic weasel and just a joy to watch at what he does, the Patriots being slimier weasels, some new bone-chillingly gruesome horrors as far as where the bodies they keep dragging in two by two on horseback come from, Charlie & Monroe having a delightfully workable working relationship born out of Monroe being unexpectedly awesome.

(I'm sorry, but you save a girl from gang rape, then as much as I want to believe her saying you're still a sociopath underneath, that goes a long way. I would rather believe in his redemption story. He misses Miles and wants forgiveness, right? Then why not protect the dearest thing to him? Ideally out of the goodness of his magically redeemed heart because girl's got pluck and he admires her hand-to-hand combat skill and general tenacity. oh ugh did some shipper feelings just come to light? No, phew, they're not really shipper feelings. More like very confusing "it would be hot if they hooked up" feelings.)

Oh, and maybe there's a little bit of bonus "You just took an arrow, and I just sat by your bedside for 3 days" on the side, whatever. Um, for Miles/Rachel, in case that was not clear from the immediately preceding text. In less exciting news, I've decided that Aaron will continue being dead to me and resumed my habit of literally skipping any scenes where he was talking/existing without any other season 1 characters, as they were obviously irrelevant and I missed nothing.

But I gotta say, as far as next week's promo goes, I am super displeased at the addition of apparent "lol sci-fi superpowers" to what has so far been a 98% flawless reworking of a primitive post-apocalyptic setting.
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