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Oh look, another weekend I didn't actually have off.

My Saturday: work, zip out to a big garage sale for ~an hour (rushed and unsatisfying for lack of time), work, lie in bed feeling ill, sleep for 12+ hours.

My Sunday so far: work for 4 more hours, meet Chris, spend 4 hours running time-sensitive errands, sit dully on computer playing Neopets because now that I finally have time to clean, I'm too tired to do so. Also I need to find my stupid empty CD cases because I haven't been organizing my found treasures lately so much as shoving them wherever they fit, but I need one by tomorrow. My room has a lot of nooks and crannies and shelves and drawers where a stack of jewel cases might hide.

Total amount of TV I have watched in the past week: this much.

Survivor: whelp, so much for that. Bye, Brad...better you than John, I guess. Also goodbye to Kat, which is sad. Part of me respects Tina for not letting any of the One World whippersnappers get up to gossipy antics, but most of me is sad because I feel like Kat was only 20% annoyed with the Colton-esque scheming and 80% actually worried/trying to tighten up her group, and that would have been an awesome blindside if she'd gone to the right person. Kat seems like such a harmless little puppy, you know? All impulsive and reckless and hotheaded, but adorable. I know she technically got what she deserved at tribal - though in a choice between her and Monica, Mon would not be my choice - but she seemed so legitimately upset I just wanted to go put my arm around her and tell her it was OK. Or ideally have Katie do that for me. If I were Katie I would much rather hang out with Kat than Ciera if those were my only two girl peers.

Speaking of which, of all the family members to get to play together, Tina + Katie was my #1 pick aside from Candice & John. I'm REALLY happy they get to do that. And really happy that Tina's Terrible Mistake didn't cost either of them.


Criminal Minds, 9x05, "Route 66"
I cackled wildly every time Hotchner appeared to die in the preview; it never got old for me no matter how many times they replayed it. That should give you an idea of how invested I was in his limbo storyline. Weren't they divorced when she died? I'm just really having trouble buying the grandiose love story full of tears here. I don't usually reject tears, you know. That's how little I value him as a character.

No, my favorite part of the episode was the MP, who looked such a crazy amount like a young Lindsay Lohan that I cannot be convinced it's not her younger sister. (huh, Madison Davenport. I feel like I should know her better; she's apparently been in a lot of my shows. Though nothing so memorable as The Girl With The Curl as a wee thing on Bones). Anyway, I really enjoyed the whole story, since she made it out alive and unharmed at the end. I felt like it would make a slightly off-kilter but still pretty interesting YA novel from her point of view.

But overall, Season 9 really needs to step it up in the thriller and/or emotions department. Why does every crime show I fall in love with immediately start its next season off at molasses pace? Am I watching it wrong?

I also went ahead and watched the pilot of Reign. I mean, I promptly missed the second episode while trying to beat work, so I am ALREADY behind, but here are my impressions from that first episode:

Firstly, you should know that I'm coming from a place where Tudor England holds a special place in my heart owing to an extensive freshman year biography project where I studied Queen Elizabeth I, so I feel forever attached to her and her era, which includes a nice place for Mary, Queen of Scots. Granted Mary was mostly wicked in my research, but that part has gotten vague in my memory, and I am fully willing to embrace the sympathetic side here and choose to believe she grows up innocent of involvement in any and all assassination plots.

Speaking of that Mary, my first impression is that she looks a lot like Michelle Trachtenberg, which is not helping to dispel the sense that I'm actually watching Gossip Girl: The Ancestors. But it is nice to have a CW show again. She also looks a bit like Eliza Dushku, now that I think about it.

Other characters: Francis appears to be 17 going on 40, with a hairline that suggests imminent baldness and overly wide set eyes and a still faint but nevertheless skin-prickling Chuck Bass vibe, so that's not going to work for me. I'm afraid I'll have to cheer for lady adultery because that bastard brother of his has a real fetching countenance. Also he rescued her dog, so. I appreciate the options you've laid before us and I'm not anti-shipping, I've merely chosen a preferred leg in this triangle already. Everybody cheats in the royal court anyway, right? I can check my sense of morality at the door?

So far there are not enough horses, but hurray for the cute dog! Also, I am LOVING Anne Shirley as the wicked overly protective super wicked queen. I feel like I can see her relishing every evil smirk and spoken line. And A+++++ for the ghostly-but-probably-corporeal Burlap Bagface trailing her steps. As annoying as it is to feel like we will probably not find out the answer to that until the series finale, it is my favorite thing about this series so far.

Things I Could Have Done Without:
-Graphic poisoning at the beginning. We were having such a nice scene in the countryside, and then WAUGH NIGHTMARE FUEL.

-The semi-public bedding scene, which I am just blatantly deciding is one of their seven thousand historical inaccuracies and NOBODY TELL ME OTHERWISE because I literally woke up gagging at the memory and some of the things I don't need in my life are: anything that makes sex worse.

-Colin dying; ARE YOU KIDDING ME, I got so instantly attached to his face and shipping him with Lion Witch and the Wardrobe Girl it's not even funny. After I finished gagging upon waking up, I was struck with a case of incredible sads, and frankly my stomach is still kind of twisty at the memory.

But in conclusion? There is a ridiculous amount of beauty going on everywhere from the cast to the scenery, and I'm really enjoying it. Also, I was going to say I should look for an icon, but then I figured Renaissance Horse here could easily do the job, right? At least until I find an irresistible one.
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