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I am full of questions and little comments

1. Good fortune, gif* hunters! I have a quest for you. Can you find me images of any the following?
HIMYM: "What the damn hell" (any version) and Robin going "you say things!" in 2x12
The Mindy Project: Danny's "I hate it so much" about Mindy's hair in the finale
Scrubs: Probably much harder to find, but...
[a short list]"I'm already bored by you." - Heather Locklear's character
"You have no lines in this play." - Jordan in 6x05
"Nobody cares, Sean." - J.D.

The amount of times I have wanted to use these three is legitimately heartbreaking.

*my boyfriend pronounced it my way (jif) out loud and I am SO HAPPY with this kindred spirit-ness
2. Things I found after spending all of Monday cleaning:
[another short list]-My MP3 player connector cord, a/k/a the thing you need to charge it or use it in the car (has been missing for 2 months).
-3 pairs of earrings
-Various little pieces of hard candy (I scatter and cache them like a squirrel whenever I buy a bag, to prevent eating them all right away, and much like a squirrel, I soon forget where they are and am regularly surprised to run across them)

3. Watching Friends pilot again. I've adjusted to how crazy young they are, but what is going on with Joey's hair? He's so catalog-model handsome, I'm kind of goggling at it. Why did they not have him keep this hair? Why would you go for the generic guy cut worsened by gel spikes when you had that?? This hair actually makes me believe he could get women.

This reminds me that as with most shows, I tend to avoid season 1, but when it demands my attention I find it to be not so bad. Sometimes I really like them in the "young kids" stage, at least now that I have gotten over the shock of finally being that age (with a life that does not resemble theirs at all but whatever). It almost makes me wish I was part of a group like that, for the first time ever (except not in NY). I like all the really basic jobs they (aside from Ross) have at the beginning - they're actually pretty great role models for building careers even when you don't know what you're doing at first.

What I really love doing is comparing them to HIMYM - the only true "Friends" successor to date, I think - and wondering what our gang would think if confronted with these out-of-touch people via some magic time travel hijinx. Only ten years or so separate them, but it seems like entirely different worlds. Based on their reactions to hanging out in a coffee shop that one time, I feel like there would be a lot of raised eyebrows and skeptical looks. Ooh, and I just realized the difference in jobs, too -- how the HIMYM gang all had careers or clear career paths, and generally high paying ones, from the moment we met them.

Not gonna lie, sometimes my heart twinges for the innocence of the coffee shop hangout versus the bar. All the time, actually it's just so much more wholesome. Which makes me think about how even though it's not like Friends didn't have a fair few one night stands/first-date hookups, but I feel like all in all there was just less of a... "gettin' a hot piece of ass tonight, HIGH FIVE" attitude about it. Like I feel like the women were more trying to start a relationship when they did that, and while Joey is sort of like Barney, I feel like he's really closer to Ted in personality. But I feel like he had this goofy earnestness to his pursuit of women and was actually a nice guy who just got a lot of action, whereas Ted is usually in MUST FIND WIFE mode so when he does have casual hookups, he goes into them with a mentality of "not wife material, but she'll do as a hot diversion" mentality as influenced by Barney. I can't decide if that's reflective of the culture or specific to the characters.

tl;dr I love both shows, I do, and they both have their inappropriate moments I'm sure, but when I think of Friends, I think of soft corners and family-appropriate viewing, whereas HIMYM has an edge to it.

4. Oh crap it's already November. I have a bunch of Glee-related stuff to comment on at some point, but for the moment I would just like to state that their next episode is apparently 100% Lady Gaga/Katy Perry songs, and my brain is pretty much like WHAT THE DAMN HELL, could you even create a more perfect cocktail of musical hatred? Granted, Glee has fixed a fair few of their songs, but they haven't always succeeded. They're allowed to fix "Roar," because that thing is hella catchy on the radio and I have been eagerly anticipating a version that doesn't gross out the moral part of my soul, but everything else is an absolute no.

5. What should I spend the rest of my evening doing: trying to get a head start on work for tomorrow, organizing the 40 or so "liked" posts into my queue in the order I want to post them on Tumblr, or watching the Glee premiere again so I can finish writing my review? (it's actually 90% done and totally not at all more than a month late, but I only watched the ep once so it will be like seeing it with fresh eyes. And, spoiler alert, I loved it)

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