RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Dear idiot: when I explicitly tell you to double check for typos and that it is best to just copy and paste the URL directly from your address bar, DON'T SEND ME BACK A URL WITH A GODDAMN TYPO IN IT.

Especially don't do that and then whine at me "but I diiiiiiid visit the right site!" when I deduct your payment. One site has a hyphen and one doesn't. You didn't enter the hyphen on your original form, which is why I'm asking you to give me your answer again. If you forget the hyphen again, that says "I went to the wrong site," because guess what? They both work, but they are different websites maintained by different people.

[edit: oh man! shopper went full blown fisticuffs and apparently contacted the office threatening to report us to the BBB for shady business practices to scam people out of money ($3 of money, to be clear). Supervisor emailed me to clarify what happened, I sent back my documentation, and supervisor agreed shopper was being ridiculous. I love it when my nose-swatting is super justified like that.

Also on the bright side, is there anything better than a heaping bowl of mixed vegetables topped with just a tiny amount of melted cheese and a dash of pepper? Maybe when you pair them with a side of delicious imitation crab! #perfect lunchtime fixings #also I got Nescafe Memento on sale at the grocery store and I am very excited]

*bounces back out to the workpit, bypassing new comments for now*
Tags: work, wtf posts

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