RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

You're hotter than a buffalo wing

I would like to express my intense disappointment that Hollywood has declined to release a full-length (or even 1.5-minute long) version of the song Josh Groban sang on The Crazy Ones last night, and/or its DJ remix. YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND. THIS IS EXTREMELY CATCHY. For now I'm just playing the first minute of this clip over and over, and if we're not careful, I will start to consider the dialogue musical and part of the song (murder beats / not people, Danny) Also, I don't know about you, but if I were Real Life Sydney, Australia, I'd be buying the hell out of the rights to this hook for use in TV commercials. When I have more time, remind me to tell you about how this whole episode is the greatest thing ever and I have already watched or listened to it twice since it aired.

Right now, though, still dealing with work. The good news is it's the weekend so I am FINALLY at the point where no more shops are assigned to instantly replace the ones I finish. The bad news is I had like a million overdue shops today and now it's like I have some kind of giant research project to put together, between the actual research and the contacting people and the writing/rewriting all the words. It's certainly less terrifying (and also better paying) than any research project I've ever had, but wow, there are just so many parts to it.
Tags: the crazy ones, work

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