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Making short posts is liberating. I must do it more often.

So I JUST figured out what this symbol means: *\o/*

I always thought it was some crazy, warped version of "lol," possibly originating in the anime fandom since I think they came up with all the crazy little eyeball emoticons.  But, it's supposed to look like a little person cheering, completel with pom-poms, right?  Right?  *does a little dance*

Part II: While I'm having Revelation Day, I also finally figured out which Winchester was Sam and which was Dean.  AND which was Jared Padelecki and which was...oh, what's his name...Jensen Ackles?  Yes.  Now, my task is to keep these facts straight in my head so I will stop being horribly confused when people on my flist start flailing about one of them.

Dean = Jensen = the guy from Dark Angel.  The guy you always confuse with the bug-eyed guy on Prison Break.  The snobby-looking one whose character you hated on Dark Angel.   Ackles raises your hackles.  There we go!

Sam = Jared = puppy dog boy.  The younger-looking and cuter one (though that's not saying much).  Remember that 'Jared Padalecki' is more fun to say, so it goes with the cuter one, and also that Sam is more likely to be a dog's name than Dean.  Voila!

Part III: Um, I don't want to be panicky or anything, but why is that when I attempt to log on to Your Tax Dollars at Work, it's not so much message board forums as a bland front page about taxes?!  Because the domain name expired and some vastly annoying people immediately "sniped" it.  -.- Okay, well, now it's at
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