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I am so freaking behind on TV.

After 16 plays in 4 days, I finally got The Crazy Ones out of my system. But not before I wound up with this fantastic result from the Lolcats meme!
sub-caption: what your cat thinks during your backyard barbecues

How I Met Your Mother, 9x09, "Platonish"
Girls Night O' Challenges: Cute! Fun! I liked that a lot, though it got kind of boring and not as emotionally heartwarming as you think it is when Barney started talking to the mother.

Bros @ Basketball: UGH. Shut uuuuuuuuup. (except when Ted's old boss called; that was fun. But having recently rewatched "Doppelgangers," it made me wonder if it's relevant that Ted and Robin have both been offered career opportunities in Chicago)

Also relevant: second-tier reruns are in season 8 right now, and man, it is not enjoyable. Not even the episodes I called above average, like Lobster Crawl and that one where Brad pretends to be a homeless bum (well, no, that one was still pretty great. But Lobster Crawl was trying, and I expressed enjoyment at it before, which is the opposite of how my second-look reactions to this show usually go).
2 Broke Girls, 3x08

That was fun, I very much enjoyed our title location of old-timey nonsense and the world's worst/most arrogant waitress while Max subtly proved she is actually one of the world's best. Then there was an adorable possum back in the diner. And most importantly, back in the apartment, we got to see the cat again!!

[This is a really terrible review. It's like 5% exclamation points. Sorry, Future Me.]
1) SO NOT ON BOARD WITH GROSS FOOD CHALLENGES. Live mealworms? Nope. I wouldn't have even tried. I wouldn't have tried two, much less 40. I chose to work instead of looking directly at this challenge.

2) SO HAPPY watching Aras and Vytas get bounced out one after the other. Especially after Aras kept smugging about and otherwise generally reminding me why I tagged him with the moniker "Arrogant Ass" back in season 1. But at least he doesn't have that greasy layer of sleazy used-car-dealer ooze dripping off him the way Vytas does. Vytas truly makes your skin crawl.

3) I really enjoyed the coin stacking challenge. SO HAPPY when Katie won immunity. So distraught to see Tina go. :( It's not fair that the sucky mother-daughter team gets to be the last couple standing. I mean, I knew I was going to have to choose between keeping the Wessons and eliminating the Smug Brothers once they allied up, but I was hoping I miraculously wouldn't. They're just so nice and sweet, I feel like that would be me & my mom out there.

4) And one from last week -- watching John lose the last immunity challenge after winning all the others was a special kind of heartbreaking
Criminal Minds, 9x07, "Gatekeeper"
"Is that a scrapbook??" I asked upon seeing the first preview, and from that point on, I couldn't help being a little bit enchanted with our psycho. The care, the organization, the dedication, man, he really tried. Except for when he lazily used masking tape.

I really did enjoy this one, though. Just the right mix of creepy, scary and soul-chilling. At least until that bizarre "don't mind me, just delivering a baby with my bare hands despite the fact that I'm pretty sure ambulances equipped with paramedics have already been called in" birth scene. Dear shows everywhere: please stop having your male leads heroically deliver babies. It's cloying and treacly, not the good kind of sweet. Not even when it's Reid.

Criminal Minds, 9x08, "The Return"
Our exact reactions when the super-sweet, warm, wonderful, bursting-with-sunshine sweetheart of a waitress about whom I would happily watch an entire series centered around because that's how fast they made us bond with her! got shot:
"I hate this show." / "I KNOW!!"

I really didn't care about anyone as much as I cared about that victim, but I was kind of intrigued by the idea of the child soldiers. The problem was that it all kind of fell apart in the second half. Why did he randomly have a girl? Why exactly did he employ this very odd and complicated technique of exacting vengeance? What was the point of killing random people before going after the cop? (that one I might have just missed due to having gotten bored) This setup really seemed more like it would fit an anti-American killer, possibly with a pedophile twist.

As for the personal storyline, I want to say that Morgan is about as interesting as cardboard, but then he shows up shirtless and I find myself tilting my head and letting out an involuntary "hoo!" The abs and pecs actually minimize the effect of those unfortunate patches of mold on his arms. (also there was a dog, so...that was fun, even if it wasn't his)
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