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backdated post from before my week went to hell

As usual, when confronted with the prospect of Too Much Good TV (I could watch Glee, finally! 2 episodes of Sleepy Hollow and under 24 hours away from another! FOUR episodes of Revolution??)...I chose to watch none of it and instead decided to start cleaning out my bookmarks. Mostly all I did was dump fanfic in the "fanfic" folder (and then curse when I later discovered a separate "Glee Fic" folder) but I was able to delete a fair number of dead or no-longer-wanted links, since I had apparently not cleaned my bookmarks out since the beginning of 2012. I still probably have hundreds, but at least they're a tad more organized now.

Also, there are clearly a lot of stories I bookmarked to read later after barely a cursory glance, huh? "my take on Kurt as a gender-questioning kid." NOPE. DELEEEEEETE.

Then, instead of doing the sensible thing like going to bed, I started watching Revolution.
2x05, "One Riot, One Ranger"
I love how I barely even had time to get upset about learning that there was a deleted scene in 2x04 of Miles and Rachel kissing (not in flashback! RIGHT NOW!) before the scene was actually released for public consumption! I was prepared to accept their explanations that it felt misplaced -- I even agree with them -- but that does not change the excitement of getting to watch that, and oh, it was gorgeous. I am always here for expressions of thank-god-you're-alive emotions, especially if they stop at kissing.

As for this episode -- aww, Miles/Charlie reunion hug! Followed in short order by some awesomely aggressive protectiveness, "what did you do to her?!" A+ on putting my two favorite things back to back/reminding me why I want Charlie around. I also enjoyed Monroe & Matheson's reluctant teaming up/reminiscing about old times (Charlie: "You guys are just naming cities!").

And last but not least, the Texas Rangers are pretty fantastic. Shame about Monroe's short-sighted/scary-ass-mofo move of shooting Jim Beaver in the back, but I do love when this show shocks me.

P.S. The first useful thing about Aaron all season is that I just discovered the existence of Aaron's Journal on the NBC website.

Awwww, you know just how to get to me with the fuzzy-turned-heartbreaking backstory of Monroe And The Double Tragedy.

Otherwise, I think the theme of this episode was pretty much WHAT THE DAMN HELL??
-Stephen Collins you traitor! (later revealed to be partially understandable, but still, not really)
-Reconditioning camps?? (in retrospect, that's kinda not super different from Monroe's training centers though, is it?)
-I wanted so badly to believe they were shocking me by actually killing Monroe, but sadly there is no way that major of a character goes down on the dead night of Halloween. That said, what with the not-following-news-or-spoilers, I didn't actually know and I as able to believe the lie.

-I'm actually pretty surprised they let Monroe go with just a burial. Evil like that, you really want to burn uncovered with lots of witnesses just to make sure they're really dead.

-Rachel's face upon learning of her father's two-facedness is the saddest.

-Ugh, god, not that freak again. Dr. Horn -- I HATE that actor. He has the worst, most awful face to look at. Like a ghoul.

-Was Patriot Lady severely misinformed about the intensity of the reconditioning camps? Or is Jason just really good at manipulation? Because he seems to have gotten magically non-evil surprisingly fast.

-I did not entirely hate Cynthia during the escaping. I admire a woman who refuses to be left behind for her "safety." (I went back to hating her after her apparent fear of Aaron's powers, which, he literally just used them to save you from a terrible fate. Incidentally: second useful thing he has done all season since dying; I also admire a man who is filled with all-consuming rage/desire to hurt in order to protect a woman he loves. See also, Miles.)

I'm paused there, because apparently there are only two more episodes waiting for me and then it's suddenly on hiatus until JANUARY. I feel like it's appropriate to refer back to What The Damn Hell in this case.
Aw, what the heck, let's take care of the Monday comedies while we're at it:
How I Met Your Mother, 9x10, "Mom and Dad"
I enjoyed seeing the return of James' father (best replacement minister ever!); not sure how I feel about the ridiculous "get Mom and Dad back together" hijinx, but I might find them entertaining in reruns - especially the musical 1950s family clips. I definitely enjoyed seeing Sherri Daphne one last time, and about died laughing at her daughter proudly shouting pro-oil sentiments, to Marshall's unending horror. Mostly, this episode was worth it for Detective Mosby, which I LOVED -- Ted is absolutely at his best when he's being ridiculously dorky. Also the sight gag of the cousin actually rescuing a giant squid.
2 Broke Girls and the Pastry Porn

*high pitched squealing noises at how adorable it is to see Max have actual dreams* Including the horror at having her baking-school brochure discovered along with all her porn. But mostly at Max panicking over being a "tart who can't make a tart," begging for her chance to get in ("please stop making me use these horrible, horrible words!") , and Caroline managing to get her into the school despite steep tuition. Those girls are just too cute. I also really enjoyed the example of What Happens When Tumblr Grows Up: "your voice is an anxiety trigger for me."

Lastly, the "your face is___" as an insulting response to everything is my new favorite ("your face is a pastry school! Your face can't just storm out!"). I guess J.D. was right after all -- "so's your face" DOES always make sense!
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