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I'm so done with today.

I think the only productive thing I'm going to accomplish today* is TV talk, so I'm going to take a break and do that:

*except on Neopets. I had a pretty awesome day there, including getting the max. number of prizes for the Games Master Challenge -- I am SO glad I made myself get out of bed last night to finish, because the top prizes are worth a couple hundred thousand NP and one will only increase in value -- as well as nabbing a few cheap items in shops on Half Price Day for resale, and winning a PIRATE PAINT BRUSH from Anchor Management.

Also, yesterday I managed to grab an Island Kau out of the pound, then was able to get spare clothing from someone, which I promptly transferred to my main account, and then repounded the dumb pet. tl;dr now Oublierai can wear island clothes!

Other things that happened yesterday: Broomy turned Island! I was planning to repound or gift her away when she changed colors, but now I have to keep her. I love Island Unis; they look like pintos with flowers in their manes.
How I Met Your Mother, 9x11, "Bedtime Stories"

While I tend to find rhyming fairly irritating on screen or stage, I didn't mind this episode. It seemed pretentious, sure, but I appreciate them flat-out going for the gimmick and they had a good setup. As for the stories themselves...

Mosby At the Bat: My favorite one; I enjoyed the date almost as much as the Date Line cutaways. And of course, the predictable "Barney = Derek Jeter" ending.

Robin Takes the Cake: Fun until Simon left the screen. Then just gross.

Player King of New York City: more than a little bizarre, but I did enjoy NPH showing off (in every sense of the word) his best attempts to showcase his Robin Williams versatility in accents.

How I Met Your Mother, 9x12, "The Rehearsal Dinner"
That reveal would have been so much better if Robin hadn't gotten stressed to the point of tears/tearing out her hair first. At a certain point, how do your jackass friends (including would-be paramour Ted Mosby) not go, "hey, this seems like it might not be worth it" and tell her about the surprise already?? Never mind how infuriating weeks of Barney's stupid smugness about the rehearsal-that-wasn't would have been, but the last day really seemed like the last straw. "Sometimes I'll lie to you in order to surprise you"? Yeah, see, it's not sweet if you have to manipulate someone to the point of the despair first.

There is literally no difference between what Barney just did and what he did that upset her so much she couldn't even enjoy a pile of the fattest, fluffiest puppies that have ever existed. You know, the thing that she explicitly begged him to not ever do again. That's like a whole crock pot full of warning signs, and honestly, I cannot enjoy the ending because the setup was JUST. SO. GROSS. Am I the only one seeing this? Where is the feminist outrage? (literally, I don't know where to look for it even if it exists) I WANT TO GET ON BOARD WITH IT.

Ways to make that ending awesome without emotional manipulation:
1) What he did, but delete the weeks of smug "lol I know you're going to throw me the rehearsal dinner I really want," which served no purpose except to irritate the poor woman. Say he just tried to sneak in one game of laser tag (even though the place wasn't open) to get it out of his system. That way she comes out just a little exasperated at her impulsive manchild of a groom.
2) Fake an excuse to leave, then call her saying he just saved a dog from being hit by a car and beg Robin The Dog Whisperer -- no one else will do! -- to help him catch it and take it somewhere safe. Worst case scenario, she changes out of her fancy outfit and isn't all gussied up for the dinner. Best case scenario, the dog in question turns out to be a trained dog named Bear who will carry the rings for their wedding in tiny saddlebags.
3) Something related to being injured and needing her to come right away. I will allow minor emotional manipulation in the context of hurt/comfort, but YMMV.

I just cannot, cannot, cannot get on board with her going from infuriated to "awww, never mind, you made up for it." You want it to be romantic but honestly, it kinda borders on emotional abuse. And sets a dangerous precedent for him being to able to actually do something awful (like cheating) and then say "lol j/k that was a trick" to get away with it.

I HAVE A LOT OF FEELINGS ABOUT THIS, none of them good. "The Robin" still niggles at me for being not quite right, and this is not helping your cause, sirs in charge of running the show.

Anyway, things I loved included Liberace Ice Dancing (Falling) Ted, Lily "I can keep a secret, I can keep a secret reeeeal good" Aldrin pestering every chance she got, and all the background stuff happening during the final scene, which was admittedly pretty great. This episode really should have been great, it just...wasn't.
2 Broke Girls, 3x10
I am not really loving pastry school so far, and I'm not sure why, but it seems very bland (it might have something to do with me finding Giles Martini exceptionally boring, and not having many feelings about Beebe or perhaps it's me really loathing that dumb kid in class -- although he did serve to transform Max into a high school student before my eyes; I feel like I suddenly know her teenage self very well, and I like her. It would appear she was a slacker, but perhaps only 80-90% as cynical as she is today.

I am now having a blast actually imagining her in class...I bet she was totally one of those students were one teacher saw potential in her work and encouraged her. Haven't decided, though, if this led to her actually yearning to try hard in one class, or if peer pressure to fit in with the losers combined with her fear of success and the fragility of good things led her to blow it off. THIS WOULD MAKE GOOD FANFIC. Also this is a mega long aside).

I thought Caroline's borrow Sad Puppy shirt was adorable, and she looked really cute in it, perhaps because I am the kind of person who would knock heads together in my haste to buy it, at least for a sleep T-shirt. I am loving Beebe's little Cocker Spaniel figurines, and the hostile way she sweeps them into a drawer.

My favorite thing about last week's episode was the husband-and-wife scenario, complete with Caroline assuming she'll get an actual kiss on the cheek to complete the roleplay (and she does! eventually. But she gets it).

Funeral wasn't terribly exciting or emotional [eta: EXCEPT FOR THE HANDHOLD], but I am laughing at Tumblr's immediate reaction of "are you telling me that military lesbian roommates stuff wasn't foreshadowing?"

The Mindy Project
You've Got Sext: Awesome.
I loved every single second of that, except possibly while watching the two freaks impersonate Mindy while sexting, because this was so much funnier on How I Met Your Mother (important prerequisites not being met here: both guys have to be attractive, undeniably heterosexual, and not creepy perverts in their everyday lives). Otherwise, golden! And I still liked the content of the texts.

I loved seeing Cliff's succession of Very Interested Faces. Then again, I appreciate Cliff's face in any contexts. I also enjoyed his general befuddlement at the party, appreciated him worrying about coming on too strong, and then SURPRISE ELLIE KEMPER! I instantly ship this almost as much as Cliff/Mindy, because apparently I am forever open to shipping the same guy with both of these women. Also this way he can stick around longer, and I am very much good with the slow UST path on this one.

And on the other side, Mindy inviting herself to stay at Danny's apartment was AWESOME, between her totally clueless but accidentally-sexually-charged antics and his panicky discomfort at the sexually charged sexiness of it all. Still not shipping, it was just comedic gold. I even appreciated his wee sad face when she crushed the hope out of it by explaining that the guy she works with and might like is...not him. Apparently I can be worn down on the concept of stubbornly stoic guys secretly being mushy-hearted romantics who just want to settle down and get married and fall into the comfort of regular routines.

NEVER MIND the glorious extras of Mindy making herself his fake (pregnant) fiancee and trying to thwart the crazy neighbor. That would have made the episode all on its own.

Mindy Lahiri Is A Racist: Awesome. In which I laughed forever and ever at my favorite thing...non-white people taking issue with hypersensitive racism accusations. It's just really refreshing, I'm sorry. I also enjoyed the horror of them discovering Danny was recommended on White Power mommy blog, and his fumbling, terrible attempts at PR.

Wedding Crushers: Not good. I liked it better when the ex was in rehab; no need to revisit him. Especially not if I have to watch Mindy take Dr. Loser as her date, which is mildly like torture. The appearance of Danny's brother and the argument over their dad? Not fun either.
Revolution, 2x08-09
At this point, the hiatus is more like about 4-5 weeks, which seems much more manageable than a real hiatus, so -- tackling this, and maybe next year I will watch episodes in real time instead of time delay.

Things Currently Rattling Around In My Head:
-Come on, Aaron -- you have watched Charlie turn from innocent to ruthless serial killer for the greater good. I don't get why you're so upset about psychically immolating people who are trying to hurt and/or kill you, your loved ones, and innocent people. You don't have to actually do anything to get your hands dirty, and you don't have to risk your loved ones getting hurt in hand-to-hand combat. It's win/win.

-Once again, I forbid you to introduce a skanky Cheating Wife scenario as far as Miles/Rachel backstory is concerned. I won't have it. I'm gunning for a Horatio/Yelina situation with all my might.

-OH MAN. What is that going on with Aaron/Cynthia? Is it my favorite prisoner trope, very hard to plausibly pull off, in which you abduct a couple, split them up for a while (preferably where one can hear the other screaming), and then bring them back into the same room just to hurt one in front of the other? WHY, I BELIEVE IT IS. Pity it's wasted on a relatively useless couple, but you know, I can use the raw material and/or try to get invested in them just for this. It's tricky to transpose because of the whole sci-fi powers angle -- what is the modern-world equivalent of the reason for hurting Cynthia? -- and also mildly obnoxious that I cannot give it a Klaine spin because this does not really work unless one party is a woman, and a relatively weak and helpless one at that. But still. Useful.

-Especially if you can manage to get them both free and leave one to take care of the other/anxiously wait for her to wake up. I like that part even more.

-Except apparently I picked out the wrong Sacrificial Sweeps Lamb. I had actually forgotten one was coming, so fie on that. I said I didn't like her, I didn't explicitly say I wanted her dead. Also, show, I think it is about time you stop offing women whilst only pretending to kill dudes, at least as far as main characters go. I still don't get why she didn't at least try to edge her way behind Aaron, though. That's a move from Defending Your Vulnerable Loved One 101, especially since Creepy Face was obviously unhinged enough to actually shoot her.

-I am really liking the explanation for Aaron's powers, though. More nanotech angel kids, plz. (also I am glad that Creepy Face is dead)

-YOU CAN'T JUST LEAVE ME HANGING ON MILES HAVING A PRACTICALLY-BLACK-FROM-INFECTION ARM. But I do highly appreciate Rachel's hovering concern and stubborn refusal to leave. Time to switch nursing roles!

-Meanwhile, back East...I am a little (but not entirely) shocked and kind of sad at the Patriot wife-shooting antics. But what did I tell you about Kim Raver not really being dead? Did not expect the complicated wrinkle of her being abruptly remarried within a few months, but I am enjoying their dirty trysts (I assume there will be more) and look forward to the fully restored and newly amplified powers of this ambitiously conniving family. Truly, they are the Malfoys of Revolution.  I cannot believe I haven't made that connection before now, although I think subconsciously it was always there.

Survivor: OH MAN VYTAS IS GONE. I didn't even realize that Laura was helping Tina because she'd be easier to beat later on, I thought she just genuinely wanted the very likable Tina to get more money than Sleazy Vytas. I'm going to pretend both reasons were true.

Glad to see people targeting Tyson; pissed it didn't work, but at least his idol is gone now. And on the other hand, I was SERIOUSLY giving some hard side-eye to him thinking Ciera might be lying in the first place, because this was some Woman Is Evil sexism happening in front of my eyes. I've never seen that in real life before; I thought sure it was a Tumblr myth. I wasn't particularly invested in whether it was Ciera or Caleb who went home, though I think I'd rather it have been Hayden, of the two mutineering guys. All that really matters is that Katie is still here! Think she might make the finals? 'Cause I'm pretty sure she could win the whole game if she did.

Also I think Monica might be the strongest woman on earth. I did enjoy her "goin' to show the kids there's two badasses in this family, kthnx," and then DOING it.

Criminal Minds, 9x09, "Strange Fruit"
Wow. I nominate that for the most boring episode of a thing that looked exciting ever. I loved it when we were digging up skeletons, but was absolutely dying of boredom during the interrogation room scenes and the longest and dullest display of Tumblr On Racism imaginable. Also we officially lost it when they started playing the song in the title and laughed ourselves silly at the saccharine melodrama.

9x10, "The Caller"
Ahh, that's better, back on track. VERY impressed by your willingness to follow through and kill a missing child. I don't often get that level of shock/surprise from crime shows, and it's even rarer that missing kids aren't found alive but are found immediately.  Nice job on the backstory and tying the cases together, too. Thoroughly satisfying on all counts, including the scare factor -- the child's voice was creepy, and somehow, even after we saw the original video and context, it did not become any less creepy.
Tags: 2 broke girls, criminal minds, how i met your mother, neopets, revolution, survivor, the mindy project, tv commentary
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