RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

I found a new thing to be angry about.

I don't know how long Google has been trying to think for its users, but apparently at some point they decided to start dividing your inbox into different sections (primary, social, promotions) without telling you. I don't email people, I only check it to receive things. I'm not hanging around there, investigating. So no -- I did not notice the "promotions" tab on my email before today because the sidebar did not say I had any new messages.

Except I did. 200 "promotion" messages, which are in fact at least 75% actual valuable coupons to places I have been spending money all fall and REALLY COULD HAVE USED HAD I KNOWN THEY WERE THERE. I am so angry right now. There's a reason I'm on these mailing lists, Google, and it's not because my email was given in bulk to a bunch of companies after I signed up for a random freebie three years ago.
But, on the bright side...
To compensate for the Too Stupid To Live shopper, I contacted one yesterday who was ridiculously nice and helpful. First she emailed to inform me that she had gotten my email and would work on it when she got home, and profusely apologized for creating more work for me. She asked if I might be available by email if she had any questions, but acknowledged that she knew I was 2 hours ahead in time zones, so she understood if not. Then she asked if she could see her original survey in order to provide the best answers possible. (Incidentally, she was already really good at the writing part, she had just misunderstood the directions and so she needed more detail on certain parts she didn't think were relevant.)

THEN, when all was said and done, she thanked me for my help, said she really wanted to do a good job for the company, and said she hoped I would be her editor again because I was so nice and helpful (and I'm like, aww, no, YOU are! *gush*). She's new, so I made sure to put a glowing note in the report comments so the schedulers will be more motivated to contact her with the good shops. These are the things that make me like my job.
Tags: rage-o-hol, work

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