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I'm still waaaaay behind on Glee, but Tumblr is busy using words like "Kurt's assault" and "triggered" to describe something that happened in the Christmas episode. Naturally, my face lit up in delight and hope at what sort of wonderful hurt/comfort scenarios might arise.

I am also kind of obsessively listening to "Promiscuous Girl" at the moment, for nostalgia purposes, so I decided this was the perfect marriage of a reason to post + lyrical post titles.

(I have since heard in general what this scene involves, and I'm pretty sure it does not quite match up to the Law & Order: SVU scenes that usually run around in my head...I'm just telling you how I react to things that cause the hypersensitive children to cower and have PTSD flashbacks, or alternatively, profusely thank the people who warn them what to avoid. While they're ducking and running, I'm shoving them out of my way in haste to get to the thing faster.)

(Also, I'm pretty sure there are things people should actually be warning me about re: Kurt in this episode, based on what I saw of that shirtless dude in the promo. Now I'm conflicted about whether I can handle this episode after all. Every episode this season sounds like it's either an A or an F, there is no in between.)


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Dec. 9th, 2013 07:05 pm (UTC)
Agreed about this season. I just watched that episode over the weekend.
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