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"I could do so much more..."

1. Last night I fiiiiiinally caught a break on work prior to 9pm for the first time in almost two solid weeks. I didn't even get to decorate the tree this year because it was taking too long so my mom took over. :(

2. So far I have spent my time off on the following pursuits:
a) Getting coffee with Chris, whom I had not seen in 12 days. Which is extra-horrible not only because it's the pretty pre-Christmas season where there should be tons of wonderful date-like things to enjoy, but also because his second (temp) job went on hiatus for the month of December, so he's had nights and weekends free like a normal person. Like I should have. But somehow don't.
b) Watching Sister Act & Sister Act 2 back to back (awesome/highly recommended/have not seen these in 10 or 15 years)
c) Watching Dr. Horrible again + the regular commentary & all the special features except Commentary: The Musical
d) Watching Doctor Who, "The End of Time" again, theoretically to put myself back in the mood in order to watch the 50th Anniversary episode already, but that may have backfired idk.

Both Sister Act movies are childhood favorites, and I'm pretty sure they're also all-time favorites, but I didn't have a chance to test this theory until a few weeks ago, when a local channel played them back to back. I only tuned in for the second half of the first one and fell asleep halfway through the second, but they were still head-over-heels glorious. I'm so glad I finally found time to finish watching both. And also that the library conveniently has a 2-in-1 DVD.

I used to prefer the sequel because I loved the high school choir storyline, but as I now have Glee for those needs I think I like the original just a tiny bit more (I just really, really love all the individual nuns in ways I never appreciated before, having only focused on the two main ones + Whoopi + Mother Superior). Still love them both, though, especially as I'm pretty sure this movie is still the greatest thing Lauryn Hill has ever done. Although I would like to know why the internet is not offering me any versions of that "if you wanna be somebody" hook. IS THIS SOMEHOW NOT A REAL/FULL-LENGTH SONG?? Because that's like the entire reason I loved this one so much.

(also, I must say that I am sad and disturbed by how dated a high school graduating class 10 years before my own looks, and really worried that that is how my class, with fashions I still consider 100% current & relevant, looks to current teenagers. I am still your contemporary, somehow!)

But fine, whatever. Sister Mary Clarence is still my childhood role model, and I will forever cherish this version of Wendy Makkena as the meek little church mouse Sister Mary Roberts, marveling at how she still seems like a completely different person from the brash comedy characters I usually see her playing nowadays. (in related news, my happy place is hearing her trill out "cherubim" and "seraphim" on "Salve Regina," which I think we can agree is the highlight scene of the whole franchise:

Feel free to talk at me some more about how great this movie is. I assume we all have similar memories.

Dr. Horrible
I see it's been two years since I last had a mini-obsession with this; high time I dusted it off, not least because Chris was wearing his Hammer-Out Homelessness T-shirt last night and it was the first thing to make me smile all day.

I could swear I've never actually watched it past Penny's death for all I remembered the ending...although actually, I also kind of forgot most of acts two and three entirely. I played my favorite songs from the soundtrack on shuffle so much that I lost all sense of chronological order, and definitely forgot most of the visuals. This thing just gets better every time I watch it.

Captain Hammer gets hammier (also hotter; I keep thinking he has some sort of body double), NPH...well, NPH is always glorious that's not new; but this time more than ever I appreciated the fact that the best thing about Penny's songs is that they are all contained in this very limited, low range with which I can actually sing along! And sound pretty doing it! Although I don't mind just listening to her, either, as this sort of soft, breathy voice is exactly why Dianna Agron was my favorite the best female vocalist on Glee.

Also, this is somehow the first time I've ever caught Cpt. Hammer's weirded-out look in response to "we do the weird stuff!" It's glorious. Thank you, commentaries. (which I also enjoy more every time I listen, just for the sense of camaraderie)

P.S. Did you know the DVD is only $5.00 on Amazon right now? It's great for those "ooh, I'm so close to free shipping!" orders.

Doctor Who: The End of Time, Rewatch
Since my old computer's hard drive died in late 2011, I basically haven't watched any Doctor Who at all, even in clip form. I survive on cherished memories and occasional still photos and gifsets. It's always been one of those "it's so good, I'm not ready to unlock the memory yet." But a couple weeks ago I saw the DVD of the specials at the library, so I checked it out for kicks, figuring End of Time would be a good transition to the special-I-still-haven't-watched.

My reactions are pretty much the same as the first time I watched it, right down to the line "A madman sat in his empire of dust and ashes, little knowing of the glory he would achieve" imprinting itself on my soul like life-changing poetry, including the way I still feel about the ending (last one on the page). Although it turns out that the second half did hold up pretty decently for a second viewing 3.5 years later, that's something - I definitely liked the salvage aliens more this time.

Also I am still not entiiiiirely over the fact that it's Wilf's fault Ten died right there, even if Ten's ragey rant at the universe is a magnificent thing to behold.

And this part is DEFINITELY still true: now that I've briefly seen [Eleven] in action, my feelings of wanting to punch him squarely in the nose intensified by 1000%.

Which is, you know, kind of detrimental to watching an episode that will have a bunch of Eleven in it, in case you've forgotten how I mostly refused to watch him when he showed up to ruin The Sarah Jane Adventures that one time.

No, I will, I will watch it. I swear. After I watch these other two movies that are due back tomorrow and have crazy long request lists.

But watching this episode did strike me with a powerful sense, that I'd almost forgotten, of how much I love the Doctor (well, how much I love Ten) and everything about him -- why I loved all the darkness and the raw passion and the unhinging of him at the end even as I listened to people bemoan how tired they were of him. Straight up until the end, this is my Doctor, the one and only, and he has no flaws except the ones he's supposed to have to make him interesting. Nothing was ever wrong with the way he was written or played.

The only other thing I wanted to say, since I literally have not watched an episode of DW straight through since I finished the series, is what an odd rush it felt, seeing the credits sequence start. That took me back. I remembered the exact rush I used to get when I was starting a brand-new episode, what that song and those credits (which have been ruined under Moffat, I hear) did to me. And it's strange to realize, all over again, that even watching this "new" episode, that is never going to happen again. Because whatever Moffat's mutant monstrosity is, it is decidedly not my show. At best it's like my show's ugly clone with genetically modified DNA.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it, and we'll just see who's right at the end.

...also, while I'm here, HOW HAVE I NOT RUN ACROSS THIS? It's my two favorite things, parodies and "Somebody That I Used to Know"! Wrapped up in one less-awesome thing, but hey, even that's OK because I am flabbergasted at how well these two manage to resemble a bunch of different characters. I am still not convinced that's not the real actress who plays Arya.

Goals for second half of day: figure out something else to do with Chris, watch 2 movies, read a pile of books, and oh, I guess I have to go finish off that one assignment for work before I do anything else, probably.
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