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Awww, look, it's Shamy!

So, I've finished season 4 of BBT, and am now feeling irritable that there are 23 requests on season 5 at the library (are you kidding me? That's not even the most recent season!).

I really love the first half -- I'm pretty sure Zazzy Substitution is my favorite episode to date, because 25 cats!!, but I also really love the one where Sheldon decides to barricade himself in his room and send a virtual/robot version of himself on the world. I've seen that at least 3 times and it never stops being fantastic. I love the developing bonds between the three girls, and against my will am sort of enjoying Bernadette/Howard, though I think that's still at least 70% admiration for Bernadette controlling his worthless ass. Also, Raj is still gross, but I was super fond of that Bollywood fantasy sequence. It's always an appropriate time for Bollywood fantasy sequences.

What's trying, on the other hand, is Priya. How did anyone put up with her for that many episodes? I was OK with it for a little while, but at the end of three episodes it was like nails on a chalkboard. She's not even fun to hate. She is the Nora of BBT (incidentally, just tried to watch HIMYM 7x04 in syndication -- could not finish it). It's not even about shipping -- I barely had time to notice Penny & Leonard being broken up, though that may be explained below -- she's just that dull. is possible I have developed a mild obsession with Sheldon/Amy, which is officially the weirdest OTP ever, but oh goodness, it is the sweetest thing every time Sheldon makes itty bitty baby steps toward admitting feelings for her. This feeling largely spurred by the fact that I flipped on reruns to get my fix, ran into the one where Sheldon gets jealous about her going on a date with Stuart, and awwww, that is adorable! Like a very angry baby colt trumpeting his displeasure while stamping up and down a fenceline.

Naturally, then I ran out of patience for the slow unspooling and skipped over to the Wiki, And oh, wow. I am so happy this show is in season 7. I have so many things to look forward to.

...oh, what the hell. Lemme just go run & grab the one I want most. "Isolation Permutation" accomplished, and now for memories...

Ah, that's the stuff. Awkward cuddling is the best.

Now, what else looks good? I think I'll save the one with the flu; I saw previews for that and it did not look as awesome as it sounds, so how about... "The Love Spell Potential." 6x23, huh? Well, all right, we're flying ahead here and skipping a lot, both relationship-wise and in this actual episode to get down to the good stuff, but OH MY WORD MY HEART.

Let's see, I have a few hours before Absolute Bedtime...let's check the end of 6x14. From the sound of "Penny practically beats Leonard up over her (and the audience's) excitement over the news that Amy may eventually get the physical relationship she wants," I'm guessing that's the .gif Klaine fandom used on this occasion? (Yup. Also our reason is better.)

Aww! "All my life, I have been uncomfortable with the sort of physical contact that comes easily to others [...], but I'm working on it."

On second thought, I believe I will take a look at that flu episode after all. So much creepy and disturbing about that ending, but there was some genuinely nice stuff at the beginning. Although I think I see part of where Glee fandom got all enraged about the vapo rub incident, coming about a month after this scene being played for All The Laughs & Innuendo. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go have All The Fun with that "do you have the strength to bathe yourself or do you need my help" scenario.

OK. Heading to bed, but first I'm going to see if I can find one of those cute clumsy kissing .gifs again.

Or this. This is cute too.

Actually, this is never not adorable, so Imma close on a classic:

How does everyone else feel about this? Tumblr seems happy. I presume most people are, since they've been working on this for 3+ years now and show no signs of ending it any time soon, but thought maybe I'd check in.
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