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Christeph at the Movies

There were literally only two previews before the movie proper (boo!), but one of them was for "Lego: The Movie" -- as in a movie made entirely with Legos -- and it looks SO CRACKTASTIC AND AWESOME. Anyway, since this is probably the fastest I've ever watched a movie after its release...

Thoughts on The Secret Life of Walter Mitty:

Despite not liking much of the cast, nobody bothered me at all in this film! Adam Scott, in particular, was just so clearly relishing his role as the biggest and most swaggery jerk ever seen outside of cartoon villainhood that it was pure joy to behold. And though it's more of a comedy, it's a comedy with so much heart and so many emotional moments that Ben Stiller was phenomenal in the title role. It's just impossible not to love Walter Mitty. Also, in the latter half of the movie when he actually starts traveling and living the sort of life he fantasizes about in daydreams, they shot on location in a bunch of different places and the scenery is PHENOMENAL. (although no one ever explained to me how his cell phone reception was always perfect, which is part of why it took me like half an hour to accept this was real and not a very elaborate fantasy he had while in a coma)

And when I say the movie has heart, I'm not kidding -- I cried at the big reveal* and it wasn't even sad. Even though they tease it forever, you do finally get to see Negative #25, and it is totally worth the wait and not being spoiled. (however, I will say that it is neither Bigfoot nor a unicorn, so don't get your hopes up there)

[one other spoiler for the end, though:]
After they revealed the cover, honestly, I was so emotionally content that I was willing to accept that she and her ex had gotten back together. I knew that wouldn't be the usual Hollywood ending, but I felt the movie had already given us one happy ending and shown us that Walter's journey wasn't so much a relationship arc as about becoming the kind of person who could find love -- that Wiig's character represented the sort of fantasy he was letting go in favor of a better reality, which would be a solid friendship with her and then the potential to be with someone else yet undiscovered.
BUT NOPE. Hollywood-style ending in play after all, and I am secretly really happy that things ended with a big ol' shiny bow.

Just, all in all, a really great family movie, date movie, friend movie, MOVIE FOR ALL! Except maybe people who hate human kindness. (or I guess there are other valid reasons, like any other movie that doesn't appeal to you, but I will not hear them today)

Bonus: since I'd paid for the tickets, even though I figured that was at least an even trade for him driving the 16-mile round trip so that I could get use my BOGO coupon to get extra cheap tickets, he surprised me by getting warm mini doughnuts and a soda for us to share.

Also, earlier this month I bought myself a plush deep red throw (one of those magical polyester blends) at a surprisingly low price, then loved it so much I went back and bought a second one for Chris as a potential Christmas present. I scrapped that plan after I found him not one but two books, and decided to stow it away as a future gift for whoever needed one next. However, since last night his room was so cold and he mentioned not having any blankets, today I was like, "OK. He needs to have this," and brought it along to surprise him. (I didn't want to wrap it, so I just tossed it in a gift bag w/ tissue paper on top)

And I'm so happy I did, because as he was pulling off the tissue paper and I was explaining why I was giving it to him now, his face absolutely lit up. "Did you get me a blanket??" I got almost as much satisfaction out of watching his face as I used to get when I'd give Kym a brand-new rawhide or chew toy. Watching him discover just how luxuriously soft it was the most fantastic feeling.He left the packaging on until he got home, but an hour after he dropped me off I got the following text: "Best blanket ever."

In conclusion: warm things make excellent boyfriend gifts when you live in cold places, or as I like to call it, "the benefit of living in places with snow." (or at least compensation for having to shovel and drive in the snow)

Next: I am going to write end-of-year memes. Yes I am. And sometime in the next 24 hours I have to find a quick book to read, since muzzy_olorea was all ~challenging~ about my 100-books goal and the fact that I had already beaten it so I went "FINE, maybe I WILL up it. Maybe I'll read eleven more books in the second half of the month!" and, well, now it's on Goodreads so I can't fall short.
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