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End-of-year meme #2: Fandom

I spent my evening doing this, but at least now I'm halfway to completion on these! The usual 2-for-1 fandom memery can be found beneath a single cut this year.

Which TV shows did you start watching in 2013?
(did I forget anything? I always feel like I'm forgetting something)

Criminal Minds
Under the Dome
The Crazy Ones
Sleepy Hollow
Reign -- or I will be soon!
The Big Bang Theory

Which TV shows did you let go of in 2013?
CSI: NY (via cancellation)
Go On (canceled)
Private Practice (canceled)
Siberia (canceled as fast as it appeared)
Smash (canceled, SIGH, though in my heart I have not fully let it go yet)
Community (oops) (no, I swear, I will come back!! one day! it was an accident I tell ya!)

I have not actually let go of The Office yet. I will never let it go. It's one of my five big Lifetime Fandoms.

Everything I'm not reviewing right now is merely in suspended animation and will return eventually, I SWEAR.

Which TV shows did you mean to get into but didn't in 2013? Why?
Friday Night Lights. Hart of Dixie. Once Upon a Time. Nashville. Leverage. Downton Abbey. Because good god, man, I don't even have time for all my current shows!

Which TV shows do you intend on checking out in 2014?
NONE. New TV & I are not talking. NOT TALKING, DO YOU HEAR ME JOSH HOLLOWAY AND MARG HELGENBERGER (seriously, that looks like a more boring rehash of Chuck; I would only be in it for these guys' faces, and those are not good reasons).

Which TV show impressed you the most in 2013? Why?
Smash was amazing. I don't care what anybody thinks. I loved season 1 and season 2 still blew it away. Thank you, new musical!

Which TV show impressed you least in 2013?
Of the shows I watch, I want to say that NCIS is routinely the least exciting thing on my lineup. Or SVU, but my expectations for SVU are so low anyway. NCIS actually still hurts.

Which TV show do you think you might let go of in 2014 unless things significantly improve?
Criminal Minds got super dull in September, to the point where I forget I watch it,, I probably still won't let it go.

Which TV shows do you think you'll never let go of no matter how crappy they get? Why?
Glee. Bonded 4 lyfe.
First New Fandom of 2013: Criminal Minds

Best New Fandom of 2013: I've barely had any time to play in it, but from what I've seen, the Sleepy Hollow fandom is pretty great fun.

Favorite Fandom of 2013: Glee, always. It's the only fandom I feel like I genuinely participate in at this point.

Favorite Episode of 2013: Either Glee's "Love, Love, Love," or The Crazy Ones' "Sydney, Australia," based on sheer number of plays. (although Glee's "Diva" episode was pretty great too, and contenders from The Office include Customer Loyalty and Livin' The Dream, as well as episode 1x05 on Siberia)

Ten Favorite Male Characters in 2013:
1. Blaine Anderson (Glee)
2. Jim Halpert (The Office)
3. Sam Evans (Glee)
4. Ryder Lynn (Glee)
6. Ichabod Crane (Sleepy Hollow)
7. Gibbs (NCIS)
8. Spencer Reid (Criminal Minds)
9. Pete Miller (The Office)
10. Daniel forgot-his-last-name (Siberia)

Ten Favorite Female Characters in 2013:
1. Pam Halpert (The Office)
2. Ivy Lynn (Smash)
3. Max Black (2 Broke Girls)
4. Marley Rose (Glee)
5. Karen Cartwright (Smash)
6. Frankie Heck (The Middle)
7. Mindy Lahiri (The Mindy Project)
8. Julia Shumway (Under the Dome)
9. Nellie Bertram (The Office)
10. Tina Cohen-Chang (Glee)

(p.s. I have a really strong feeling that Ellie Bishop will show up here next year)

Ten Favorite Ships in 2013:
1. Kurt/Blaine (Glee)
2. Jim/Pam (The Office)
3. Ryder/Marley (Glee)
4. Mac/Christine (CSI: NY)
5. Deeks/Kensi (NCIS: LA)
6. Sam/Brittany (Glee)
7. Reid/Maeve (Criminal Minds)
8. Blaine/Tina (Glee) (IT CAN BE A SHIP IF I WANT)
9. Miles/Rachel (Revolution)
10. Mike/Frankie (The Middle) (shut up they can be really sweet)

HONORABLE MENTION: Beckett/Castle, whom I am sure have been schooling most of the couples on this list based on the season 5 spoiler tour I took, but I feel it is dishonest to mention them here since I only thought about them for like 5/365 days)

Best Musical Moment of 2013:
Glee version: "This Is The New Year"
Non-Glee version: Smash, "Reach For Me"

Favorite Villain of 2013: Captain Neville on Revolution is gonna keep this role.

Favorite Het Couple of 2013: Jim/Pam

Favorite Femslash Couple of 2013: I've been playing on the dark side of Max/Caroline again. *sigh*

Favorite Slash Couple of 2013: Kurt/Blaine always and forever.

Favorite Ten Favorite Shippy Scene[s] of 2013:
1. Jim & Pam's last scene in the second-to-last episode.

[4 gifs under the cut]

2. That reassuring hug in Movin' On where Kurt can't promise Blaine won't fail, but can promise to make it safe if he does. Which I don't have a picture of because as far as Tumblr knows I haven't seen that episode, and therefore would certainly have no reason to reblog any spoilery .gifs.

3. Klaine proposal, because that was full of emotions and their best kiss and a marvelous hug all at once, and included "All I want to do - all I've ever wanted to do - is spend my life loving you."

4. When Deeks kissed Kensi on NCIS:LA. That was a really beautiful moment. Someone should provide me with imagery.

6. Ryder reading all the signs correctly and planting one on Marley, after which she came to her senses and realized she was in love with least in my world.

7. Mac rescuing Christine

[more gifs]

8. That dream sequence where Reid got to dance with Maeve and properly hug her close and everything:




10. That time Tina took care of Sick Blaine Blaine lovin' up on Tina:

Favorite Friendship of 2013: Sam & Blaine, taking my heart to dizzying new heights. 2013 was basically The Year of King Blaine.

Most Surprising Moment of 2013: NCIS finally let Tony and Ziva kiss.

Saddest Character Death of 2013: Finn Hudson (Glee), which still hasn't happened for me and thus I kinda have yet to accept it.

Biggest Fandom Disappointment of the Year: Fuck you, CSI. It seems inadequate to even label it "disappointment," that was a tsunami of heartless destruction.

2. When Jim was such a dick and the Halpert marriage was stressed so far beyond the point of enjoyable angst that I had to break up with The Office in its goodbye year until it was all over -- that was the definition of disappointing.

3. Kurt & Blaine not getting back back together by the end of season 4 almost pales in comparison, but I would put that up there, for sure.

4. Kurt getting a tattoo. I am NOT amused.

Biggest Squee Moment of the Year: Kurt & Blaine getting back together, Deeks & Kensi kicking off something new, when Glee went all crime show on me with a school shooting scenario, the ridiculous number of hugs Blaine & Sam have shared, or possibly that time when 2 Broke Girls got a cat and The Middle got a dog within about a month of each other.

Fandom That You Never Expected To Get Into: The Big Bang Theory, since it started with years of active hatred.

Fandom That Made An Unexpected Comeback: CSI:NY, even though our time together was wonky and abbreviated, had a pitch-perfect near-fantastic season and made me fall in love with it all over again. Right before CBS broke my heart with it.

Fandom That Inspired The Most Crack: Sleepy Hollow seems rife with crackiness. I mean. They have an Evil Demonic Butler.

Last New Fandom of 2013: Big Bang Theory

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