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Unimpressive Sunday night shows/Cold Case

Hah...I almost forgot that Drive premiered last night.  Does this mean I will stop seeing those same damned previews 729 times per week while trying to watching American Idol and House?  YAY.  My reasons for not watching this show are threefold:
  1. Nathan Fillion is not nearly hot enough to warrant flailing, swooning, or in fact recognition of any sort.  He has small eyes and a large nose.
  2. As far as I can tell from the previews, it's a cross-country drag race.  Which sounds like a guys' show; like a lot of...ACTION and CARS, both of which usually just make me want to roll my eyes.  And most of the people appear to be in it against their will, but I cannot figure out a) what kind of person would consider it entertainment to force people into that situation, or b) why these people agree to participate at all instead of calling friendly local and/or federal law enforcement.
  3. ACTION.  And CARS.
Uh-oh...Spy's recapping it at  It's hard to resist her captioned pictures.  Really hard.  I would probably watch America's Next Top Model to see her recaps afterwards.  Maybe I can get by with just reading, and not watching.

You know what else was on last night?  An episode of Without a Trace that was so remarkably underwhelming, I kept forgetting what show I was watching.  I can't remember the last time I had absolutely nothing to say about an episode.  You'd think a missing stuntman would be more interesting.  Hah. 

Cold Case: Cargo
Gonna fight for a spot in the top 15, this episode. And if you know me, you know that when it comes to Cold Case, I usually consider episodes either "amazing" or "never worth watching again," the proportion of which is about 20/80.  

Human trafficking usually makes me sit up and take notice.  Given how often it's been used, you would think eventually I would start to cry cheap exploitation of viewers' sympathy...but no, it gets me every time.  The hour flew by as I watched in rapt attention. 

The actress playing Lena did an admirable job of playing the lost and largely naive little girl.  Come on, the bit where she's clinging to Mike's leg and begging him not to leave her was more than a little heartbreaking.

Mike himself was...he was mildly mentally retarded, yes?  I have to believe that, because he was just too bumbling and foolish and naive to be otherwise.  And it was moderately uncomfortable to watch him babble on about saving this girl just because she was an orphan.  The insta-bond he felt with her was a mite creepy.  I mean, on one level I KNEW there was nothing romantic or sexual about it, yet it felt like there was - she was still a kid, yes, but a teenager. Old enough to be aware and well on her way to adulthood, not some 12 or 13 year old child in need of shelter.  At least I got the impression that she was around 15; she certainly looked older than the little blonde girl watching TV when Lilly and Kat bust the slave house.

That aside, her plight was poignant and very moving, as was Katerina's equal desperation for someone to save her.  Welcome to another week in which the circumstances surrounding the death are particularly heartbreaking.  :'(

Two other noteworthy of which centered around the Bitchy Agent from the pedophile episode whom I strongly wished never to see again. 

What's-her-name: Can't handle a strong woman, can you?
Scotty: Maybe I just don't like you.
What's-her-name: Broken wings more your type?

A) Lilly and Kat are plenty strong, and he gets on fine with them.
B) *I* don't like you.  Because you're incredibly snooty. 
C) DON'T YOU DARE BRING UP HIS DEAD GIRLFRIEND or I slap you.  The fact that I can't remember said girlfriend's name is irrelevant, given that it is my favorite storyline this show has ever had, and is the only thing I ever wanted to daydream about concerning this show. 

What's so awful about him being attracted to the fallen-angel type, anyway?  So he's a fixer.  He has ideals.  Leave him be.  Also, if I was supposed to read that scene as I-hate-you-but-really-I'm-flirting, and they end up on so much as a date, I will figuratively spork my eyes out.

In other news, Lilly's mom didn't die.  *sigh* At least she only took up a scene and a half.
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