RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Death and all his friends*

*Slightly Demonic Circus Pony, Evil Demonic Butler...gang's all back.

Still too hard to do the book survey. (why do I read so much, again?) I caught up on some Sleepy Hollow instead.

Actually, I think I'm a little glad I got so behind. I'm not good at marathoning this show -- I think I've binged on too many comedies; 45-minute episodes seem to take forever -- and I only got through two back to back before I got tired, but it was nice to be able to go as far as I wanted. Also, I am wildly delighted by the fact that they have cut Irving in on the secret, because Mulder & Scully need their Skinner.

1x06, "The Sin Eater": Did not live up to expectations, with not nearly enough of Crane actually being in peril or of Abbie and Katrina interacting. The flashbacks were the best part, since they contained both Katrina and new favorite dude Cicero. Possible low point of series so far? (I do not like the dude from Fringe, nor the guy who kidnapped Crane)

That said, I loved the creepy voodoo doll in the baby carriage almost as much as I loved seeing the echo of their 18th century house, and I still don't get why people are so down on Katrina when she's so intriguing in her every restricted appearance.

1x07, "The Midnight Ride": Now THAT was neat. I have never seen anything as grotesquely fascinating as hanging head lanterns. I also enjoyed Crane's indignation over the ignorant falsehoods about Revere (EVERYONE was British! you plebian idiot), his frustration with laptop/ninninet, his incredulity over paying for water (altho srsly, if you live in a place where the tap water is undrinkable, officials should be concerned), and his carefully composed voicemail (taking the name to heart, I see). I also LOVED the horseman's triumphant returning, especially going after Irving in the lab. I don't know why I got such a kick out of the flying ax decapitating a taxidermied bird, but I did, and everything about this scene was fantastic.

1x08, "The Necromancer" (not as gross as it sounds): WHERE DO I START WITH MY JOY?

-The Horseman's faithful horse finding help like Lassie somehow increased my fondness for the Slightly Demonic Circus Pony, when I thought my affection was at maximum levels already. Who's a good demon pony! Who's a good boy!

-Demon Andy, everything he said and did both before and after they put him in the cell chamber, including necromancing. (It really seems like there should be a less disturbing word for "person who communicates with the dead.")

-Ichabod becoming slightly unhinged after all the taunts about Katrina. Hey, what's that thing I really like in my fiction? Where women are threatened and men who love them get super aggressive and furious about protecting them from harm?

I still do not understand how we're not collectively shippin' this like bosses. At this moment I cannot think of anything more romantically satisfying than rejoining these two at the end of the series, one way or another, and I choose to believe this show is taking a Big Bang Theory "the UST shippers are cute but also messy and wrong" high road of doin' their own thang regardless of input from viewers.

(I'M SORRY. I can't seem to stop inciting shipper wars. I just keep hearing rumblings in the distance that sound like the the wrong opinion.)

-Just watching the horseman being bound in a fantastic mess of chains. Hee! Who's a totally unscary headless monster? You are! *poke* You are! *poke* Stop hitting yourself. Stop hitting your... [sounds of power going out and UV lights shutting down] Thaaaat's not a good sound... (CHAIN SMASH!)
^ that's how it played out in my head

-Attack demons that explode when you shoot them! I'm on board. Attack mummies are so last decade.

-THAT BACKSTORY. Ichabod/Katrina (oh, my heart!), Ichabod being forced into a duel with his soon-to-be-former best friend (all the sad. he didn't actually do anything, ya prideful idiot)...

-AND THE REVEAL THAT SAID PRIDEFUL IDIOT IS THE HORSEMAN! Oh, that is so cool, and something I was not spoiled for or able to see coming, that I don't even know what to do with it yet, and also why I had to take a break to process my feelings.

Request: can anyone link me to some SH icons that are either Death's horse (preferably alone, but acceptable with rider) or Ichabod & Katrina in the same icon? I've got one of the horseman but I'm jonesing for at least one alternate. I'd sell my soul if there was one of the horse rearing in the background while the Horseman rises from the river. Or the horse rearing alone in that scene. That's my favorite spooky moment to date.
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