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Hey, it's this guy!

How cold was it at the beginning of this week? I'll tell you how cold it was:

  • It was our coldest temperature in literally 20 years

  • -50 with windchill at the lowest

  • The governor closed all public schools on Monday.

  • I had to put bread in the toaster for a couple of seconds just to make it room temperature. Everything in the cupboards against the outer wall is literally chilled to the touch

  • Not realizing how hot it was, I scalded my tongue on soup. (I'm blaming it on the cold making me desperate.) Close but still not fully recovered 48 hours later.

I haven't been outside in 3 days because of my mountains of work, so I haven't experienced it firsthand, but I did accidentally stay up all night on Sunday to catch up, so I got to watch the newscasters shiver and feel very, very happy that I don't work outside the house. Speaking of staying up all night, here are some of the random thoughts I came up with:

1. Just for kicks, I did some googling, and I'm pretty sure I found the person who used to own my signed Marguerite Henry book! I googled the house address written on the endpaper first -- it looked like a nice little house, the sort that people might stick around in -- and then did the name and got an instant website hit for someone who's part of a nearby school district administration. Still in the area, about the right age according to the photo, and her "background" page says she grew up in the same area where this address was, so yup. I don't know why, but I find this super neat.

2. You know what my favorite part of watching 'Til Death is? At the moment? Joy. Not only is her figure enviable -- she's literally Kat Dennings in 20 years -- but her outfits are AMAZING. I am constantly jealous of her shirts/dresses. I would wear like 90% of her wardrobe without hesitation, which I don't often feel about TV characters. I think the last wardrobe I wanted to raid this badly was Robin Scherbatsky in season 4.

(I stand by my "this is the weirdest show ever to weird," though. It wasn't even aired in chronological order -- have you looked at its Wikipedia page? IT IS NUTS, YO. It's almost like it's a series of different spin-offs after the Woodcocks leave (without explanation or any future reference, natch). There's the one where the third main character is Kenny, the time of the psychotic principal & Whitey, The Ones Where Doug Thinks Life is A Sitcom...)
Also, I accidentally watched the pilot of "Intelligence" because in the middle of NCIS, they played an extended promo and there was some kind of missing-wife angst mentioned, at which point they zoomed in on a picture and I yelped, "Wait, is that Zu -- IS THAT ZULEIKHA ROBINSON." Well, yup. CBS is playing all the dirty tricks to roll me in, on top of the fact that it normally airs Mondays at 9 so I have zero timeslot conflicts, and they got me.

Things I enjoy so far:

  • JOSH HOLLOWAY'S FACE. It is not quite as magnificent without Sawyer-length hair, but it's pretty close.

  • Josh Holloway's character, who is pretty much Sideways Sawyer if he grew up into a CIA agent, and is all rugged and manly-like

  • I really liked that rugged and manly-like shot of him apparently hiking in the wilderness that opened the pilot. Good choice.

  • Marg Helgenberger

  • Marg Helgenberger's character, whom I've decided is literally Catherine Willows

  • The really exciting and fast-paced and not at all boring plot in this episode

  • Missing "traitor??/not traitor??" wife angst, so I'm pretty sure that's going to pay off in a spectacular way if this show is successful.

  • The fact that Super Computer Brain's protector agent looks a bit like Alex from Lost, which is lighting up my brain in delight because they also seem to have a pretty similar dynamic, and now I get to relive this on a full-time basis! All sass and affectionate snark.

  • I like that Marg's character is on their side instead of being an Antagonistic Boss. It's like all the best elements of Sleepy Hollow up in here. Speaking of which --

  • Between the missing wife and her apparent childhood molestation backstory (another positive in the angst department), I'm pretty sure I don't have to worry about canon UST between these two, which is great.

  • Not that I can't appreciate a good "let me just examine/clean this wound" scene when I see one.

  • I'm saying I approve of the fact that you went and injured the pretty girl in the first 20 minutes.

  • The pretty girl is also a badass, I'd feel remiss without saying. That's good too.

  • I can't believe how enjoyable this show was. Not sure will watch/write about it every week if I don't see it live, but I might.

  • This is so much better than (pre-relationship) Chuck I can't even measure it.

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