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I am pretty sure this is just me procrastinating, but after realizing that I could theoretically be entertained by syndicated sitcoms for up to 13 hours a day by one of our local stations, and I don't even have cable, I wondered exactly how many (half hour) comedies I have enjoyed in my life. Most of which were discovered via syndication from as early as age 9 or so. And that led to a bit of a brainteaser exercise in which I decided it was really important for me to let the internet know...

A List of Half Hour Comedies I Have Loved And Would Watch In Reruns Forever
2 Broke Girls
8 Simple Rules
30 Rock (idk shut up)
Accidentally on Purpose
Are You Being Served?
The Bernie Mac Show
The Big Bang Theory
The Class
Cougar Town (it would grow on me quickly if nothing else was on)
The Crazy Ones
The Drew Carey Show (more borderline love/tolerable, but Christa Miller tips it)
Everybody Loves Raymond
Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
Full House
Go On
Golden Girls
Grounded for Life
Home Improvement
How I Met Your Mother
Just Shoot Me
King of the Hill
King of Queens
Malcolm in the Middle
Melissa & Joey
The Middle
Mike & Molly
The Mindy Project
My Name is Earl
The Nanny (although I don't remember it that well)
The New Adventures of Old Christine
News Radio
The Office
Sabrina the Teenage Witch
Saved By the Bell
Sex and the City (sanitized version)
The Simpsons
Sister, Sister
Still Standing
That '70s Show
That '80s Show
Third Rock from the Sun
'Til Death
Titus (...I think. Shaky on how much I'd still love it, knowing how un-classy it was, but I did watch all 3 seasons)
Two and a Half Men
Wanda at Large
What I Like About You
Who's the Boss?
Will & Grace
Yes, Dear


Anything you're surprised to see and/or that you also loved, particularly pre-2006? Anything you're surprised not to see? Will you make your own list on your journal?? I wanna know if this an abnormally large amount of sitcoms to love, or pretty standard.

Other pertinent facts:

  • Wikipedia actually has a list if you'd like to cross-reference. Not fully complete, but you can sort by country for ease of reading.

  • There is a LOT of actor crossover in here.

  • There are some other older comedies I've seen and not hated, but the thought of watching them doesn't make me enthused or interested at all. These include things like The Cosby Show (sorry), Roseanne, and Bewitched.

  • I feel like I would like Boy Meets World, but honestly I can't remember ever watching a full episode.

  • I am legit so angry at how Raising Hope ended for me I'm not putting it on the list.

  • I feel like I saw Dharma & Greg at some point, but the memories are not clear enough, and a YouTube check just has me going "wtf, I can't accept Thomas Gibson as a genuinely comedic actor; this is like some horrible garish nightmare"

  • Writing this list made me realize that the reason I love Lawyer Dude's face on The Mindy Project so much is because OH MAN, HE'S THAT GUY, the star of That '80s Show! I LOVED THAT GUY.

P.S. I just heard an owl outside my window, so clearly staying up all night was worth it.
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